It’s all real…

Stevo and I got home today after almost 5 weeks on the road, out in the world. Whew! I’d have to say it was a very challenging but rewarding trip. We were hoping to be able to relax and have some down time, but between picking up a travel trailer, learning all about it, learning how to tow it, trying to shine our light on people, being out in the crazy world, dealing with an unhappy ghost, gifting, and being attacked as hard as we’ve ever been attacked, it turned out to be more stressful than we had hoped.  Oh well!

One thing that saved the day was having Carol with us almost the whole time. To to say she is our best friend doesn’t even begin to cover it. Carol is hands-down the most loving, generous and courageous person I have ever met. The world would be a lesser place without her in it. Someone close to her passed away while we were traveling, and that person didn’t want to let go, so she latched on to Carol and myself pretty strongly. It was a great learning experience in how to keep my space clear and I feel so much more capable than I did a month ago. I’d have to say that Stevo and I are different people than when we started this trip. We were forced to confront fear, uncertainty and doubt and I feel like we passed some kind of test. And…

I can say without reservation now, that everything I have written about in this blog, all our experiences and speculations and wonderings, have been verified. The supernatural experience we had in our trailer when the very evil entity that we are calling “Lucifer” showered us with water, or poison or whatever it was, has proven to me beyond a doubt that it’s all real. Ghosts, higher dimensions, alternate reality, energy, attacks…all of it is real. I have never had something so concrete and real happen to me that cannot be explained in conventional terms. I have had dreams, I’ve had visitations and glimpses of an alternate reality, but now I know. It’s all real. Maybe that was the whole purpose of this trip.

We feel more committed than ever to bringing Heaven on Earth into this reality. I know now that all I have to do is dream, and breathe and believe, and I can manifest anything I need. You can be in the flow or out of the flow, and I choose to be in the flow. You can do this too! Everything Stevo and I have dreamt about in the past 6 months has come to pass. Now, we are going to dream even bigger and we are going to make our dream of Love and Peace a reality in this world. I hope you will join us. Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and love and support. You are wonderful!

~ Dooney

Keep On Keepin’ On

Things continue to be interesting as we go through the summer. Aside from our technological difficulties, we seem to be getting challenged on just about every aspect of life. I wake up and wonder what today’s test is going to be on. :-)  It’s really making me realize how many times I tend to lose my space in the course of the day. The dogs are acting up, the cat jumps on the counter and breaks a glass, a noisy car speeds past us when I’m walking the dogs on the road, someone says something rude, my computer crashes – whatever it is, I’m monitoring my own reactions more closely these days and trying to stay more neutral and grounded in every moment.

It’s just not that easy.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t keep trying, because I do. I feel that the most important thing we can as a more awake and aware community of people is to learn how to stay in our hearts and anchor love on the planet. Things are getting more and more crazy and I think it’s our job to hold the energy of peace and love so that when challenges happen, we can be there to help everyone along. I feel it’s that simple. We are the ones holding the Light. That sounds kind of newagey but I don’t know how else to say it. We have to keep our heads while everyone else is losing their mind. To do that, you have to be discerning and you can’t go into fear or judgement. You have to be the one standing there saying “Everything is already okay. Just breathe.”

Remember that for every terrible event you hear about on the news there is something really good happening in the world. If you need a boost, read the Postive Changes That Are Occurring thread on I have a link to that thread on the left sidebar. This is an incredible time to be alive and awake!

~ Dooney

“People all over the world,
Join hands,
Get on the Love Train”
– The O’Jays

Hack Attack!

One of the frustrating things about relying on technology and being an etheric warrior is that it makes you vulnerable to annoying hacking attacks. Lately, it has manifested in my life in a couple of ways. Carol was visiting a few days ago and I had the opportunity to record her and Stevo talking candidly about life, the universe and everything. :-)  It was a couple of great hours of recording the thoughts of two very grounded and stable psychics. Unfortunately, when I tried to replay the recordings I found only silence. Apparently, this is a bug in the Kindle I was using for recording, but subsequent events convinced me it was more than that.

On July 3rd, while Carol, Stevo and I were sitting around my dining room table having a glass of wine and a great talk, someone hacked into my password-protected wi-fi network and streamed movies for 8 hours, using all my data allowance, including and extra 5GB that I had purchased that very day. The next day, we were put on data restriction, and I found all this out when I called my ISP to find out what was going on. We’ve never been hacked quite so blatantly before, except for one incident many years ago. Shortly after we met Don and Carol for the first time I was sitting at my computer writing in a document file, and the page started to fill up with carriage returns. I took my hands off the keyboard and the page continued to fill. The Return key wasn’t stuck, so there wasn’t any reason the keyboard should still be producing carriage returns when I wasn’t touching it.

That was the first time I really knew that hacking was real and could happen at any time. We’ve had a lot of little things happen over the years, usually coinciding with a particularly successful chat session. When we hit a really big target in our chat session we tend to get “punished” the next day with this kind of annoyance (and others). As it happens, the day that the hacking of our network occurred was just a few hours after my Sunday chat group had kicked the stuffing out of the NWO.

I immediately switched our network to an old-school wired ethernet network. Stevo and I had both been thinking about going back to a wired network for a while but hadn’t done anything about it. We ignored the whispers, so we got the shout! :-)  I have to say, I feel quite a bit of relief not having wi-fi in my house. You can’t avoid it in public – it’s everywhere – but at least in our own house we can have a bit of EMF relief. I say a “bit” since I realize all of our wiring and electronics give off EMF’s too. We mitigate some of that with orgonite, earthing, and with products from

The thing to remember about annoying attacks like this is not to go into anger. That’s what they want….you, tearing your hair out in front of your computer, not breathing, not grounding and totally losing your mind. I get so frustrated with technology sometimes, and they know it’s a good way to tweak me and shove me off my path, even if it’s only for a day. So, I’m learning to just not take it so seriously. Is it really that big a deal if I can’t check my email or stream a movie at that moment? No. It’s a bigger deal that I’m letting myself go into anger instead of staying in a calm, loving heart space. So attacks like this can be a good training session for staying grounded and staying in your heart. So thank you to the Powers That Were for my continuing classes in my Doctorate of the Heart program!  😉

~ Dooney

Galactic Central Sun boosting

I haven’t posted in a while (again) because there has been so much going on here, from dental surgery and  painkillers (ugh!), to naughty dogs, to drac attacks and boosting with the Galactic Central Sun. This is a new technique Stevo is developing and he’s getting pretty badly attacked for it. If you check Stillness in the Storm and do a search on “galactic central sun” you’ll find some interesting information. Some stuff on that site is disinfo, but like everything out there you have to be discerning. Stevo has been bringing the energy of the galactic central sun into his space; in his words:

Bring a cord of this energy from the galactic central sun into your crown, 3 feet in diameter, down your grounding cord and into the center of the planet. It’s kinda like the transporter beam in the original StarTrek TV show.

He then uses this energy to boost out through the heart chakra, and it’s very powerful. It’s the next step beyond bringing the golden suns into his space, which is part of my Basic Grounding exercise. It seems that when you boost a target with this energy it’s much easier to get fast results. You almost don’t have to even think about the attackers if you are boosting someone who’s getting attacked. You just boost the target and the attackers are affected by the energy automatically. Anyway, it’s something for you boosters to try.

We figure Stevo’s on the right track because they are trying to stop him from doing this kind of energy work. He uses it to do planet-wide boosting as well. There was an incident with an MIB who injected him in the middle of the night, causing him enough pain to wake him up. Then in the morning there was a tell-tale red mark on his forehead. He’s been doing tons of detoxing to get rid of whatever they used in the injection (our intuition was a fast-acting cancer),  and he’s finding that more than ever he has to be on his spiritual path 24/7, no slacking.

I think that’s the message a lot of folks are getting nowadays. The farther you stray off your path the more painful life gets. This is a time when everyone is polarizing into those who are stuck in 3D and will remain that way, and those who are becoming the multi-dimensional, loving beings we are supposed to be. This is the time to do healthy things for your body, your physical vehicle, so that you can grow spiritually. To grow spiritually, you have to discipline your thoughts and actions, giving up anger and judgement and all the things that keep you stuck in 3D. Remember the big picture, and send out love as often as you can. Keep your space clear, breathe, and remember who you truly are.

You can do it!

~ Dooney :-)


Nighttime attacks

The Powers That Ain’t attacked both my dogs last night in the middle of the night. Luckily, my insomniac husband and I were still awake so we were able to deal with it. Honestly, do those wankers really have nothing better to do?? It started with Sammy getting hives on the top of his head. Then Molly went outside several times to vomit. Then they were both shaking. Usually we have to deal with one shaking dog at a time but last night was a double whammy (isn’t that a great piece of slang?). I started playing my emerald singing bowl mp3 through our Slim Spurling harmonizer, and we each got hold of a dog and started helping them run their energy. They were both wagging their tails slightly so I knew it couldn’t be too bad.

The funny thing is that when they get attacked, Sammy gets really quiet, and slinks around and his eyes get really big. Last night he was looking around like he expected a monster to jump out at him at any minute. Molly, on the other hand, gets really agitated. She won’t sit still and she wants constant petting. Another weird thing that happened is that she started frantically sniffing Sammy, all over his body, like she could smell something bad (or interesting, it’s hard to tell with a dog). We figured she can actually smell the energy of the attackers, who were alien insects in this case.

So we did what we usually do. We run a hand down their back, from the top of their head all the way to the tailbone. At the same time we talk to them about grounding and bringing in golden suns and send them images at the same time. This time it only took about 20 minutes to stop the attacks. I put on their collars that have an HP and a piece of danburite taped on, and I also played our singing bowl in real time and that seemed to settle them down quite a bit. I didn’t panic this time, I just dealt with it. I wonder if TPTA are getting really desperate. Why else would they expend so much energy to hassle us by attacking our dogs? That’s the best they can do now, and it’s really pitiful. Remember, TPTA hate to be laughed at or scorned in any way. If you can make fun of them you are coming from a stronger position. DON’T GO INTO FEAR! If you learn one thing from reading my blog, learn that. Practice it. Bring golden suns into your 3rd chakra until you can laugh about the whole thing. Get a bigger perspective. Then boost!

~ Dooney

“I’ve had an apostrophe!”

I love that line from the movie “Hook”, where Bob Hoskins talks about having an apostrophe instead of an epiphany. I had an epiphany of sorts early this morning and after you read about it you might say “Duh, Dooney, knew that all along”!. :-) I was woken up around 6am, pre-dawn, by my dog Molly who was shaking badly. I got her to lay back down on her bed and after determining that she wasn’t hurt, I realized she was being psychically attacked. Again. Sigh….

I spent the next hour running energy on her, over and over, grounding her, and bringing in golden suns. She stopped shaking once for a few minutes then started up again. So I kept going. I also started boosting her attackers. Our chat group had just gotten a line on one of Stevo’s persistent attackers on Sunday and we whacked him with love energy pretty hard, and I think it was him or his associates retaliating by hitting Molly.

So, as usual I started to go into fear a little bit, wondering if a run to the emergency vet was going to be needed after all. Then, I gave myself a pep talk. I was worried, I was tired, shivering and cramped from bending over Molly for an hour in the dark. But I knew I was going to have to just stop whining about it and take care of business. So I boosted and boosted and boosted. I started to realize that my energy was expanding the more I let go of being worried and uncomfortable. It was pure boosting. And it just kept getting bigger and bigger.

I was Mavericks boosting, which is my term for using a giant ocean wave to wash over my attackers. I got an image of Giant Dooney, my alter-ego boosting buddy, riding a surfboard on the Mavericks wave. I saw my dogs Charlie and Black Jack, who died years ago, on another surfboard. I started to feel so connected to everything, and that’s when I had my “apostrophe”.

I started to see everything as an ocean of consciousness; all that you see – people, animals, plants, rocks, earth, cars, buildings, every material thing – is a wave coming up out of that ocean of consciousness. We are separate waves but all part of the same ocean. Some waves flow together, like me and Stevo. :-) Some waves clash and one overtakes the other. Some waves die out as soon as they are born. And some waves take the long ride into the shore before they subside and rejoin the ocean. So I spent the day thinking about all these analogies and trying to feel it in 3D, all the time, even around other people.

It’s hard! It’s so hard to keep that perspective. But while I was out and about running errands I tried to see just the people as ocean waves, and I tried to feel how we are connected. Even the “bad” guys are waves in the same ocean. All the agents and aliens that attack us are waves in the same ocean. I have known that we are all one intellectually, but this is the first time I have really felt it this strong. So, now I have a new paradigm to practice feeling on a daily basis. How much easier will life flow for me if I can stay in this frame of mind? Do you ever have a day where everything goes right and everything seems easy? And then you have a day where absolutely nothing goes right? I think maybe those types of days are ones where we are really in the flow of that ocean consciousness, with waves flowing together, or we are just crashing against all the other waves in our lives.

This is probably already obvious to some of you, as is was to Stevo, but is was very empowering for me to feel it so strongly for myself. Maybe I’ve just gotten to the point where I am getting good enough at conquering fear, which is so very important. I got to a level of neutrality in my boosting that I’ve never attained before. It was easy to see my attackers as just another manifestation of the whole. There was no angst, just love. It was not surprising to me that as soon as I gained this perspective while boosting, Molly relaxed, stopped shaking and went to sleep. She woke up later and was totally fine.

It was just another interesting day for a spiritual warrior! :-)


Happy Solstice! (A little late)


Beautiful Winter in our front yard!

This is the first year that Stevo and I are trying to start some Winter Solstice traditions. I’m a little late in posting because life is like that sometimes. I tried to make Solstice cards on my color printer to send out to family and friends but my printer pooped out before I could print more than a few cards. Then I tried to use the color copier down at the drugstore but they don’t let civilians use it and the ladies at the counter were clueless and too busy to help. Oh well. Next year I’ll plan better.

We did manage to have a nice dinner, a nice outdoor fire in the firepit, some champagne and some homemade eggnog. And we made some thoughtful toasts and wished for World Peace. Not too bad a start! I wanted to light up my labyrinth and walk it but it’s covered in about a foot of snow and I wasn’t able to find the outline. Again, a little planning is needed.

It’s kind of difficult to start new traditions, I think, but it’s a good challenge. It gets me out of the traditions that don’t really resonate with me anymore and gets me thinking a little more independently. I think everyone should celebrate the things that make sense to them. Stevo and I tend not to limit our thankfulness and loving words and helping people activities to just one day a year. We like to practice those things year-round because that’s what makes sense to us. What are your traditions?

~ Dooney

Ghost Whisperer

Carol was visiting recently (always a treat) and while she was here my dad who died two years ago decided to visit also. This has happened before when I have visited her house. I think my dad is stuck between worlds and not able to move on. When I’m around Carol he knows that he can reach me through her, so he comes around. What happened was that I was lying in bed, not asleep, or I had just woken up from sleep (don’t remember) and I felt that someone was walking up to the side of the bed and was reaching out to touch me on the shoulder. I got kind of scared for a second, then I realized it was my dad and I relaxed. I said out loud “Just go away Dad”. That sounds kind of harsh doesn’t it? He’s been hanging around since he died and I don’t always have the patience I should have, especially in the middle of the night.

I asked Carol the next morning if she has felt my dad around since she’s been visiting and she said he’s been bugging her too. It’s kind of tough because he won’t believe (and never did) that there is anything after you die, he didn’t believe in God, and now he’s trying to stay latched onto this world. Stubborn. I think maybe he’s waiting for my mom to join him, but she’s nowhere near ready to go. So I imagine I will continue to feel him around from time to time. I’ve tried to get him to move on but he doesn’t believe in it, so he won’t go.

The second night Carol was here, I was awake again in the middle of the night (thank you insomnia, ugh) and I heard footsteps in the hallway, and I heard the door to our laundry room open (it’s kind of noisy). I didn’t hear the door close, though. When we all got up in the morning I asked Carol and Stevo if they had been walking around in the middle of the night and they both said no. I was the first one up and the laundry room door was still closed. Carol said my dad did come into her room that night, which can only be reached from the hallway by opening the laundry room door.

I’ve had stuff like this happen a lot at Carol’s house and just a few times here at our house. It’s not really scary, just more surprising. It’s happened enough times that I don’t question anymore whether it’s real, it’s just something that happens. I was telling this to another friend today and she pointed out how on TV or in the movies they make it seem so creepy and scary. But it’s not really that way. I suppose it could be if a really evil entity is trying to scare you, but I think you have to learn to not immediately go into fear, or if you do go into fear, to get out of it quickly.

Carol had told us about a TV show from the ’90s called “The Others” and I was able to find the full episodes on Youtube. It’s an interesting show and the characters drop a lot of gems in the dialogue, one of which was that demons can only get to you if you go into fear. The show was only on for 13 episodes and then got cancelled, but the shows that did air were interesting and worth watching. They do go in for the creep factor a bit, but the show is also almost a primer for the new psychic.

Anyway I sometimes tease Carol about being the Ghost Whisperer. Wouldn’t that be a great name for a TV show?

~ Dooney

It was good while it lasted

I guess posting about not being attacked put somebody on alert because we started getting attacked again…oh well! The truth is that attacks pop up all the time, most of the time when we are in a vulnerable state. Then they can sneak right in on top of that vulnerability and get into your space. Stevo had that happen the other day when he heard some distressing news about a patient. Almost right away he started to feel nauseated but it wasn’t until a bit later that he mentioned it to me and we looked for an attack. Sure enough, they had gotten to his 3rd chakra and attacked it when he was stressing over the bad news.

It’s impossible to stop all of those kinds of attacks, but as I’ve said in the past, the key is to recognize when it’s happening, deal with it quickly and heal the area of your energy system that was attacked. A few hours after my last post where I was talking about fear, I got a chance to practice what I preach. Stevo went for a bike ride in the woods and rather than being gone for his normal 2-hour ride, he was gone for 4 hours. That’s all I needed for the worrywart in me to come out. I imagined him attacked by a mountain lion, or having a bad crash and lying on the bike trail unconscious. Typical Dooney. :-)

So, I knew I was going into fear and I did my best to fight it. I grounded, I brought golden suns into my 3rd chakra, etc. It helped but I didn’t really relax until Stevo got home. It’s a bit scary to go out in the world and be vulnerable in a car or on a bike when you get attacked as much as we do, but you gotta live your life. Carol and Don are my heroes because they travel all over and Don flies his small planes! Those guys win the bravery award…

I was kind of laughing at myself, though, because I had just posted about this whole fear issue then got a good lesson in it. (“God is happy, Sabu, he plays with us” – Name that movie). I then had to immediately do an in-person coaching and be on the ball for that. So you have to always be ready to respond to whatever gets thrown at you, right?

Lucky for me I’ve gotten good on-the-job training from the NWO wankers. I don’t think that’s how they wanted it to work though, haha.

~ Dooney

A bit of a break…for now

Ever since our birthdays in late June, Stevo and I have enjoyed a bit of a respite from heavy etheric attacks. According to the Cards of Destiny, the energy in your life changes on your birthday and the challenges you were dealing with from one birthday to the next change to a different set of challenges. Oh joy! :-)

Actually, I find the Cards to be very accurate in my life and other folks have told me the same thing. This coming year is apparently going to be more challenging for Stevo and myself, and this past year has been preparation for that. It doesn’t mean we have to go into fear about it, but just be aware that things are probably going to come up that we have to handle with grace and courage.

That’s the real challenge of life isn’t it? I was talking to a friend the other day who was worried about the rumored FEMA camps in the U.S. and all the other intense information that’s out there on the internet right now. I told her there is always going to be some fear challenge out there, especially for those who are awake, but the key is to not get stuck in the fear vibe. Fear is normal but I think the trick is to feel it, process it and move beyond it.

Most of the information out there is meant to put you in fear, so that the darksiders can feed off of it. That’s how they work. They literally feed their energy system on your fear. That’s why there’s so much bad news out there. So, do your best to cut off their energy supply – don’t let them feed on your fear. It’s a simple concept but not really easy to do. It takes focus and commitment, and you have to learn the etheric skills to do it. Bad things are going to happen in life sometimes, sure. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns out there, but how you deal with it is the key.

~ Dooney