About the chats

So much happens in the chats that it is sometimes hard for me to remember from week to week, so I’m hoping to have a bit better record of what we’ve done so we can track confirmations. Don is good about posting about the more important chats, so this will be more of a record for me and the other chatters. Not everything that happens in the chats is for public consumption, so I will just publish the highlights and not any personal information.

Meeting Don & Carol

We first met Don through email, as many of you have also done. Stevo had been researching zapper technology, wanting to find something more efficient than his Rife machine for killing parasites. He came across the Don Croft zapper and started corresponding with Don. That led, of course, to the Adventures of Don and Carol, which made for fascinating reading. I ended up corresponding with Don and we joined one of his earlier forums and began gifting and posting.

A few months later, Don and Carol invited us to join them on a gifting trip into the Bitterroot Mountains on the Idaho side, to Monitor Mine, where a miner had found a circle of standing stones and bulldozed them for fear his mine would be taken over as an historical site. On his deathbed, he confessed, and folks have been searching for the standing stones ever since. We went up there to re-gift the mine, as Carol and her friend Linda had had quite an adventure there the year before (see the Adventures for the whole story).

We met Don and Carol at their house in Moscow, Idaho and had a wonderful time getting to know each other. Don immediately sat me down and had me play flight simulator on his computer. I wasn’t too bad! He later told us he has everyone do that as a kind of test to see how game they are for adventure. It was great to talk to Carol, who is probably the most talented and humble psychic I’ve ever met. I blabbed all about my childhood and she confirmed many things about myself that I had long suspected, including being targeted for psychic shutdown from an early age.

We had fun up at the mine, camping out along the Continental Divide, complete with a bear visit in the middle of the night. Ryan McGinty was also on that trip and it was fun meeting him too. For the first time, we were around people who didn’t look at us like we were crazy and roll their eyes when we talked about psychic stuff. Like Carol says, being a psychic is a lonely life.

We hiked all over and dropped orgonite into the mine in a couple of spots. Our dog Charlie was so hyped up, running around in the woods and jumping over fallen logs, that he was lame the next day. Our older dog Black Jack was also having trouble, so the second day I stayed at the car with the dogs while Stevo, Don, Carol and Ryan hiked deep into the woods looking for the standing stones.

About an hour after they left, I heard the helicopter. One black helicopter followed the hikers, who stayed concealed in the heavy undergrowth. Both Carol and Stevo psychically saw snipers on the helicopter. Ryan got a picture of the helicopter and posted it on the forum a few days later. I briefly thought of hiding in the bushes with the dogs, wondering if they were going to come after me, alone by a river. Instead, I focused my energy on a positive outcome and did not let fear overtake me. This was still early in my “training” and it was a scary thing to consider. The helicopter was real. The bad guys were out there and they knew where I was.

A few hours later the hikers returned, exhausted. They didn’t find the standing stones, but they did drop a bunch of orgonite into a vortex and got it spinning the right way. Ryan came back with a friendly elemental attached to him. It was a good day’s work.

Taking the right path

In the chat the other day, one of the chatters asked a good question – how do you get clarity about what your path should be taking? I told him basically, you have to trust yourself. You have to stop doubting yourself and trust your intuition. Easy to say, simple concept…but hard to do in your daily life. So how do you trust?

Stevo says: “You gotta follow your heart. Your heart is your truth detector. It can also be used as lie detector. When you feel peace in your heart, you’re on your path. When you feel fear or tension in your heart then that’s the indication that you’re not on your path, or someone is manipulating you.”

How do you keep from being manipulated? Keep your space clear. Do the daily maintenance on your energy system, starting with grounding. Steer clear of habits that allow others to control your space, mainly drugs and alcohol. Pay attention to your energy. Soon you will be able to distinguish if it is your energy you are feeling or someone else’s.

First weather confirmations

We were fairly skeptical about orgonite in the beginning, as some of you may be. Our first experience pouring orgonite changed our minds. We started out making TB’s in our garage. At this point, our region of Montana had been in drought for several years. It was April, traditionally a month that we typically are still experiencing snow and frost. In April, 2004 it was 83 degrees F by the second week – midsummer weather – and completely dry. The day we made our first batch of orgonite, before we even finished pouring our first tray, it began to rain.

A few weeks later, we made our first CB and assembled it in our garage. We had decided to use 10-foot pipes to get more bang for the buck. Our base had not even finished curing and it began to rain. It rained for the next three weeks straight and our weather pattern returned to normal for the time of year.

We were hooked.

Our first gifting mission

It was a rainy Monday night in April, 2004. We waited until 10:30 pm so we wouldn’t be noticed. There are two death towers about a mile from our house, so those were our first targets. My heart was pounding as we pulled out of our driveway and headed toward the towers. I was terrified someone (the police) would see us and throw us in jail. I believe I was still fairly brainwashed about the all-seeing power of Big Brother.

We decided to gift in the juniper bushes across the street, so we pulled into the gas station located there and turned around to get close to the bushes. That’s when we saw him. A local county sherriff parked at the gas station convenience store. We looked at each other and said “What the hell!” and tossed our gifts. And then we flew!



stevoanddooney1Welcome to Dooney & Stevo’s blogsite. I decided to start a blog mostly to keep a daily journal of our etheric life. I’m terrible at handwriting a journal, but I spend so much time each day on my computer that I thought it might be easier to have an online journal.

So many things have happened since Stevo and I began our own Life Etheric in 2004, I wish I had been keeping a journal all this time. Some things we have experienced have been simply unbelievable, so I’ll try and tell some stories along the way.

I also wanted to have someplace to talk about energetic and spiritual stuff because I get a lot of email questions about how we do what we do, what someone else can do to get started on their path, and a lot of questions about how people can get clear of obstacles and attacks. I really enjoy coaching people and I’d also like to make more information available on a more daily basis. Maybe writing about what Stevo and I go through will help someone else.

I think to start with I’m going to allow moderated comments, and we’ll see how that goes.