Ghost Whisperer

Carol was visiting recently (always a treat) and while she was here my dad who died two years ago decided to visit also. This has happened before when I have visited her house. I think my dad is stuck between worlds and not able to move on. When I’m around Carol he knows that he can reach me through her, so he comes around. What happened was that I was lying in bed, not asleep, or I had just woken up from sleep (don’t remember) and I felt that someone was walking up to the side of the bed and was reaching out to touch me on the shoulder. I got kind of scared for a second, then I realized it was my dad and I relaxed. I said out loud “Just go away Dad”. That sounds kind of harsh doesn’t it? He’s been hanging around since he died and I don’t always have the patience I should have, especially in the middle of the night.

I asked Carol the next morning if she has felt my dad around since she’s been visiting and she said he’s been bugging her too. It’s kind of tough because he won’t believe (and never did) that there is anything after you die, he didn’t believe in God, and now he’s trying to stay latched onto this world. Stubborn. I think maybe he’s waiting for my mom to join him, but she’s nowhere near ready to go. So I imagine I will continue to feel him around from time to time. I’ve tried to get him to move on but he doesn’t believe in it, so he won’t go.

The second night Carol was here, I was awake again in the middle of the night (thank you insomnia, ugh) and I heard footsteps in the hallway, and I heard the door to our laundry room open (it’s kind of noisy). I didn’t hear the door close, though. When we all got up in the morning I asked Carol and Stevo if they had been walking around in the middle of the night and they both said no. I was the first one up and the laundry room door was still closed. Carol said my dad did come into her room that night, which can only be reached from the hallway by opening the laundry room door.

I’ve had stuff like this happen a lot at Carol’s house and just a few times here at our house. It’s not really scary, just more surprising. It’s happened enough times that I don’t question anymore whether it’s real, it’s just something that happens. I was telling this to another friend today and she pointed out how on TV or in the movies they make it seem so creepy and scary. But it’s not really that way. I suppose it could be if a really evil entity is trying to scare you, but I think you have to learn to not immediately go into fear, or if you do go into fear, to get out of it quickly.

Carol had told us about a TV show from the ’90s called “The Others” and I was able to find the full episodes on Youtube. It’s an interesting show and the characters drop a lot of gems in the dialogue, one of which was that demons can only get to you if you go into fear. The show was only on for 13 episodes and then got cancelled, but the shows that did air were interesting and worth watching. They do go in for the creep factor a bit, but the show is also almost a primer for the new psychic.

Anyway I sometimes tease Carol about being the Ghost Whisperer. Wouldn’t that be a great name for a TV show?

~ Dooney

More thoughts on attacks

My last post was really long (sorry) and I didn’t get a chance to put all my thoughts in, so here’s another postmortem. :-)

• I am relying a lot on my Grounding and my 3rd Chakra Rescue bracelets. I either wear them on my wrist or lay them directly on my 3rd chakra. I ask the stones to help protect the chakra. It’s helped. [Edit] After I wrote this I talked to Carol to get some help in figuring out how to stop them from getting into my 3rd chakra so deeply every morning. She told me to put her Crystal Harmonizer right on my 3rd chakra as much as possible. I took it to bed with me and as soon as I woke up the next morning, I felt the attack. I had fallen asleep holding the Crystal Harmonizer in my hand, and I could feel energy hitting it. I immediately put it on my 3rd chakra, and I could almost see the attack energy hitting the top and scattering. The attack couldn’t reach my 3rd chakra! I had to spend maybe 15 minutes this morning (July 8) getting rid of my attackers, so it was a much improved experience. Thank you Carol!

• I’m relying a lot on dowsing to get answers. I didn’t used to dowse a lot because I didn’t feel I was clear enough to get accurate answers. It’s been getting easier over the years, especially when I hold a Lemurian SP in my left hand while dowsing with the right. This was Don Croft’s idea, and he calls it Turbo-Dowsing. :-) I also have been using one of the Merkaba pendulums that Carol sells on her site (the rose quartz one) and it is definitely more accurate. I highly recommend getting one if you are into dowsing. I also sometimes hold my Herkimer diamond to dowse, as it is a stone for clearing your energy. The clearer and more neutral you are, the more accurate your dowsing will be.

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Anatomy of an attack

I’ve had a humbling lesson this past week, just when I thought we had our last severe attack figured out (see the post before this one). Turns out that was nothing compared to what I’m going through now. Since July 1 I have been undergoing the most severe attack on me personally, specifically my 3rd chakra, that I have ever experienced. They got to me by threatening Stevo, naturally, and got into my 3rd chakra so completely that I was a basket case of fear for about 48 hours. Looking back on those first two days now, it’s easy to say “oh yeah, I should have done such-and-such”, but let me tell you, when I was in the middle of it, it felt like the end of the world.

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New Year’s UFO’s

I haven’t seen a lot of UFO’s in my time but the ones I have seen have been pretty obvious. I believe I’ve talked about all of them in my Stories category. Stevo and I saw two UFO’s shortly after midnight on New Years. We had just gone outside to enjoy our champagne and look at the stars, thinking that maybe our neighbors were going to light off some more fireworks, as they did earlier in the evening (they didn’t :-( ). It was literally two or three minutes after midnight, and Stevo commented that there was a bright light over our other neighbors house, the ones who live toward the mountains.

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Energy, manifestation and the new year

2012 is already turning out to be a very interesting year. I’ve had several people remark to me that they have felt a significant change in the energy of the planet. I feel the same. What I perceive is that reality is manifesting more quickly than ever. In other words, whatever you think is happening almost immediately. This is a really good time to be very focused and pay attention to what kind of energy you are putting out there.

My life in the last week is a great example of this. Last Wednesday, our young dog Sammy was hit by a car on the road in front of our house. Luckily, he survived his run-in with a Suburban (!) with just a dislocated hip, bruises and road rash. He’s recovering nicely but is sore all over, so none of us are getting much sleep. The interesting part is that I had a vision of this happening the day before it happened.

I’ve always been a little afraid of this happening but the day before the accident I was outside with him and he was exploring the weeds on the side of the road. It’s generally not a problem to have him run loose as he usually comes when we call him. Suddenly, I was certain that a car was going to come along and hit him. I could see it happening. I got so panicked that I ran out to the road and made him come back to the house.

That night, I had a dream that Sammy was fighting with some neighbor dogs in our backyard, and I called him inside. When he came inside and I saw him, he had turned into our dog Charlie, who died in 2010. I hugged Charlie and cried, because I knew he was dead and I’ve missed him so much. Then he walked out of the room and when he came back in he had turned back into Sammy.

I mentioned the dream and the vision I had of Sammy getting hit to Stevo but we didn’t really talk about it. The next day, I was out running errands and got the awful call from Stevo that Sammy had been hit. The next few days were very stressful and hectic as Sammy was treated for shock, x-rayed, and then eventually put under anaesthesia so they could pop his hip back in. We’ve been incredibly sleep-deprived due to watching him around the clock. I’ve just been able to think about all this in the last few days and try to figure out what happened.

I’m not sure now if this was a precognitive vision or if my chronic fear of him getting hit made it happen. In the past year, my ability to see slightly into the future has gotten stronger, usually involving small details of life. This was something much stronger. So maybe it was a little bit of both. I was talking to Carol about it, and she said when you have a vision like that, you should talk about it with someone because that will take a lot of the energy off the vision and it will change the outcome of the vision. I think Stevo and I should have talked about it more. It’s likely that it was a deliberate act set up by whomever has been attacking us so hard for the past six months.

The dream that I had the night before it happened seemed significant to me also. I think it was Charlie telling me that he was watching over Sammy. Sammy should have been hurt much worse being hit by such a large vehicle. We’re very lucky he wasn’t killed outright. I think that was Charlie’s doing.

This has been a really good lesson for us – for me – in several ways. I need to pay more attention to the visions I have, even if I think it’s not likely that what I saw will happen. I can’t just say “Oh, I’m just being paranoid” or discount my vision in other ways. I also have learned that I can’t just believe we are invincible and can’t get hurt. It wasn’t smart to let Sammy run free near the road and we won’t do that anymore. He won’t be too happy about it but that’s they way it is. We have to take some reasonable precautions.

The other thing I’ve been remembering is that we all die eventually. If Sammy had died I would have felt awful, but he as a spirit would have been very happy. I try to remember that when I think of Charlie because I miss him so much. But every time he visits me in my dreams he’s very happy.

Yesterday I asked Stevo to show me where the accident happened. We stood in the road where it happened and I started to cry because I could feel Sammy’s pain and terror, Stevo’s terror at watching it happen and the driver’s terror in hitting a dog. I felt really bad that Stevo had to go through it alone. I let all those feelings pass through me and dissipate. And then I realized that the spot we were standing in was the exact spot where I had seen Sammy get hit in my vision.

~ Dooney

Ghost Story II

A funny thing happened recently when I was visiting Don and Carol to do the aura photos on my site. They have a resident ghost who’s benign. He used to unroll the toilet paper in the bathroom for me in the middle of the night. :-) He hasn’t done that for a while, but on this last visit I woke up in the middle of the night and I felt someone watching me. Stevo was not on this trip so I was alone in the guest room. I was laying on my stomach and I thought to myself that if someone came over and touched my back I would scream like crazy. :-)  I just lay there with my eyes closed telling myself I was safe and not to look up. Suddenly, the feeling of being watched was gone and I went back to sleep.

I mentioned it to Carol in the morning and she said that the ghost guy used to sleep in that room when it was his house and he will stand in the doorway and watch whoever is in there. I’m glad it wasn’t one of the feds who like to pop in on Don and Carol and mess up things in their house. Maybe next time I’ll be brave enough to look at the ghost. :-)

~ Dooney

P.S. I realized after writing this a few weeks ago that the reason I knew someone was there is that I heard them moving around – I heard footsteps. That’s why I knew someone was watching me. Carol confirmed the next morning that neither she nor Don had been up in the middle of the night.

A June prediction

One of the really cool things that has happened in the past few months is that Stevo and I had a chance to meet a healer who lives here in Montana and get a few sessions with him. He’s a hands-on energy healer and a genuinely humble and fascinating guy who has had an amazing life. The interesting thing he told us is that his mentor, who has now passed on, predicted the past 50 years of our history with amazing accuracy.

The prediction for this month is that things will fall apart to the point that martial law will be declared, then after a few weeks of turmoil things will settle down into an eventual peaceful oligarchy and we’ll go back to a true Constitutional government. He said that Obama will turn out to be our greatest president ever. He also said that during the time of martial law, you should not leave your house, even to go to the store. Those who venture out risk being killed or taken prisoner, but if you wait it out for a few weeks you’ll be fine.

So, who knows? I don’t know if this is accurate or not but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead and have some supplies in stock. Martial law has been used as a scare tactic for so long that I think a lot of people are now desensitized to it, but I thought this prediction was interesting in that he said the turmoil will only last a few weeks. Stevo and I cope with the unknown factor by being prepared, being positive and keeping our space clear. The best advice I can give anyone right now is to ground yourself daily. Keep your space clear. Think for yourself. Be prepared for anything. Be alert. Send out love. Banish fear. Stay in touch with the Earth.

~ Dooney

A cat story

This is really Stevo’s story but I don’t know if he’ll ever post it, and it was really something remarkable. I was reminded of it when we were telling the story to Dean and Kathy, who recently visited to get treatments from Stevo. It was great to meet a couple of fellow chatters in person, by the way, because the ironic thing about being an etheric warrior is that some of our closest friends are people we have never met! :)

Boots, le petit chat, queen of our universe

Anyway, this is a story about one of our cats, Boots, who adopted us when were living in San Jose, California. She just walked into our house and took us over (really, she conquered Stevo, who was not a cat person). We weren’t supposed to have a cat (rental house) so she was an outdoor kitty. She was being chased by all the boy cats in the neighborhood since she wasn’t spayed, but even after I had her spayed she still got into a lot of fights.

One night, Stevo brought her in and sat her on his lap and did a little meditation with her. He basically showed her how to protect her space and did a little energy work with her. After about ten minutes or so, she jumped off his lap and went to the back door to be let out. I let her out, and she returned about five minutes later with a mouse, dropped it on the back step and asked to be let in. I let her in and she immediately ran into the living room where Stevo was still sitting and looked at him, meowed and stood there waiting. I swear, it was just like watching Lassie fetch Grandpa because Timmy was stuck in the well!

Anyway, I told him that she wanted him to come look at the mouse. He got up and she led him over to the mouse. He oohed and aahed over it, then threw it in the bushes in the backyard. She brought it back immediately and dropped it on the back step. She wouldn’t touch it since she had brought it for him. That’s animal communication! I have never seen an animal act in such a “human” manner, i.e. with such obvious intention and clear communication. Her body language literally said “Come see what I got for you, Dad!”

So, as I said in another post, don’t try so much to communicate with animals verbally. You’ll have much better success communicating with them on an energy level. After all, they are much more intimately connected with the earth, even a coddled domestic animal that rarely goes outside is better connected than most humans.

~ Dooney

A ghost story

I just thought of this story today because of a very vivid dream I had last night in which I had a conversation with a ghost….

Several years ago Stevo and I were visiting Don and Carol at their house in Moscow, Idaho. We were sleeping on the futon in the living room and I woke up one morning to hear the front door open and close. Nothing unusual in that since some other folks were visiting and were staying outside in the camper. I heard one of them come in the door and walk past where we were sleeping and go into the bathroom nearby and close the door. I didn’t roll over to look at see who it was.

Well, several minutes go by and I’m waiting to hear the typical finishing-up-in-the-bathroom noises because, you know, I had to go. A few more minutes pass, then a few more….finally after half an hour I got tired of waiting and I got up to see what was happening. The bathroom door was open and no one was in there. There is no way anyone could have left the bathroom without me knowing.

I told Carol and Don about it later and they said it was the ghost that inhabits that house. They had told me about the ghost before but I’d never had an experience with her. Nothing frightening, just interesting and a bit annoying. Etheric phenomenon is not always high drama. Sometimes it’s just small, unusual events that make you go, “huh!”  :)

Another example of this is the ghost that lives at Don and Carol’s current residence. They believe it is the ghost of a man who committed suicide on the property. Again, nothing dramatic, just kind of funny. This ghost unrolls the toilet paper in the guest bathroom. I notice it when I get up to go in the middle of the night. It happens when I know for a fact that I was the last one to use the bathroom and I didn’t leave the paper unrolled. It’s happened at least a dozen times, so it’s no coincidence. I figure he’s helping me, you know, making it easy to find the toilet paper when I stumble in there in the middle of the night. :)

~ Dooney

Strange Sightings II – ships in the sky

We’ve had several encounters with what we believe were alien ships, so I thought I’d document them here. Once, walking back from our mailbox down our long driveway, a small plane way flying parallel to us, maybe two or three hundred feet in the air. I looked up and noticed that the plane was flying extremely slowly, too slowly to sustain flight. It was like watching a slow motion movie of an airplane. This is the type of thing that lets you know you are seeing something other than what is being presented to your 3D eyes. As soon as I commented to Stevo about the plane and we started boosting it, it veered off and flew away.

Another time I was standing in front of our house talking to a woman who had brought her dog over for me to communicate with, and a B-52 bomber flew over, the kind the forest service uses to put out fires. It was again flying so slowly that it was hard to imagine how it was staying in the air. I looked up and commented to my visitor about it and she was also astonished how how slowly the plane was moving. She said it looked like a slow motion movie (her words).

The most obvious sighting for me was when Stevo, Carol, Don and I were our in their boat gifting Yellowstone Lake. I was in the front of the boat looking back at the others and scanning the clouds to see the weather changes. I was staring at a cloud and suddenly realized that I was looking at straight lines and 90-degree corners. This was not a cloud. It looked like part of a ship. It was the same color as the clouds, but I’ve never seen a cloud that looked like a parallelogram. I opened my mouth to tell the others to look and as I watched, the clouds around the parallelogram literally boiled up and covered it from view. It was like watching a time lapse movie of cloud movement, only it happened in seconds, in real time. I told the others what I had seen and we agreed that it felt like friendly visitors.

Once we gifted a weatherball up at Flathead Lake, a few hours north of us, and as we drove home, we noticed a dark, triangle-shaped cloud following us. It followed us all the way home and Steve felt like he was being beamed the whole time. I don’t think a triangle-shaped cloud, with definite straight edges, is a normal sky phenomenon.  :-)