Chat report 10-1-17

As you may know, I have a chat group that meets once a week to work on global events, global energy issues and to help each other out etherically with psychic attacks. Today we were boosting our compadre  Francisco, who just moved to Catalonia, Spain. Today, Catalonia was voting on whether or not to be an independent nation. The Spanish government had called out 6,000 soldiers to disrupt the vote by destroying voting booths and attacking voters. Francisco said there had been beatings and even torture to prevent people from voting. Real Nazi-era stuff!

We started boosting the situation and almost right away we saw a well of souls. A well of souls is found where a lot of people have been massacred and/or tortured, and we were in the land of the Spanish Inquistion. We actually found nine wells that stretched across Spain in sort of an umbrella shape. So we just boosted with the Galactic Central Sun to start freeing the souls so they could move on. It felt like a vortex made of concrete – no movement. After a lot of boosting it finally started to loosen up.  The darksiders use the grief and death energy of the well of souls to power their rituals and horrible etheric energy.

It’s really typical that when we start boosting one of our chat members that we find a large target that affects a lot of people. In this case, after getting the well of souls to release we started boosting Francisco’s orgonite business as well as Don and Carol’s orgonite/zapper business.  The constant harassment of these businesses was connected, as they were both being affected by some kind of weird spell that we hadn’t seen before. You may remember that Don and Francisco gifted Belize and the surrounding area together in a boat several years ago, so they have a strong energy connection. You can see the video of their gifting report on on the Media page.

So we boosted the source of the spell and came across a really strong ritual being performed to keep these businesses suppressed. The interesting thing is that Francisco has been trying to move from Menorca to Catalonia for quite a while now, perhaps more than a year. It has finally happened after a lot of hassle and I think it broke through some kind of energetic wall that had been around him and around Catalonia. Francisco is a fearless gifter and a natural psychic and our chat group has always felt that he was being prevented from making this move for energetic reasons. Now he’s going to bust up Spain even more!

The cool thing is that Stevo read on the BBC website that Catalonia won the vote to be independent, even with the intimidation and beatings. Courage is rewarded!

This is a typical chat for us, just going out there and busting up negative energy wherever we can with the awesome power of Love. I know there are other groups doing this in the world, but I don’t know if they are using similar methods. I think it’s important for like-minded people who know how to use their hearts to get together and do this kind of work. Start your own chat group today!  :-)

~ Dooney

Petro Magic – a new discovery

Carol, Don, Hawthorne and I were in one of our regular chats the other day and made an astonishing discovery. We were boosting the time tunnels in the Mid-east, which I believe are the source of much of the ongoing strife in that area, and Hawthorne saw a vast well of what looked to her like petroleum under Israel. The petroleum looked like it was “old magic tech” to her. We boosted some more and I saw that the time tunnels were connected to the petroleum and were in fact being powered by the petroleum.  I thought maybe this is where the term “black magic” comes from. We boosted the petroleum and found that our boosting energy went all over the planet, to all the petroleum that is stored under the earth’s crust, at whatever depth.

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Interesting chat today

We did a chat with Don, Carol and Francie today and while trying to figure out why our businesses are still down we found remnants of energy wires across our property – I boosted the heck out them last night. The wires seem to be generated from underground and we ultimately found that the energy to sustain them was coming from a well of trapped souls at the Big Hole Battlefied near Wisdom, Montana. This is the site of a massacre of Native Americans, and though I have gifted that valley, it obviously needs more orgonite.

We also found that this well of death energy is also affecting Don and Carol. They have had some weird happenings on their property lately as well as business slowdowns. While doing all this boosting we realized that the reason the Native American aspect came up has to do with Carol’s Native American heritage. I got that Carol is supposed to do some major energy healing on the Native American nations by bringing in Mary Magdalene energy. Carol is also in the Mary M. bloodline, so it’s a natural confluence of energies.

I think the Native American nations are going to help bring about the downfall of the NWO, much like the Africans who are taking back power in their countries by gifting. Stevo and I always put tobacco in our orgonite to honor the Native Americans. It was great to do some boosting that didn’t just deal with getting the nasty entities off our back, but that actually got our energy out to help a large number of people. We’ve been so focused on surviving financially that it’s been hard to work on anything else, which is of course the goal of those attacking us.

But, as usual, we found a way past it and were able to break through to do some good for the world. We’ll see if our efforts translate to some relief here at home. :-)

~ Dooney

R.I.P. Montauk – at last!

Wow! That’s all I can say about yesterday’s chat (8-1-10). Stevo and I drove over to Don and Carol’s on Saturday with A., who is visiting from Austria. We had a great time getting to know him in person, having worked with him online for several years. After our usual breakfast at Michael D’s on Sunday morning, we settled in Don’s workshop office for the Sunday chat. Shortly after we started, B. joined us as well. It got kind of crowded in there with six people, five computers and a rambunctious puppy (Sammy). :-) (Names are abbreviated for privacy)

By the time we all got settled and in the chat room, they were boosting a deep vortex under Montauk. We saw a huge well of souls attached to that vortex and started boosting to get rid of it and release those souls. There was a lot of sludge in that vortex, covering up a wheel and it’s associated crystal as well. We did a lot of focused boosting and I got the impression that the crystal was a giant lapis. A. thought it might be sapphire, and B. saw malachite and sodalite. F. saw it as clear quartz. What we finally figured out was that someone was beaming energy into the crystal from all these different types of crystals and infusing the clear quartz crystal with the properties of the other crystals we were seeing. Very strange.

We then saw that there was an alternate earth reality being mirrored from this vortex. This is very hard to explain but I will try to put it into words. The six of us in Don’s office were talking about what we were seeing and it seems that each of us was seeing a different aspect of what was going on. As we talked more about it, the picture became clearer. We saw a twist of energy, like the shape of a Mobius coil, coming from the center of our planet – a black hole – and going out to another planet, where it became a mirror image. So there were two earth realities, and what we eventually realized is that this was caused by the original Philedelphia Experiment in 1943. This explains why no matter how many times we worked on Montauk we could never get rid of that dark energy. It just kept filling up again from that alternate earth reality. What we needed to do was merge these two earth realities back into one and close that time loop that has been causing so many problems.

With concerted boosting from the whole chat group, we did just that, pulling the energy of the mirror planet back through the black hole at the core of our earth and merging the two realities together. Everyone felt relief. It was a real interdimensional project that we had to feel our way through. Basically, we think we shut down the Montauk time travel mechanism. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the world in the next few weeks. Montauk has effected so many people for so long.

I don’t think we could have done this particular task yesterday without the gathering at Don and Carol’s. For some reason the timing was right – A. visiting from Austria, B. from Idaho and me and Stevo finally getting tuned back into the world after our recent loss. Group chatting is very effective, but group chatting in person is even more powerful. We always have a big chat day when several of us manage to get together in person.

After we were done with Montauk we spent some time boosting a group of dark masters in the Gobi desert who have been hassling F. (she got flown over a number of times during this chat). We managed to clear out that energy and even dealt what we hope was fatal blow to the Hag (witch) that was hiding there. All in all, a big day in the etheric realms!

~ Dooney

May chat stuff

I was able to be in a few chats in May, and one thing that we worked on a couple of times was the awful oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We spent a lot of time boosting the elementals in the area, air, water and earth, to help find a solution to the problem. The elementals were really angry, anguished, and in despair, but they responded positively to our boosting. The one thing that I thought of is that stuff like this happens and grabs the worlds attention when the NWO wants to distract us from something big that is going down. So the lesson here is to keep your eyes and ears open for what else is going on. Usually it’s a sex scandal that they try to distract us with, but maybe even that’s getting old.  :-)

I’m pretty much out of the world news loop since I don’t watch TV and don’t read the newspaper. But the really important issues have a way of popping to my consciousness, via Stevo reading stuff on the internet or folks sending me email. The rest of it is just noise, as far as I’m concerned. I think it’s important that there are some people who pay a lot more attention to the news than I do. I think it’s my function to spend my time doing other things. That’s why the chat groups are so great…we have a diverse group of people and when we get together in the chat our skills and interests combine so that we get an amazing amount of work done. The synergy that happens in the chats is magical.

~ Dooney

May Chat Happenings

We’ve been boosting Georg, Carlos, Tino and Prophet in every chat since they were arrested, and it’s been frustrating to know that they are still in prison and apparently being held despite the tests that prove they were not “sabatoging” the dam with orgonite. The psychics have been seeing lots of nasty etheric activity around them and we’ve been able to turn it around, but they remain in jail. When stuff like this happens, it’s usually because the Operators have a plan in mind. In this case, it’s possible that the media exposure they are getting is the reason. Some of the exposure is about the “New Age cult” of orgonite (ha ha). If the journalists (and I use that term loosely) would just read the Orgonise Africa website they’d see what orgonite is all about, but I realize that the corporate/Tavistock controlled media is not around to tell the truth. There have been some positive reports, though, and I think all the attention may get a lot more people interested in gifting.

I hate to think of those guys suffering in prison conditions and I boost them several times a day. In today’s chat I got the feeling they were also boosting from within prison. I keep expecting to hear they’ve been released. I know it will happen I just don’t know when.

In other chat news, we found a huge pentagram, wheel, crystal and guardian under John Scudamore’s ancient home in the UK. This home has been in his family for 1,000 years (!) and was originally home to the Knights Templars (masons). John is turning around the energy there and does a lot of strategic gifting in London. He recently gifted the MI6 training college and the Tavistock headquarters. The castle has ghosts and we saw a lot of trapped souls when we boosted the area. It’s also an anchor point for the pentagram.

We’ve been working on a lot of pentagrams around the globe recently, and today we started boosting crystals that are associated with each pentagram we find. In fact, part of Georg’s mission on this current trip was to gift a huge pentagram that is partially in Mozambique. I think that’s really why they are being hassled. The etheric structures are really important to the NWO because that’s where they get their power for rituals and other nasty stuff. Georg had gifted part of that pentagram and the psychics feel it’s already crumbling. Francie has been psychically attacked quite often due to her role in identifying this pentagram.

We’ve also done a lot of boosting of various etheric warriors this month, who are getting hit personally or professionally. All the active chatters have to deal with etheric attacks on a regular basis, so we give each other tune-ups frequently. Stevo and I actually took yesterday off because we just wanted to be regular folks for a day and enjoy the nice weather. Carol took up the slack and did some amazing work on a giant pyramid in Bosnia. There was a huge well of souls (trapped souls) that she and the other chatters released from etheric prison. We find these trapped souls in many places around the world where there have been a lot of people killed. Releasing their souls releases the NWO’s hold on their death energy and takes a lot of power away from the NWO. Sounds crazy, right? Not if you’re an energy sensitive.

That’s one thing you should remember as you read this blog. Everything I’m talking about is subjective. It’s my experience, and in some cases the experience of the other chatters or etheric warriors. I don’t really expect others to understand what we see and feel, unless they go through it themselves. In any case, enjoy the stories!  😉

A confirmation: A couple of weekends ago we boosted a little girl at the request of one of the chatters. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her…she was ill, close to death, etc. Well I started boosting her on a Thursday as soon as I got the email about her, and then that Saturday the group boosted her. We saw her being bothered etherically because she is very psychic, so we dealt with those attacks. She’s now recovered suddenly and has been released from the hospital. The doctors are taking all the credit of course. :)  That’s okay, we don’t mind being anonymous…

~ Dooney

More chat info

I forgot to mention, we worked a lot on the swine flu fear-mongering that is currently going on. I hope you don’t all buy into it….don’t rush out there to get injected with the vaccine, which is probably a thousand times worse than the actual “flu”. That’s my opinion of course, I’m not a doctor. :)

Discernment, discernment…

~ Dooney

April chat happenings…

I missed the Easter weekend chats because I was traveling, but in the last two weeks we’ve been boosting Georg in South Africa, and his traveling companions, who are on a gifting run in Mozambique and have been arrested for tossing orgonite into a reservior. You can read more about this on EW. In any case, we’ve been boosting furiously and none of the pyschics feel that the gifters are in real peril. In fact, it may turn out that this could be great publicity for orgonite, as even the president of Mozambique has been alerted to the situation. We found a lot of MI6 involvement behind the scenes and have boosted the appropriate people.

I had an interesting experience in the chat a week ago…can’t remember how it came about, but I got clued into a new kind of dodec. I call it the Faraday Dodec, because it’s similar to a Faraday Cage, which is a room that blocks all electronic signals. The Faraday Dodec does the same thing only with all the other advantages of using a dodec. The really interesting thing is that this happened while I was using my zapper, and the zapper seems to have been powering the Faraday Dodec. At first I thought the dodec originated from the zapper, but I asked Stevo to look at what was happening and he said the zapper was powering the dodec. After a while I could tell that he was right. The plain zapper that is hooked to my SP doesn’t seem to do it…it’s the orgonite zapper that works with the dodec. So this is an interesting thing for you energy-sensitives out there to try. See if you can feel the Faraday Dodec, which looks to me like a solid steel dodec when I use the orgonite zapper to power it. If I use the SP to power it, it looks like a steel skeleton dodec. So it must also be the mobius coil doing something, because the SP zapper and the SP crystal itself, have a mobius coil. The orgonite (or terminator) zapper has a mobius coil and the orgonite plug.

Been doing some time tunnel work in the chats as well, and have seen the situation with Georg and crew resolving nicely, with Georg and his wife reunited. Stevo, Francie and Carol have all seen the same thing. The time tunnel work is interesting in that it is all just as subjective (meaning I can’t prove it) as the rest of what we do in the chats, but the effects of tuning into the time tunnels seems to last beyond the chat time. Many times I will find the time tunnels still open to me hours later. So I just keep boosting them.

We did a lot of work yesterday on all the earthquakes that have been happening (see Erika’s post on EW) and found a giant underground base in Italy where a lot of that activity is being artificially generated. One of the EW chatters is going to gift there as soon as he can. They’ve had to disperse a lot of these kinds of activities around the globe since we shut down CERN last fall. :)

~ Dooney

4-4-09 group chat

Low-energy chat today, mostly because Stevo and I have given up coffee for now and are missing it’s stimulating effects. :-) It’s good to get clear of artifical stimulants, I think, and coffee is probably my last vice. I do feel better, generally, when I’m off coffee and more psychic too, but my adrenals have not taken over the energy gap yet.

We pretty much just boosted Georg from Africa, and Carlos, who are going on a gifting trip. We usually run etheric interference for folks who are setting out on an important or dangerous gifting mission, just to give them some protection from being harrassed, surveilled or jailed. When Georg and Axel got thrown into jail in Zimbabwe, we boosted like crazy and they were eventually released unharmed. Same thing for Judy in Narobi.

~ Dooney

3-28-09 Group Chat

I was late to today’s chat and quite distracted but the other chatters were great and kind of waited for me to get my act together. We boosted a fellow chatter then moved on to Tavistock, which is the NWO’s media and brainwashing arm. We’ve boosted them before because their influence, based in London, extends worldwide. They also use the earth’s ley lines to run their energy, much like the masons do. John Scudamore in the UK has gifted their headquarters (thanks John!) so our etheric work has been nicely complimented with orgonite. We decided today to bust up their computers, which we haven’t done with them before. I got some nice confirmation in the way of a light, floaty energy. Sometimes that kind of energetic confimation is all I get. Carol and Stevo and I all saw the orcas working on busting up the computers. Orcas like to work on computers for some reason. They also like to mess up the Vryal wankers and haul them off to another dimension. Carol mentioned today that Orcas are actually giant dolphins, which I didn’t know. They tend to be more aggressive than the dolphins or whales, etherically at least. We let them have their fun today.

We also boosted the upcoming G20 financial meeting that is taking place in London on Thursday. Dodec’d all the participants and set up the Creator Vortex (see my forum for details) to be running continuously at the meeting site to keep the energy at the highest level possible. Maybe we’ll be able to post some positive confirmations about today’s work later in the week.