4-4-09 group chat

Low-energy chat today, mostly because Stevo and I have given up coffee for now and are missing it’s stimulating effects. :-) It’s good to get clear of artifical stimulants, I think, and coffee is probably my last vice. I do feel better, generally, when I’m off coffee and more psychic too, but my adrenals have not taken over the energy gap yet.

We pretty much just boosted Georg from Africa, and Carlos, who are going on a gifting trip. We usually run etheric interference for folks who are setting out on an important or dangerous gifting mission, just to give them some protection from being harrassed, surveilled or jailed. When Georg and Axel got thrown into jail in Zimbabwe, we boosted like crazy and they were eventually released unharmed. Same thing for Judy in Narobi.

~ Dooney

What does it mean to be psychic?

I get asked a lot about being psychic and how I do it and how other people can do it. What I’ve learned from experience is that anyone can be psychic if they focus enough. Some people come by it more naturally, and being psychic just flows for them. Others have to work harder to develop their gifts. I’m in the latter category. I think a lot of people for whom it doesn’t come as easy wish it did come easy, but you have to realize that being psychic is a double-edged sword. Some days, I just don’t want to feel other people’s pain, which is mostly what I feel since pain is a strong emotion that pushes it’s way right out there into the world, and most people are in some kind of pain.

There are days when I just have to hide from the world, days when I feel like I can feel all the suffering on the planet…plants, animals and humans. So you really have to do the groundwork on your energy system so you can handle the emotional information you are going to receive when you open yourself to the thoughts and feelings of others. Most people don’t know how to control their energy, so it gets flung out from their aura indiscriminantly. Any emotion you can think of flies out of a person’s space and if you happen to be near them, guess what? You get to deal with it. The best way to do so is to stay grounded at all times. That’s why I harp on people to ground themselves.

Stevo says there are a couple of ways you can deal with someone else’s energy. You can let it bounce off you, as if you are covered with mirrors. Or you can let it pass through you as if you are made of glass. Either way, the trick is to make sure their energy doesn’t remain in your space. If it does, ground it out. Sometimes when someone attacks you verbally or physically, it’s really hard not to take on their energy. So remember to ground. Another good technique in those situations is the rose technique, which is on my forum. You can also put that person in a pink bubble and send them floating off into space. You can put them in a dodec. There are really so many different ways of dealing with negative energy, you just have to be creative and find what works for you.

Okay, so being psychic doesn’t mean I can find your car keys or tell you what’s going to happen to you tomorrow. There are people who can do that but it doesn’t happen to be my special gift. I get information, intuitions, and sometimes images. It’s mostly the first two, which I then translate into “seeing” so that I can explain it to other people. I tend to be really good at being able to see and heal chakras. It seems to be my niche, as it were. In the group chats I’m good at finding targets and boosting them and I tend to get a lot of information from the Operators.

Don commented on that recently, and I think I get these hints from the Operators not because I’m special, but because I’m most likely to talk about it. Stevo and Carol are both very articulate but less likely to post. I guess I’m more of a blabbermouth! (As Sundance says to Butch, “Just naturally blabby, I guess.”) I also really like to teach people. In fact, my mom was a teacher for many years and I always thought I would be a teacher but I saw how hard it was for her emotionally and I didn’t think I could handle it. I do get mail from people who are in real trouble, just being tortured mentally and emotionally, and it’s always hard to deal with because I want to help and sometimes I can’t.

This is turning into a long post, but really what I wanted to say was that you can be psychic. You just have to work on your energy system, pay attention to what you do with your energy and focus on the etheric realm. It takes practice if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Everyone learns and develops at their own pace. Your higher self will usually slow you down if you are not ready for the next step. I used to get impatient because I wanted to see more and know more, but seeing and knowing carries an awesome responsibility, so you have to make sure you are ready. It is not always fun to see other people’s pictures, or feel their feelings.


A tip for communicating with animals

I started really developing my psychic abilites in 2003 when I took a couple of animal communication classes. I never really made it a going business, though, mainly because people couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just talk to their animals in person. I was much better at it if I did it remotely (just like I’m much better at coaching doing it through chats). It turns out that I’m too empathetic to work with people or animals in person. I need to be removed from their personality so I can focus on their energy.

In any case, a valuable thing that I learned about animals is that they communicate visually. You can talk with words all you want, but what they get is the picture you have in your head when you are talking. For example, we have a cat who likes to hunt and brings her kills in the house to show us. Sometimes they are still alive when she brings them in (ugh!). For a while she was in the habit of bringing her live victims in and dropping them on our bed before proceeding to chase them around the room. Of course, this is all happening at 2am, so you can imagine how unpleasant that was.

One night, as we were going to bed, Stevo told the cat, “Don’t bring a mouse onto the bed,” and sure enough a few hours later, she brought a live mouse in and dropped it on the bed. She didn’t listen to his words, she saw his picture of her bringing a mouse on the bed so she thought that’s what he wanted. She didn’t hear the word “Don’t”, she just saw the picture. What he needed to do was say, “eat your kills outside” and send her the corresponding picture.

Our dog Charlie frequently takes walkabouts in the neighborhood, being the independent type who doesn’t think our rules apply to him. :-) When I want him to come back I call him in my head, sending the picture of him coming home and getting a treat. He usually shows up within 5 minutes, but if I call him with a fearful attitude (like Oh God, I hope he hasn’t been run over by a car!) he doesn’t come. I have to make sure to be very neutral when I call him.

Animal communication is very interesting because most people think that by communicating with an animal they will listen and change their behavior. But they do have ideas of their own and will often not agree with what you want and listen to what you have to say. Just because we can communicate with them doesn’t mean they are going to obey. :-)

Anyway, the point of this post is that if you are going to talk to an animal, throw them pictures instead of a lot of words. You’ll find it a much more successful communication.

Strange Sightings II – ships in the sky

We’ve had several encounters with what we believe were alien ships, so I thought I’d document them here. Once, walking back from our mailbox down our long driveway, a small plane way flying parallel to us, maybe two or three hundred feet in the air. I looked up and noticed that the plane was flying extremely slowly, too slowly to sustain flight. It was like watching a slow motion movie of an airplane. This is the type of thing that lets you know you are seeing something other than what is being presented to your 3D eyes. As soon as I commented to Stevo about the plane and we started boosting it, it veered off and flew away.

Another time I was standing in front of our house talking to a woman who had brought her dog over for me to communicate with, and a B-52 bomber flew over, the kind the forest service uses to put out fires. It was again flying so slowly that it was hard to imagine how it was staying in the air. I looked up and commented to my visitor about it and she was also astonished how how slowly the plane was moving. She said it looked like a slow motion movie (her words).

The most obvious sighting for me was when Stevo, Carol, Don and I were our in their boat gifting Yellowstone Lake. I was in the front of the boat looking back at the others and scanning the clouds to see the weather changes. I was staring at a cloud and suddenly realized that I was looking at straight lines and 90-degree corners. This was not a cloud. It looked like part of a ship. It was the same color as the clouds, but I’ve never seen a cloud that looked like a parallelogram. I opened my mouth to tell the others to look and as I watched, the clouds around the parallelogram literally boiled up and covered it from view. It was like watching a time lapse movie of cloud movement, only it happened in seconds, in real time. I told the others what I had seen and we agreed that it felt like friendly visitors.

Once we gifted a weatherball up at Flathead Lake, a few hours north of us, and as we drove home, we noticed a dark, triangle-shaped cloud following us. It followed us all the way home and Steve felt like he was being beamed the whole time. I don’t think a triangle-shaped cloud, with definite straight edges, is a normal sky phenomenon.  :-)

The Case of the Missing Hubby

I posted this on one of the now-defunct orgonite boards and I thought it was a story worth repeating. Stevo and I were taking the garbage out one winter night, and he started off down the driveway hauling the garbage can. I was following him with the dogs. For some reason, he thought we had gone ahead of him, so when he got to the end of our long driveway he kept going up the road, since we had agreed we’d walk to the nearby trailhead at the end of our road. It was dusk and started to snow as I got to the end of the driveway. I was about 300 feet behind Stevo with the dogs so I should have easily caught up with him.

When I got to the end of the driveway, he was nowhere in sight. I should have been able to see him walking up the road a short way ahead. It was getting dark but there was a bright moon. I called and called but he didn’t answer and I still couldn’t see him.

I ran back to the house and put the dogs inside and went back out with a flashlight. I could see Stevo’s footprints in the snow around the garbage can but not heading up the road. I ran back to the house and got the Powerwand and got in the truck to see if I could find him. By this time I was fairly panicked but trying not to go into fear too much. I drove up the road toward the trailhead and it was snowing very hard and it was very windy. Suddenly he appeared on the road, walking toward me. I stopped the truck and he got in.

He said he had thought we were ahead of him on the road and he could hear the tinkling of the dogs’ collars, so he kept going to catch up with us. He turned around when he got to the trailhead and started walking back. We weren’t quite sure what had happened, and when we asked Carol to look at it she thought he had been taken up in a friendly ship and was unaware of the journey. She said they were giving him some information that he would retrieve at a later date.

All I know is that my hubby disappeared for a bit. It was a scary few moments because we were under attack a lot at that time in our lives and I was afraid he’d been hurt or abducted by the bad guys. It was interesting that he heard the noise of the dogs’ collars when they were nowhere near…like he was being lured by the sound. He was not aware of being taken but it was also interesting that the wind and snow started up suddenly as he left our property, kind of putting him in a cocoon of sight and sound. This heavy weather stopped shortly after I returned to the house with him in the truck.

The Great & Powerful Stevo

That’s our nickname for Stevo in the chats (GPS) because, just like Carol, he is a top-notch psychic who rarely shows the full strength of his abilities.  The first time I experienced Stevo’s energy unveiled was a couple of years after we got together. We were spending the weekend with friends at a big house in the Santa Cruz mountains. Everyone was in the hot tub and the doctors (several of the men were chiropractors – colleagues of Stevo’s) started telling war stories, tales of patients who had come in with horrible festering injuries that the medical doctors had not healed.

Well,  I’m an empath, so I hear stuff like that and I see it and feel it, almost like I’m there. I’ve had several near-fainting episodes in my life because of reading something or hearing something that knocked me out of my body.  This time I made it out of the hot tub and inside to the living room, then I simply dropped to the floor. I didn’t actually go unconscious, but I was unaware of my surroundings for several minutes. I came back when the resident dog started licking my hand.

Well, everyone came in and no one noticed that I was sitting on the floor zonked out, then Stevo came over and asked me if I was okay. I told him what happened then we got up to get ready for bed. Stevo looked at me a little later and said that I was floating above my body, and he was really concerned about me. I wasn’t too worried, I just wanted to go to sleep. We laid down to go to sleep and he asked if he could do a healing on me to get me back in my body. I said yes.

The next thing I know, I feel this energy spiraling up from my feet, gradually going up my body. I felt like I was in the middle of an electrical storm and all the cells of my body were coming alive. What was happening was that I was coming back into my body and that feeling of being connected to my body again was incredible. It was the first time I was really aware that I was a spirit inside a body. I’ve never forgotten that feeling of being totally connected. It’s the best I’ve ever felt in my life. I asked Stevo later how he did it and he said he doesn’t know. :-)  He was just desperate to get me back in my body.

So that’s the kind of thing a really powerful psychic can do. I know that people I have worked on have felt my energy because they give me instant feedback, but I don’t think I’ve ever affected anyone that powerfully. Carol has the same type of energy when she does healings.

Why you should wear a Carol Croft HP

I always tell people to get one of Carol’s Harmonic Protectors (HP) and wear it around the clock. I only take mine off for the shower and the hot tub because I don’t want the string to get wet. First of all, the HP is a beautiful piece of orgonite. Carol is very meticulous about her creations, both in form and content. She uses high-quality stones and does high-quality work.

Secondly, the HP will repel the most annoying of attackers – the astral peekers. Those are the entities that pop into your space and then pop back out, leaving you with the impression that you just missed seeing something out of the corner of your eye. Pure distraction. I was getting plagued by these entities and as soon as I put the HP on, I stopped seeing them.

Third, the HP is going to help you grow spiritually, because of the mix of stones Carol has included. Depending on where you are in your development, it might be a spiritual healing crisis, but you will move through areas in which you need some growth and you will develop. Doing a grounding exercise every day will help you move through this.

Fourth, the HP saved me from radiation beaming during a chat one night. I used to have my computer on a small desk near our back door, which is a pair of french doors. We were boosting a new age guru one night, who had been latched onto me and Stevo, and I suddenly felt his presence (astrally I think) on our back porch. A few seconds later I got the telltale metallic taste in my mouth, very strongly, and my cat who was sleeping on a chair directly behind me starting coughing. So I think the beam hit both me and the cat. It was pretty obvious that we were being hit with something. I’ve never experienced that weird taste before or since, and it was an immediate reaction. I think if I hadn’t been wearing the HP I’d have gotten sick.

Early gifting efforts

Our gifting adventures are never quite as exciting as Don and Carol’s, probably because those two exemplary warriors take a lot more risks than we do. I don’t think I’ve ever met two braver people in my life!

We gifted a satanic site in the woods south of here once, having stumbled across it while we were out exploring our valley and looking for a place to let our dogs run around. It was a primitive campsite with a fire ring and there were satanic symbols carved into the rocks. Very creepy. The energy was awful, like people had died there, which they probably have. We didn’t have any orgonite with us at the time, but we went back there and buried TB’s all over the place. We also sunk several EP’s both at the campsite and the surrounding woods. It was a rainy cold day and there was no one around since it was off-season for camping. Nevertheless, as Stevo finished burying the EP’s we both noticed a white truck parked a little ways down the road and the driver was watching us. There’s no way he could have seen where the EP’s were buried. He started up the truck and drove past us, then turned around down the road and stopped again. We drove away and he followed us for a little way. Typical intimidation moves, which affect us much less now then they did back then. :-)

Around the same time frame we also gifted downtown Hamilton, about 17 miles south of here, specifically the big mason hall and the government buildings. We also did the Rocky Mountain Lab, which is now becoming a level 4 bioterror lab, so they’re growing all the really bad bugs there. We EP’d around the whole lab and it was the next day that Stevo got buzzed here at the house by a red, swoopy-looking helicopter and then a white one. We believe there is a huge reptile hive under Hamilton, so we were looking to closing all the exits with EP’s. We eventually grid-gifted Hamilton with TB’s and the energy there improved immeasurably.

We’ve gifted much of our valley, which is a lot of rural farmland with pockets of bad energy here and there. We gifted the proposed site of a ridculously large housing development and found a hideous energy pocket hiding up in the hills. You know, if you come across a spot like that which just doesn’t feel right, throw a couple of TB’s around. You’ll be doing everyone a favor! Anyway, the housing development never went through and that spot in the hills feels much better.

Another time, we were gifting the Oddfellows lodge (masons) in Florence, north of here, and we decided to drive up the road behind it because we hadn’t been up that road before. Another pocket of really nasty energy! I swear it felt like death. I don’t know how anyone can stand to live there, but of course they can’t feel it like I can. We gifted about every 500 feet till we ran out of TB’s.

Our first targets were all the towers, of which there are really not too many here in the country. We did all the towers in our valley and Missoula. There were maybe a dozen in Missoula. It’s kind of hard to gift in a city and I certainly don’t envy those of you trying to gift in a big city. It takes a lot more stealth. We always carry a Succor Punch and I always ask it for protection and invisibility from surveillance. Never had a problem yet.

3-28-09 Group Chat

I was late to today’s chat and quite distracted but the other chatters were great and kind of waited for me to get my act together. We boosted a fellow chatter then moved on to Tavistock, which is the NWO’s media and brainwashing arm. We’ve boosted them before because their influence, based in London, extends worldwide. They also use the earth’s ley lines to run their energy, much like the masons do. John Scudamore in the UK has gifted their headquarters (thanks John!) so our etheric work has been nicely complimented with orgonite. We decided today to bust up their computers, which we haven’t done with them before. I got some nice confirmation in the way of a light, floaty energy. Sometimes that kind of energetic confimation is all I get. Carol and Stevo and I all saw the orcas working on busting up the computers. Orcas like to work on computers for some reason. They also like to mess up the Vryal wankers and haul them off to another dimension. Carol mentioned today that Orcas are actually giant dolphins, which I didn’t know. They tend to be more aggressive than the dolphins or whales, etherically at least. We let them have their fun today.

We also boosted the upcoming G20 financial meeting that is taking place in London on Thursday. Dodec’d all the participants and set up the Creator Vortex (see my forum for details) to be running continuously at the meeting site to keep the energy at the highest level possible. Maybe we’ll be able to post some positive confirmations about today’s work later in the week.

The dolphin connection

I think I’ve been connected to dolphins my whole life…I’ve certainly been fascinated with them my whole life. I never got close to one until 2003, when Stevo and I went on a week-long dolphin voyage with a famous animal communicator from whom I’d taken a few courses. This was a trip to Bimini in the Carribean with 30 other newagers (I would say we were newagers at that point), none of whom knew how to keep their energy to themselves. Stevo had just closed his San Jose office after four years of monthly driving commutes to and from our Montana home to San Jose. Needless to say, we were looking forward to some quality time together but were hard-pressed to find it on a boat with 30 other people who suddenly decided they wanted us as their new best friends. Nice folks, but we just wanted to be alone with the dolphins.

We did manage to have a couple of close-up encounters in the water, and there is really nothing as thrilling as having a dolphin brush past you close enough to feel it on your skin, and have them look you in the eye as if they are looking at your soul. I could actually feel their sonar bouncing off me and it was a huge adrenalin rush. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe through my snorkel. My experience was somewhat diminished by the other swimmers, some of whom were chasing after the dolphins after explicity being told not to do so. I’m afraid I ended up angry and judgemental of my fellow dolphin lovers and I really had to school myself and watch my energy.

It was a relief to move on to the second phase of our vacation, which was a week in Jamaica, but I missed what might have been with the dolphins. I had been having dreams of a dolphin swimming with me for weeks before we made the trip and as a special treat, my first close encounter happened on my 39th birthday, on the dolphin watch boat. I’d love to swim with the dolphins again, perhaps in a less restricted area such as Carol has found in Hawaii.

Ever since that trip, I’ve communicated a lot more with the dolphins. They are present in every chat we do, just waiting for us to ask for help. In fact, it was the dolphins who showed me the dodec technique during one chat. This was at a time when Stevo was getting psychically attacked so badly I thought he would die. They were beaming his head severely, causing a lot of pain and psychic disturbance. I feel they were trying to give him a fast-growing tumor to kill him. Suddenly, in the middle of a chat, while we were all boosting Stevo, the dolphins came to me and basically said, “Here, try this,” and they showed me the dodec structure and how to build it. (See my forum for instructions). It was simple and incredibly effective and we’ve been using it ever since.

Dolphins are incredibly loving creatures and very neutral in their energy. They don’t concern themselves much with “good” guys and “bad” guys. But they do align themselves with love-based beings. They are multi-dimensional and can travel through dimensions very easily. One their favorite things to do is neutralize nuke bombs and send them to another dimension. They do healings –  sometimes I’ll see seven or more dolphins attached to a person’s chakras. They use their sonar to gather psychic information. In fact, they taught Carol how to boost out through the 6th chakra to gather psychic intelligence about a target…very useful in the chats.

Once while chatting, I saw the air and sky around our property as if it were water and there were thousands of dolphins swimming in it. It stayed that ways for days and days afterward, and it felt like an extended visit from my family. It hurts like hell to hear about them being slaughtered or stranded, but I know in my heart they are playing out their role as multi-dimensional teachers and that they are not truly affected by their 3D suffering. They are not as attached to their bodies as we are, is my guess

This is getting to be a long post…more later.