The Case of the Missing Hubby

I posted this on one of the now-defunct orgonite boards and I thought it was a story worth repeating. Stevo and I were taking the garbage out one winter night, and he started off down the driveway hauling the garbage can. I was following him with the dogs. For some reason, he thought we had gone ahead of him, so when he got to the end of our long driveway he kept going up the road, since we had agreed we’d walk to the nearby trailhead at the end of our road. It was dusk and started to snow as I got to the end of the driveway. I was about 300 feet behind Stevo with the dogs so I should have easily caught up with him.

When I got to the end of the driveway, he was nowhere in sight. I should have been able to see him walking up the road a short way ahead. It was getting dark but there was a bright moon. I called and called but he didn’t answer and I still couldn’t see him.

I ran back to the house and put the dogs inside and went back out with a flashlight. I could see Stevo’s footprints in the snow around the garbage can but not heading up the road. I ran back to the house and got the Powerwand and got in the truck to see if I could find him. By this time I was fairly panicked but trying not to go into fear too much. I drove up the road toward the trailhead and it was snowing very hard and it was very windy. Suddenly he appeared on the road, walking toward me. I stopped the truck and he got in.

He said he had thought we were ahead of him on the road and he could hear the tinkling of the dogs’ collars, so he kept going to catch up with us. He turned around when he got to the trailhead and started walking back. We weren’t quite sure what had happened, and when we asked Carol to look at it she thought he had been taken up in a friendly ship and was unaware of the journey. She said they were giving him some information that he would retrieve at a later date.

All I know is that my hubby disappeared for a bit. It was a scary few moments because we were under attack a lot at that time in our lives and I was afraid he’d been hurt or abducted by the bad guys. It was interesting that he heard the noise of the dogs’ collars when they were nowhere near…like he was being lured by the sound. He was not aware of being taken but it was also interesting that the wind and snow started up suddenly as he left our property, kind of putting him in a cocoon of sight and sound. This heavy weather stopped shortly after I returned to the house with him in the truck.

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