Bad blogger

It’s true, I’m a bad blogger. I realized that I haven’t blogged since July! My only excuse is that on July 12th a forest fire ignited (supposedly by lightening, but I have my doubts) near our home and we spent the rest of the summer stressed out about it. We had to pack up twice for possible evacuation, and nothing puts your priorities in order quite like that. The fire is mostly out now, so I’m trying to get back on track with my etheric duties while also dealing with some health issues. If anyone is still checking this blog….thanks for hanging in there!

~ Dooney

The labyrinth is completed!

I managed to haul the last two cartloads of rock out to the labyrinth today to complete it…finally! The interesting thing I noticed while building it was that many of the rocks embedded in the ground here happened to fall exactly in line with the rock border of the labyrinth. It must have happened a dozen times. Also, when I was finishing today, I happened to choose exactly the right number of stones that I needed to finish the last path. I didn’t have to shove stones together or move them apart just to avoid going and picking up more rocks. I placed the last stone and it fit perfectly, as if I had counted out beforehand the number of stones I needed. I ended up placing three heart-shaped stones on the path near the entrance…very cool. Here are some pics:

The full labyrinth

The full labyrinth

Close-up of the middle with the 108

Close-up of the middle with the 108

A circle of sylphs showed up after we put the 108 in the middle. This is only part of the circle.

A circle of sylphs showed up after we put the 108 in the middle. This is only part of the circle.

Charlie grows up

Charlie has been a changed dog ever since Black Jack died, and I believe he’s in his own mourning period. In a chat after Jack died, Carol communicated with Jack, who said he was worried about who was going to protect us and that Charlie was “willy-nilly” in his protection duties. I think Charlie must have picked up on that because he sticks close to home now and has started following me around sometimes, as Black Jack used to do. When I’m outside working in the garden or on the labyrinth, he just stands around watching me and watching all around the property. This is very different behavior for him

He still likes to run around and play and he walks up and down the road in front of our property but he doesn’t run away into the woods like he used to every single day for the past 10 years. He also lays next to Jack’s grave every few days. He’s really become more serious, which Don noted today while he was visiting. I feel bad for Charlie because I know without a doubt he is grieving Black Jack’s death, but I think this is a good growth process for him as well as for us. Maybe that’s why Black Jack’s spirit has been hanging around.

When we feel the time is right we’ll get another dog companion for Charlie and for us. I have a feeling there’s a yellow lab puppy in our future.

~ Dooney

Why a labyrinth?

My friend Kathy asked in a comment on my last post what a labyrinth is actually for, which I think is a good question. Here are some quotes from my labyrinth book (“Labyrinths,  Ancient Myths and Modern Uses” by Sig Lonegren):

“…these magical single-path mazes can enhance the possibility of bringing together our analytical or rational mode of consciousness with our intuitive or spiritual levels of consciousness.”

I think this is really true. Stevo and I have been walking our labyrinth, even though it’s only 3/4 completed, and every time he walks it Stevo says he feels like the left and right sides of his brain are coming together. Today we walked it with Don, who came over to visit and gave us a 108 (Cesco’s orgonite creation) to put in the middle. We walked it and when we got to the middle Stevo said his hands were tingling. I noticed that my hands were tingling and pulsing with energy, and Don felt it in his hands too.

“Labyrinths, which are sacred spaces, are marvelous tools to help you find new ways of developing your intuition.”

“Sacred space is a place where one can go to get help in contacting non-physical realms. These can be places of emotion, intuition, and the spirit.”

There are different variations of labyrinths found in many cultures around the world. Do an internet search on “labyrinth” and you’ll find all sorts of interesting stuff. I am building one mainly because I like the way it feels when I walk it.

I hope to have ours done by the middle of this coming week. We’ll see how far I get in my rock moving!  :-)

~ Dooney

Building a labyrinth

I decided to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for years, so I’m building a labyrinth in our front pasture. A labyrinth is a Celtic design, dating back for probably thousands of years. It’s essentially a walking path that sets up a particular energy for the person who walks it.

We have about 3 open acres in our front pasture, some of which we have used for garden beds. I decided to use part of it for this project. I’m building a seven-circuit labyrinth using small rocks from our property. The first thing I did was ask Stevo to mow the grass for me. :-)  He’s currently in the middle of mowing the entire pasture, but he did my section first.

The next thing I did was lay out the seed pattern, from which you can easily construct the rest of the labyrinth. Once you have the seed pattern, it’s just a matter of connecting the dots. If you do a web search on seven-circuit labyrinth, you’ll find instructions on how to draw one from a seed pattern.

I can already feel the energy of the labyrinth even though I’ve only completed a few paths.

Seed pattern

Seed pattern

First path completed

First and second path completed

Second path completed

Third path completed

Life After Black Jack

We’re still kind of reeling from the loss of Black Jack, but things are slowly getting better. I still see him everywhere, he was such a part of our daily lives. He sent me another dream in which he was pressing up against me as I cried. I woke up crying. The Saturday chat group boosted me this past weekend and that seemed to help. I’ve been literally frozen with grief, unable to boost or feel my heart chakra. I can’t even really love on Charlie, and he’s lonely without Jack I think.

Thank you to everyone who has sent a message of condolences, encouragement and support. It means a lot to us. If I can get past the grief I know I will feel Black Jack’s love again. I have never been so unconditionally loved in my life!

~ Dooney

Remembering Black Jack

 We had to make the sad decision to put Black Jack down last week. His health problem was more immediate and severe than we had hoped. He had some kind of mass on his spleen, most likely a tumor, and it began to cause other problems. On May 27th, he woke up in the middle of the night panting and shaking. I sat with him for two hours until he went back to sleep. On Thursday morning he rallied, but by the afternoon he couldn’t walk, wouldn’t eat or drink and he was having trouble breathing. We expected him to die Thursday night, but he made it through the night and perked up Friday morning when I forced some water into him. Within the hour, though he was unable to walk again. His belly had swollen up on Thursday, which was one of the symptoms of his spleen disorder, and had not receded like before.

It seemed it was time to let him go. He looked so tired and his poor body was so worn out. His spleen would eventually have ruptured and caused a lot of pain. We called the mobile vet who came to the house to give him the shots, and he died on the front lawn in our arms. We buried him in our pasture. Charlie scratched out a bed in the dirt right next to the grave and lay there several times over the next few days. We have been crying ever since he died, and we are heartbroken. Charlie has been looking for him everywhere and has been unnaturally subdued and quiet.

Jack has come to me twice in my dreams, and both times he looked young and healthy and happy. That has helped a lot, but I still feel I am grieving deeply. He was more than a pet – he was a loyal friend, a fellow etheric warrior, a protector and a most loving companion. He used to follow me around the house everywhere and if he couldn’t see me, he’d coming looking for me, peeking his head around the door of each room until he found me. He used to wag his tail when I gave him food, like he couldn’t believe I was feeding him again. He snored like an old man, and the house is too quiet now. His sweet brown eyes followed me everywhere and he radiated love.

A lot of you have emailed us with your condolences and we really appreciate that. We’ll get back in the etheric fray soon, when we feel we have something to give.

~ Dooney

Just one of those days

You energy sensitives out there will understand this…

I had to go to Missoula today to do my weekly organic food shopping and it was really hard to be around other people today. That’s why Stevo and I are kind of hermit-like. Sometimes it’s just really hard to brush up against other people’s energy. Most of the time I can protect myself enough that it doesn’t bother me, and sometimes I really enjoy being around other people. Today wasn’t one of those days. :-)

I hate feeling like that because I know I’m just sending out some crappy energy. So…I grounded. What else can you do? Then I came home and spent some time outside with my hubby and my dogs. That always helps. So does the killer chili I had for dinner.  :-)

~ Dooney


We had a major windstorm last week, the kind we haven’t had in years. Kind of funny that we had this storm after I posted about how much calmer our weather has been lately. Anyway, we lost several mature pine trees, just uprooted and fell over. Dead trees were snapping off and one hit a glancing blow off our barn (no damage) and we were both afraid of getting hit by a flying piece of tree. Stevo pointed our 3 CB’s into the wind and after about ten minutes it calmed down to a regular windy day. We’ve calmed the wind like that many times in the past. I’ve actually calmed hailstorms (3 times) just using an SP. I pointed the SP up to the sky and just boosted through it.

This latest windstorm came out of the west, where the HAARP towers we can’t get to are located. I’m hoping the Etheric Air Force can get over here soon to gift our mountains! :-)

~ Dooney