April chat happenings…

I missed the Easter weekend chats because I was traveling, but in the last two weeks we’ve been boosting Georg in South Africa, and his traveling companions, who are on a gifting run in Mozambique and have been arrested for tossing orgonite into a reservior. You can read more about this on EW. In any case, we’ve been boosting furiously and none of the pyschics feel that the gifters are in real peril. In fact, it may turn out that this could be great publicity for orgonite, as even the president of Mozambique has been alerted to the situation. We found a lot of MI6 involvement behind the scenes and have boosted the appropriate people.

I had an interesting experience in the chat a week ago…can’t remember how it came about, but I got clued into a new kind of dodec. I call it the Faraday Dodec, because it’s similar to a Faraday Cage, which is a room that blocks all electronic signals. The Faraday Dodec does the same thing only with all the other advantages of using a dodec. The really interesting thing is that this happened while I was using my zapper, and the zapper seems to have been powering the Faraday Dodec. At first I thought the dodec originated from the zapper, but I asked Stevo to look at what was happening and he said the zapper was powering the dodec. After a while I could tell that he was right. The plain zapper that is hooked to my SP doesn’t seem to do it…it’s the orgonite zapper that works with the dodec. So this is an interesting thing for you energy-sensitives out there to try. See if you can feel the Faraday Dodec, which looks to me like a solid steel dodec when I use the orgonite zapper to power it. If I use the SP to power it, it looks like a steel skeleton dodec. So it must also be the mobius coil doing something, because the SP zapper and the SP crystal itself, have a mobius coil. The orgonite (or terminator) zapper has a mobius coil and the orgonite plug.

Been doing some time tunnel work in the chats as well, and have seen the situation with Georg and crew resolving nicely, with Georg and his wife reunited. Stevo, Francie and Carol have all seen the same thing. The time tunnel work is interesting in that it is all just as subjective (meaning I can’t prove it) as the rest of what we do in the chats, but the effects of tuning into the time tunnels seems to last beyond the chat time. Many times I will find the time tunnels still open to me hours later. So I just keep boosting them.

We did a lot of work yesterday on all the earthquakes that have been happening (see Erika’s post on EW) and found a giant underground base in Italy where a lot of that activity is being artificially generated. One of the EW chatters is going to gift there as soon as he can. They’ve had to disperse a lot of these kinds of activities around the globe since we shut down CERN last fall. :)

~ Dooney

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