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I forgot to mention, we worked a lot on the swine flu fear-mongering that is currently going on. I hope you don’t all buy into it….don’t rush out there to get injected with the vaccine, which is probably a thousand times worse than the actual “flu”. That’s my opinion of course, I’m not a doctor. :)

Discernment, discernment…

~ Dooney

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi Dooney: I have been hearing a lot lately about forced vaccinations for the swine flu. I think most people who are awake know the vaccination is what will give people the flu. I have had a feeling this whole thing will blow over, but it looks like they are putting a lot of effort in getting this off the ground. I read today there was an international swine flu conference where they discussed things like how to handle people who will not go along. They are planning on vaccinating children first, then the elderly. MA. just passed a law that people can be fined $1000.00 pr day and be imprisoned for not getting the shot. Are they really trying to start a revolution for an excuse for martial law? Many people will feel they have no choice but to resist. Has anything been done about this in the chats and how do the the physics see this all playing out?