A tip for communicating with animals

I started really developing my psychic abilites in 2003 when I took a couple of animal communication classes. I never really made it a going business, though, mainly because people couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just talk to their animals in person. I was much better at it if I did it remotely (just like I’m much better at coaching doing it through chats). It turns out that I’m too empathetic to work with people or animals in person. I need to be removed from their personality so I can focus on their energy.

In any case, a valuable thing that I learned about animals is that they communicate visually. You can talk with words all you want, but what they get is the picture you have in your head when you are talking. For example, we have a cat who likes to hunt and brings her kills in the house to show us. Sometimes they are still alive when she brings them in (ugh!). For a while she was in the habit of bringing her live victims in and dropping them on our bed before proceeding to chase them around the room. Of course, this is all happening at 2am, so you can imagine how unpleasant that was.

One night, as we were going to bed, Stevo told the cat, “Don’t bring a mouse onto the bed,” and sure enough a few hours later, she brought a live mouse in and dropped it on the bed. She didn’t listen to his words, she saw his picture of her bringing a mouse on the bed so she thought that’s what he wanted. She didn’t hear the word “Don’t”, she just saw the picture. What he needed to do was say, “eat your kills outside” and send her the corresponding picture.

Our dog Charlie frequently takes walkabouts in the neighborhood, being the independent type who doesn’t think our rules apply to him. :-) When I want him to come back I call him in my head, sending the picture of him coming home and getting a treat. He usually shows up within 5 minutes, but if I call him with a fearful attitude (like Oh God, I hope he hasn’t been run over by a car!) he doesn’t come. I have to make sure to be very neutral when I call him.

Animal communication is very interesting because most people think that by communicating with an animal they will listen and change their behavior. But they do have ideas of their own and will often not agree with what you want and listen to what you have to say. Just because we can communicate with them doesn’t mean they are going to obey. :-)

Anyway, the point of this post is that if you are going to talk to an animal, throw them pictures instead of a lot of words. You’ll find it a much more successful communication.

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3 Responses to A tip for communicating with animals

  1. Azti says:


    Thanks so much for all you do.

    I had read before about the visual element of communicating with animals but I had forgotten. I’m going to practice on our exceedingly intelligent, and willful (LoL) cat, Winston :)

    PS: I still plan on a Coaching session soon. Must practice my grounding…

  2. Hari says:

    Wow! That´s the clue. I always wonder why sometimes when I approach animals, they behave different then I expect.
    I´ll give a try if it also works for my son :-)

    Btw, I´m happy that you opened this blog. Keep the (Orgon) Fire burnin.

  3. happyjim says:

    Sure enough, I approached a Silver Point and she was waiting for the next meal from a neighbor and, I gotta admit I was surprised by her widening Light Blue pupils which astonished me and I was also slightly embarrassed as I had nothing to give her and had to leave. She only comes out from the orgonited Bouganvillia bush at meal time and the rest of the time one cannot see her anywhere. I hoped she knew I was sorry and I guess she saw I was the one tossing orgonite in her yard. happyjim