A cat story

This is really Stevo’s story but I don’t know if he’ll ever post it, and it was really something remarkable. I was reminded of it when we were telling the story to Dean and Kathy, who recently visited to get treatments from Stevo. It was great to meet a couple of fellow chatters in person, by the way, because the ironic thing about being an etheric warrior is that some of our closest friends are people we have never met! :)

Boots, le petit chat, queen of our universe

Anyway, this is a story about one of our cats, Boots, who adopted us when were living in San Jose, California. She just walked into our house and took us over (really, she conquered Stevo, who was not a cat person). We weren’t supposed to have a cat (rental house) so she was an outdoor kitty. She was being chased by all the boy cats in the neighborhood since she wasn’t spayed, but even after I had her spayed she still got into a lot of fights.

One night, Stevo brought her in and sat her on his lap and did a little meditation with her. He basically showed her how to protect her space and did a little energy work with her. After about ten minutes or so, she jumped off his lap and went to the back door to be let out. I let her out, and she returned about five minutes later with a mouse, dropped it on the back step and asked to be let in. I let her in and she immediately ran into the living room where Stevo was still sitting and looked at him, meowed and stood there waiting. I swear, it was just like watching Lassie fetch Grandpa because Timmy was stuck in the well!

Anyway, I told him that she wanted him to come look at the mouse. He got up and she led him over to the mouse. He oohed and aahed over it, then threw it in the bushes in the backyard. She brought it back immediately and dropped it on the back step. She wouldn’t touch it since she had brought it for him. That’s animal communication! I have never seen an animal act in such a “human” manner, i.e. with such obvious intention and clear communication. Her body language literally said “Come see what I got for you, Dad!”

So, as I said in another post, don’t try so much to communicate with animals verbally. You’ll have much better success communicating with them on an energy level. After all, they are much more intimately connected with the earth, even a coddled domestic animal that rarely goes outside is better connected than most humans.

~ Dooney

A ghost story

I just thought of this story today because of a very vivid dream I had last night in which I had a conversation with a ghost….

Several years ago Stevo and I were visiting Don and Carol at their house in Moscow, Idaho. We were sleeping on the futon in the living room and I woke up one morning to hear the front door open and close. Nothing unusual in that since some other folks were visiting and were staying outside in the camper. I heard one of them come in the door and walk past where we were sleeping and go into the bathroom nearby and close the door. I didn’t roll over to look at see who it was.

Well, several minutes go by and I’m waiting to hear the typical finishing-up-in-the-bathroom noises because, you know, I had to go. A few more minutes pass, then a few more….finally after half an hour I got tired of waiting and I got up to see what was happening. The bathroom door was open and no one was in there. There is no way anyone could have left the bathroom without me knowing.

I told Carol and Don about it later and they said it was the ghost that inhabits that house. They had told me about the ghost before but I’d never had an experience with her. Nothing frightening, just interesting and a bit annoying. Etheric phenomenon is not always high drama. Sometimes it’s just small, unusual events that make you go, “huh!”  :)

Another example of this is the ghost that lives at Don and Carol’s current residence. They believe it is the ghost of a man who committed suicide on the property. Again, nothing dramatic, just kind of funny. This ghost unrolls the toilet paper in the guest bathroom. I notice it when I get up to go in the middle of the night. It happens when I know for a fact that I was the last one to use the bathroom and I didn’t leave the paper unrolled. It’s happened at least a dozen times, so it’s no coincidence. I figure he’s helping me, you know, making it easy to find the toilet paper when I stumble in there in the middle of the night. :)

~ Dooney

Just Say No

I had an interesting experience in the middle of the night last night. I woke up and immediately thought of Georg and crew in South Africa, who are currently in jail for tossing orgonite, and I started boosting them, as I do whenever I think of them. Several minutes later, I felt a searing pain in my head on the right side. It didn’t go away and actually got worse, and my  whole head started to hurt. I rarely get headaches, so I started to wonder if it was an energy attack. I immediately thought “I do not allow you to be in my space,” and started radiating my energy out through my aura, becoming a ball of light. After about thirty seconds, the pain stopped as if a switch had been thrown, so I knew for sure that it was an energy attack.

This illustrates what I’ve been telling people when I coach them. You have to say no, forcefully,  to the entities that attack you. Do this anytime you feel you are being energetically/psychically attacked. This will take you out of the role of being a victim and puts them on alert that you are not afraid to fight back.

~ Dooney

Montana weatherball gifting

Missoula Weatherball

Missoula Weatherball

I posted all this weatherball info on Etheric Warriors, but it was all lost in the last two server crashes. :(

About five years ago we noticed a weatherball in the mountains above Missoula. For those of you who don’t know, a weatherball is a huge round ball, usually white, that is placed on mountaintops supposedly to monitor the weather (they’re officially called “radar stations”). What they are really used for is to control the weather through HAARP technology. Well, the one above Missoula is huge and black and very nasty-looking. It’s located at the Snowbowl ski area just north of the city. We found out that we could ride the ski lift off-season and get pretty close to the weatherball, so the last day they offered these rides in September, we rode up with a couple of backpacks full of orgonite.

When we got to the top, we asked the kid at the top of the lift how to get to the weatherball. He said, “What weatherball?” I said, “The big black ball right over that hill.” He said he had never noticed it! Just goes to show how deeply asleep some people are. He gave us directions to get to the general area and we hiked over there, sometimes in snow that hadn’t melted over the summer. When we got to the weatherball we realized that the kid who gave us directions had been skiing in that area for years (he says) and he still had no clue about the big black ball sitting on the mountainside. Mkid programming? Who knows..

Anyway, we gifted it thoroughly, and when we got back to the lift, the kid asked if we had made it to our destination, like we were two old fogies who couldn’t hike a few miles. When we got to the bottom of the lift, the girl running things there said how great it was that we made it to our destination. Obviously, we must have seemed like old farts to them to warrent so much attention. :)

In March of 2007, we decided to gift all the other weatherballs we could find in Montana, which we located using the Nexrad radar station website (www.nexrad.com). This doesn’t show all the weatherballs, but it shows a lot of them. We found ones in Great Falls, Billings, Glendive and Glasgow. So we packed up the dogs and did a four-day gifting trip around Montana. Our first major stop was Billings, where we gifted all the towers and the weatherball we found there. When we woke up the first morning to start gifting, there was chem/HARRP all over the sky.

The beginning of the Billings chemspray

The beginning of the Billings chemspray

They were spraying right over our hotel. By the time we got to the first tower, the spray was starting to spread out and become a white-out. After doing about half a dozen towers, including a bunch of HAARP towers on the outskirts of town, we noticed the sky clearing and the puffy clouds starting to march in. It literally happened before our eyes, in about half an hour. We gifted this huge array on top of a hill, and you can see the chem white-out in the background.

Billings tower array

Billings tower array

By the time we got to the other side of town to continue gifting, all the chemspray was gone and these puffy clouds were all over.

Puffy clouds!

Puffy clouds!

Here’s what the Nexrad weatherballs look like…some of them are a lot smaller than that nasty weatherball above Missoula.

Billings weatherball

Billings weatherball

I keep coming back to edit this post and I notice that the pictures and text are not really lining up very well, so I won’t add any more pictures. Suffice it say, we had the same experience, on a less dramatic scale, in Glendive, Glasgow and Great Falls, Montana during this course of this trip. The really interesting thing is that a few months later, we happened to notice that we have much less HAARP activity in the skies above us. I would say it has dropped to about 10% of what it was. It’s actually fairly unusual for us to have HAARP clouds in our sky now. I believe the HAARP that is left is due to some towers in the mountains west of us that are inaccessible except by airplane. Don has volunteered to take care of that gifting for us. What a guy!

The other weatherball we gifted in the area was above Flathead Lake. We spotted it when we were in Don and Carol’s boat gifting the lake, so they came back a few weeks later and we drove up to this weatherball. It was located at a ski resort (thanks guys) so it was easy to get to and the snow wasn’t too deep. We passed a fedmobile just as we turned up the road to the tower. They were pulled over to the side and they looked at us with exasperated expressions as we passed them. Here’s a rule of thumb when you’re being followed by the feds:  smile and wave. Take a picture of them if you get a chance. :)  The next time we went up to Flathead, the energy had totally changed there.

Stevo, Jeff, Carol and Don. Stevo left his personal signature in the snow with, well...you know   :)

Stevo, Jeff, Carol and Don. Stevo left his personal signature in the snow with, well...you know :)

Long-term weather effects

I realized recently that the weather pattern in our valley has changed quite a bit since 2004, when we started making orgonite. We used to get a lot of very strong winds and a lot of summer thunderstorms. Our weather used to be much more violent, including a couple of nasty hailstorms. What we get now is long, soaking rains and hardly any thunder and lightening storms. The lightening storms were particularly scary because they could set off a hundred small forest fires in one night if there was no rain accompanying the lightening storm. We used to get boiling, roiling clouds that would turn green and purple right before a storm, and thunder that would echo down the whole valley.  It was quite dramatic

Now, everything seems “softer.” Our first year living here, 1999, there was a windstorm so violent that we lost 40 trees on our property – healthy  live trees uprooted and toppled over. We also used to get a lot more HAARP clouds over us, which are those weird wavy patterened clouds that don’t look natural. Now we only get that occasionally, since we gifted all the weatherballs in Montana (see weatherball gifting report). There are some towers in the mountains west of us that we are unable to reach until we can get up in a plane and gift from above. We have three CB’s on our property and a friend of ours has a CB that we made for him set up across the valley from us. When the sky is overcast, there is usually a blue hole in our section of the valley. :)

~ Dooney

More chat info

I forgot to mention, we worked a lot on the swine flu fear-mongering that is currently going on. I hope you don’t all buy into it….don’t rush out there to get injected with the vaccine, which is probably a thousand times worse than the actual “flu”. That’s my opinion of course, I’m not a doctor. :)

Discernment, discernment…

~ Dooney

April chat happenings…

I missed the Easter weekend chats because I was traveling, but in the last two weeks we’ve been boosting Georg in South Africa, and his traveling companions, who are on a gifting run in Mozambique and have been arrested for tossing orgonite into a reservior. You can read more about this on EW. In any case, we’ve been boosting furiously and none of the pyschics feel that the gifters are in real peril. In fact, it may turn out that this could be great publicity for orgonite, as even the president of Mozambique has been alerted to the situation. We found a lot of MI6 involvement behind the scenes and have boosted the appropriate people.

I had an interesting experience in the chat a week ago…can’t remember how it came about, but I got clued into a new kind of dodec. I call it the Faraday Dodec, because it’s similar to a Faraday Cage, which is a room that blocks all electronic signals. The Faraday Dodec does the same thing only with all the other advantages of using a dodec. The really interesting thing is that this happened while I was using my zapper, and the zapper seems to have been powering the Faraday Dodec. At first I thought the dodec originated from the zapper, but I asked Stevo to look at what was happening and he said the zapper was powering the dodec. After a while I could tell that he was right. The plain zapper that is hooked to my SP doesn’t seem to do it…it’s the orgonite zapper that works with the dodec. So this is an interesting thing for you energy-sensitives out there to try. See if you can feel the Faraday Dodec, which looks to me like a solid steel dodec when I use the orgonite zapper to power it. If I use the SP to power it, it looks like a steel skeleton dodec. So it must also be the mobius coil doing something, because the SP zapper and the SP crystal itself, have a mobius coil. The orgonite (or terminator) zapper has a mobius coil and the orgonite plug.

Been doing some time tunnel work in the chats as well, and have seen the situation with Georg and crew resolving nicely, with Georg and his wife reunited. Stevo, Francie and Carol have all seen the same thing. The time tunnel work is interesting in that it is all just as subjective (meaning I can’t prove it) as the rest of what we do in the chats, but the effects of tuning into the time tunnels seems to last beyond the chat time. Many times I will find the time tunnels still open to me hours later. So I just keep boosting them.

We did a lot of work yesterday on all the earthquakes that have been happening (see Erika’s post on EW) and found a giant underground base in Italy where a lot of that activity is being artificially generated. One of the EW chatters is going to gift there as soon as he can. They’ve had to disperse a lot of these kinds of activities around the globe since we shut down CERN last fall. :)

~ Dooney

Recent happenings….

Haven’t been blogging since I took an Easter trip to visit family in Southern California. I drove down there, and I tried to do some time travel to make the trip go quicker. It ended up backfiring on me and time seem to draw out endlessly as I left Las Vegas and headed towards Barstow. I keep seeing sign after sign telling me I was approaching Barstow and it seemed to take forever to get there. :)

As a follow-up to my last post, our little forest fire seems to have been a blessing in disguise. The grass is growing in bright green back there, and the fire uncovered all sorts of dead wood that needs to be cleared, so Stevo and I (mostly Stevo) have been cleaning up and it looks great back there. We have always found that working outside is great for your spirit…out in nature, fresh air, sweet smell of warm pine trees. Working in the garden is also really good for you. Digging in the dirt and literally grounding the whole time you are out there. My advice is to get out in nature as much as possible. It’s the easiest way to connect with the earth. Scientific experiments have proved that our body’s electromagnetic field resonates with the field of the earth. There’s no better way to access that energy than to have your hands in the dirt or your bare feet on the ground. If you have trouble grounding, try doing it outside with your bare feet touching the ground.

~ Dooney

Visit from a fire elemental?

Our baby forest fire...the trees aren't dead, they just haven't leafed out yet.

Our baby forest fire...the trees aren't dead, they just haven't leafed out yet.

I had a rather strange experience this past Sunday night. I was lying in bed falling asleep and looking out the window into the forest that is the back of our property. I thought I saw, in the trees, a plume of red-colored smoke rise up and curl, just like the smoke above a big bonfire. Now, earlier that day, Stevo was burning some dead wood and the dead grass near the burn pile caught fire and the fire spread very quickly across the forest. We ended up calling the fire department to come put it out. It wasn’t a big fire but because of all the dead grass back there it moved very quickly. All in all, it probably burned about an acre.

So, that night I see this mysterious red smoke. I kept blinking my eyes as if to clear them. The red smoke was in the exact place the fire had occured. Not many of the trees or bushes back there were damaged because the fire moved so fast, so maybe there was an elemental that enjoyed clearing out the dead grass. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Stevo told me to ask what it was, and when I did, I got that it was a friendly elemental. Just an interesting happening…

~ Dooney

The life of a chatter

Stevo and I frequently remind ourselves that doing the chat sessions is our service work. I can’t actually imagine not doing them because the work is so vital, but it’s true that sometimes we get burned out on it. Each Saturday and Sunday we devote 2-3 hours to “saving the world” as we call it. :-) It might actually be true! We never know exactly how far-reaching the effects are of our chat sessions. 2-3 hours may not sound like a lot, but when you are in the psychic hot-seat and folks are depending on you it can be daunting. Luckily, we have each other to lean on, and a great group of chatters, some of whom are really coming along in developing their psychic abilites.

I think all of the people who chat with us have at the very least a well-developed sense of intution and a strong desire to boost, so we have a good group effort going. It’s always interesting that when you are in a group of psychics everyone becomes more psychic. I have always felt that way around Stevo and Carol, and Andy commented on that in the chat the other day. The group energy is incredible and I don’t think we could do what we do without the others.

Many, many times, someone types something that I was just about to type into the chat window, or two people will post the same thing at the same time. There’s a lot of synergy in our efforts. And sometimes it takes us a while to focus on our target, but we usually get the intution we need just when we need it. We get tools from the Operators just when we need them. We call on the Operators for help a lot in the chats – cetaceans, Lemurians, Wingmakers, elementals, etc., whatever is needed. They are always there to help but they like us to ask for help. They don’t want to rescue us, they want us to have some responsibility for ourselves and participate in our own rescue. I don’t feel that’s unreasonable. :-)

The chat room for me is like another world, where stuff that happens is like a science fiction movie. It’s real, but it’s unreal. It’s so far out of the realm of ordinary life that it becomes extraordinary. But on the etheric level, it’s all really happening. That’s what you have to remember about the etheric realm. Whatever you are imagining is actually happening on some level. That’s how we manifest our reality. Our thoughts and imaginations are incredibly powerful. How much energy you give a thought determines whether or not it manifests in 3D.

So we do a lot of work on healing the energy of the Earth in the chats. We connect with the various vortices on the earth and make sure they are spinning the right way. We connect with the chakras of the Earth, and the entities that guard them, and make sure they are healthy. We work on the ley lines of the Earth and run love-based energy, especially since the NWO likes to commander these energy lines for their own purposes. You have to realize that the NWO has created a lot of negative energy on the Earth by killing, starving and making people miserable. They don’t just do it because they like it, they do it because they actually feed on that energy. It is their life’s blood. Fear is their mainstay. So our main purpose in the chats is to take that power away from them however we can.

Inevitably, we pay a price. We get attacked psychically, physically, emotionally. They try to ruin us financially, they try to put us in jail, they try to kill us. Stevo and I know we had a good chat day when we get attacked the next day. Their favorite thing is to etherically attack Stevo’s head…they’ve got a Stevo fetish. The other thing they do is attack his business. They have a trick to make the phone stop ringing. Last summer they got desperate and messed up our business line 5 times in one month. They didn’t touch our personal line, just the business line, which is funny because the lines run into the house on the same wire.

They try and wear you down. That’s why it helps to have friends you can get into the chatroom with and boost the heck out of your tormentors. Don and Carol have chatted with us privately too many times to count, and we’re still in business. I think a lot of people get into gifting, not even chatting, and they don’t realize that they will most likely come under attack at some point. The gifting work is great, it’s so important, but at some point you also have to get into the etheric realm because that’s mainly where the NWO operates. They use every tool they can and they have no compunction about being sneaky. The cool thing is that with a little attention and focus and help from other folks, they can be defeated. They are bullies – big, dumb and often careless.

~ Dooney