Visit from a fire elemental?

Our baby forest fire...the trees aren't dead, they just haven't leafed out yet.

Our baby forest fire...the trees aren't dead, they just haven't leafed out yet.

I had a rather strange experience this past Sunday night. I was lying in bed falling asleep and looking out the window into the forest that is the back of our property. I thought I saw, in the trees, a plume of red-colored smoke rise up and curl, just like the smoke above a big bonfire. Now, earlier that day, Stevo was burning some dead wood and the dead grass near the burn pile caught fire and the fire spread very quickly across the forest. We ended up calling the fire department to come put it out. It wasn’t a big fire but because of all the dead grass back there it moved very quickly. All in all, it probably burned about an acre.

So, that night I see this mysterious red smoke. I kept blinking my eyes as if to clear them. The red smoke was in the exact place the fire had occured. Not many of the trees or bushes back there were damaged because the fire moved so fast, so maybe there was an elemental that enjoyed clearing out the dead grass. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Stevo told me to ask what it was, and when I did, I got that it was a friendly elemental. Just an interesting happening…

~ Dooney

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2 Responses to Visit from a fire elemental?

  1. Frontenac says:

    Skyclad, have you thrown some tower busters in the pools yet?

  2. skyclad says:

    Hey GIFT also means Thank God Its Friday. Coincidence or something else?

    In Pacific Spirit Park (Vancouver, B.C.)which backs onto the TRIUMF particle accellerator at U.B.C. there are sporadic burned stumps of trees, when I asked “park” workers why they are burned and scattered throughout the forest they looked baffled and couldn’t give me an answer. I reserched the subject online could’t come up with anything. This forest is DEAD as DEAD dark/no life/creepy feeling. The Triumf site is creepy too, I used to play there on my bike when I was a kid , there is all sorts of toxic garbage from the “science” dep’ts of the university scattered about and weird fenced off pools of water around the accelerator site, all around gross place.