4-4-09 group chat

Low-energy chat today, mostly because Stevo and I have given up coffee for now and are missing it’s stimulating effects. :-) It’s good to get clear of artifical stimulants, I think, and coffee is probably my last vice. I do feel better, generally, when I’m off coffee and more psychic too, but my adrenals have not taken over the energy gap yet.

We pretty much just boosted Georg from Africa, and Carlos, who are going on a gifting trip. We usually run etheric interference for folks who are setting out on an important or dangerous gifting mission, just to give them some protection from being harrassed, surveilled or jailed. When Georg and Axel got thrown into jail in Zimbabwe, we boosted like crazy and they were eventually released unharmed. Same thing for Judy in Narobi.

~ Dooney

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  1. skyclad says:

    Check out this book- Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest by Ella E Clark University of California press. 1953.

    It would be interesting to you guys. It was reprinted 2003 you can find it quick on Amazon. Isbn. 9780520239265