Change your life

What a year of change we have seen!

I haven’t blogged much at all this past year because of the changes I’ve been going through in my life. Something that was beyond my control changed my life fundamentally last year, and this year I was finally able to deal with it. What I’ve learned is that if you want to deal with change, make changes or accept change, you absolutely have to look inside for answers on how to do that instead of looking outside yourself. A lot of folks talk about looking inside but what does that really mean? For me, it means looking at all of my wounds, from the day I was born right up until a few minutes ago. It means going past the pain to the wound that caused the pain, acknowledging the wound, embracing it and releasing it. It’s the hardest work I’ve ever done, and the most rewarding.

I never would have done this work without some people I love very much mirroring to me the work that I needed to do. I’m so grateful for that, as painful as it has been, because it forced me to look inside. I wouldn’t have known how to do the work without the guidance and inspiration of George Kavassilas, whom I’ve written about before. This has been a year of listening, learning and doing on a scale that is unprecedented in my life. I still sometimes stumble and fall, but I have the tools now to pick myself up and keep going, without needing anyone to rescue me. I am so very grateful to George for his work and his guidance, as well as his calm, loving manner. He has created an incredible community of people, some of whom have become dear friends to me. If you haven’t checked out his website I highly encourage you to do so at

This has been a really confusing year to be on the planet. We are all experiencing the effects of the increasing pressure being placed on humanity. Literally no one on the planet can escape what the forces of limitation (i.e. darksiders, evil ones, etc.) are trying to do to us. The good news is that we are more powerful than they are, and more people than ever are waking up to that due to the increased aggression we are experiencing. The more aware you are, the better you will be able to deal with what is happening. For me, this has been the hardest year of my life and also the best year of my life, because I have started to find my way through the maze of the Matrix and back into the life I was meant to live on this Earth as a powerful creator being.

This may not make much sense to you, but trust that there is something more than our 3D existence and you don’t have to wait to experience it. What you have to do, though, is really look at yourself and your life. Honestly look at your thoughts, your actions, your words, your relationships, and your choices, and find a way to discard what is not serving you. That is a lot of work! It’s really an ongoing process, too, because you’re not going to get through it in a day or a month or a year. It’s a lifelong commitment to yourself to live authentically and as a fully aware creator being.

Each of us, every one of us, helped create this reality. That may be hard to take, but the good news is that we can also uncreate it and create something better. I’m not talking about someday, I’m talking about right now. I work on this every single day, and there are a LOT of other folks doing this all around the world every day. There is a lot going on in the background behind the craziness that you see in 3D. I’m not saying this to give false hope, but just to let you know that YOU MATTER. Everything you think, everything you say and everything you do matters, and these are the only things you can really control. Start to be aware of what you are putting out there into the universe. That one thing alone will get the ball rolling for you, and your life will start to change.

Remember, you are beautiful, you are powerful, and you matter in this world!

Making changes

I’ve scaled back the information on this site while I am learning new things and gaining new perspectives. I need to determine what I want my message to be and how I want to disseminate information. I am happy to do life coaching with those who are willing to consider looking outside the paradigm of duality consciousness. It’s a fascinating process to change your perspective. It’s never boring!

I look forward to learning more and sharing things with you. I hope you are all breathing and staying grounded during these current challenges. Remember to question everything. Exercise critical thinking skills. Keep your heart open. Love each other and yourselves. Forgive each other and yourselves. Look inside yourself and embrace all of your shadow and all of your light together and be in unity.

Hold the vision of the world you want to see, and create it. You are beautiful beings!

Remember to breathe

Hi all,
I did a short video about breathing that you might like. I can’t figure out how to get the video thumbnail into the blog excerpt, so please click on the post title to go to the full post and see the video.




Carol talks about zappers and virus

Watch Carol talking to Dooney and answering viewer questions about the zapper and the current virus scare. The video quality is not great due to our rural internet connections, but the audio is fine. The other video is about how to deal with fear.

Zappers & Virus –

Dealing with Fear –


Worried about the coronavirus?

Carol Croft will be doing a live interview on Instagram this coming Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 12:00pm PST to talk about the coronavirus, using the zapper and other simple things she has learned about dealing with illness in 20 years of making and using zappers. Tune into @carolcroftorgonite on Instagram!

Note: Carol is not a medical professional and this is not considered medical advice but merely research information.

I’m coaching again

Hi Friends,

Just a short note to let you know that I’m now available for coaching sessions again. The past year has been difficult for me with health issues, but I’m doing better now. I’ve spent a lot of time during my down time learning lessons (oh fun) and working on my inner stuff. I feel a sense of renewal and hope and I’d like to be able to share it with others. I’ve changed how I do the coaching as I no longer work with the chakra system. What I’m doing now is helping people open their hearts, and connect with the Earth and Sun and beyond. You can read more about my coaching on the Life & Energy Coaching page.

I know that life seems crazier than ever and if you are energy-sensitive you can feel how intense things are on the planet right now. Politics, technology, viruses, etc….there is a reason all of this craziness is happening. I’d like to help people get a handle on how to navigate these times. The key for me is to be in my heart/soul space at all times. It’s a challenge but very much worth the work. If you feel ready, I may be able to help.

Much Love to you all,


What is a Peaceful Warrior?

This website is for the peaceful warrior who needs a little help. I used to call myself an Etheric Warrior, which is still a valid phrase, but I now prefer the the vibe of the Peaceful Warrior. The word “warrior” doesn’t mean you are making war or fighting. It means you are standing strong in your beliefs with warrior energy, and you’re doing it in a peaceful manner. You are BEING the peace you want to see in the world. But you’re not doing it passively, waiting to be rescued. The Peaceful Warrior uses the sword of Truth to cut through the lies of the Matrix and opens their heart to create a new reality of Love. You don’t make excuses and you don’t give up. You live your Truth.

To me, a Peaceful Warrior is someone who has decided to take back the energy of our planet for the good of all humans. It’s someone who is willing to do the service work necessary to return us to our birthright of peace, happiness and spiritual awareness. It’s someone who is determined to release humans from the slavery of mind control and psychic attack. It’s a tall order, but over the years I have met so many people who are headed in this direction that it’s very encouraging. I have decided to use my gifts to help those who are on this path.

Life & Energy Coaching – Learn how to open your heart/soul center, connect with Mother Earth, Father Sun and your Greater Self. Credit card payment available.

Energy Bracelets – Gemstone bracelets for sale, our etheric helpers in the crystal world.  Credit card payment available.

Cards of Destiny Readings – Find out what’s in store for you for the next year, and learn more about your personality and relationships. Credit card payment available.

Etheric Exercises – Instructions for ways of practicing and basic tools for etheric health. Everything from grounding to working with cetaceans and higher dimensions. Free!

Boosting – Instructions to learn how to send love energy, basic to advanced. Free!

Using Crystals – Download my crystal database, learn how to use crystals, learn the properties of crystals. Free!

Targeted individuals

I did a chat today with Carol and some friends to help someone who is a targeted individual. Briefly, this means they are subjected to an unprecedented level of electronic harassment, including beaming, voices in their head, gangstalking and the like. I have been a target of this kind of harassment to a much lesser degree, but I do have some idea of what it feels like. The targeted individual gets isolated, because everyone around them thinks they are crazy and that it’s all in their head. They suffer extreme physical discomfort from the effects of electronic beaming. They are psychologically tortured by stalkers. The goal of the ones harassing these people is to get them feeling hopeless, helpless and ready to give up and die.

Why does this happen? Carol and I believe it happens because The Powers That Were (TPTW) have looked into this person’s future timeline and can see that they either have a very powerful psychic gift, and/or are going to make a lot of trouble for TPTW. Stevo and I experienced electronic harassment before we ever met Don and Carol in person, or had ever heard of orgonite. TPTW knew we were going to become involved in the grassroots orgonite movement and use our psychic gifts to help people wake up. If you select the Stories category on this blog you can read about some of the things that happened.

So how do you help a targeted individual? It’s really hard to do because usually they have lost all faith that anything can help. They are tired of fighting, and I understand that. I have been in that helpless place, watching Stevo get beamed so hard that he felt like his head would explode, or watching my dogs shake and vomit because they are being beamed, or feeling so weak and confused that I couldn’t breathe or boost or help myself at all. We developed some techniques to deal with it, which included boosting and using sounds such as Ultra-high C, singing bowl and the square wave sounds that I’ve put on this site for download.

But those techniques only get you so far. What we’ve come to realize it that we have to use what we have within us. We’ve come to realize that we are very, very powerful creative beings, and TPTW are terrified of us. Let that sink in for a minute….

Everything in our culture, our religions, our schooling, etc tells us that we are less, that we are really just animals with a bigger brain, that we are by nature violent, aggressive and selfish. I don’t believe that, and I have never believed that. We are incredible, creative, powerful beings who are the wonder of the universe.

So how do we use our power, especially if we are a targeted individual? Here are the steps I would suggest:

  1. Get a lot of orgonite around you. Orgonite is not going to stop all electronic attacks, but it is going to give you some breathing room, literally, to get your feet back under you so you can fight for your life. And believe me, you ARE fighting for your life.
  2. Breathe. I can’t stress this enough. You have to breathe deeply as many times as you can in the day. Everyone talks about breathing, but how many people actually do it, over and over and over? Ideally, we should be consciously deep breathing 24/7/365. It’s that important. Breathing is the bellows that stokes the fire in your heart (I got that nice imagery from Don Croft). That fire in your heart is your creative power, your Love power, your birthright and the reason for your existence in this universe. Breathe in to a count of four, out to a count of eight. Get to where you don’t have to count but are simply listening to sound of your breath going in and out of your nose. Only pay attention to that sound in order to quiet your mind.
  3. Believe. Targeted individuals need to get their belief back. They need to trust again, and this is very difficult. As Carol pointed out, even if they don’t or can’t believe just yet, take the steps. If you keep taking the steps, the belief will come. If you never take the steps you will never get out from under it.
  4. Withdraw your permission. This is just as important as breathing. I believe we are here to learn, and sometimes learning comes on a very hard path that we agreed to before coming into our bodies. Some people won’t believe this, and that’s okay.  However you believe it happened, you know that energy is real because you are experiencing energy attacks. What you need to do is say out loud “I do not give permission for you to be in my space” or something to that effect. Whatever you say, you’ve got to explicitly include the words “I do not give permission”. It’s also important to energetically look at these agreements you might have and break them. I have an exercise on this site for doing that, or you can search the web for another exercise. There are a lot of folks who are aware of the need for breaking agreements. Once you are aware of the lessons you are getting and why you are getting them, it’s time to move forward and break the agreements. Again, even if you don’t believe it, say it. Say it over and over. Say it till it starts to mean something. If you never say it, those harassing you will assume they have permission.

Well, this has turned into a long post but I felt it was important to get these thoughts out there. I hope it helps. I hope more people can focus on their heart center, stoke that heart fire with breathing and create their own paradise right here on Earth. We are beautiful, powerful beings. We are Love, we are stars and we are universes. I’m so glad we are here together.

~ Dooney

Orgonite is safe – discern with your heart

orgoniteAs the ridiculous lies about orgonite continue to be circulated, I hope people are using their brains to ask the logical question:  If orgonite gives off radiation, or is harmful in any way, wouldn’t someone have noticed by now, after 20 years of it being distributed around the globe? As far as I can tell the lies and attacks only started after Don died. That’s a cowardly, low integrity move on the part of the liars, but I suppose they are on the path they need to be on, just like everyone else. They have their place and their role in this world.

I encourage people to hold a piece of Croft formula orgonite in their hand, and discern the energy from it with their heart. Your heart (and I’m not talking heart chakra) is your best tool to distinguish truth from lies. Your physical heart resonates with your energetic heart center, and both of those resonate with the Earth. Breathe, go into that space, and ask your Higher Self/Greater Being/Oversoul to show you the truth.

You can do this with any question you have in your life. But you have to breathe! Fire up that energetic furnace of your soul and turn off all the chatter in your mind. Bring your mind into resonance with your heart center. Let your heart center be the control center instead of your mind. If you do that, you’ll get clear answers to your questions. This is just one of the benefits of doing this energetic work.

I’m asking you to do this now to help humanity. In doing this, you will also be saving yourself. We are powerful, powerful beings and we just need to breathe and remember who we are. Breathe in to a count of four, and out to a count of four, over and over and over. I did it for about 6 hours today, and I’m not done yet. Magic happens when you breathe. Breathe when you are driving, taking a shower, walking the dog, washing dishes, making dinner, laying in bed trying to sleep. You already know how to breathe, you just need to do it more consciously.

Breathe some new life into the orgonite movement. Talk it up on Instagram, where many of the attacks are happening. Follow us at: @ethericwarriors, @carolcroftorgonite, @donebydooney. Let’s drown out the lying voices with the ringing voice of Truth. You won’t regret it!

~ Dooney