The life of a chatter

Stevo and I frequently remind ourselves that doing the chat sessions is our service work. I can’t actually imagine not doing them because the work is so vital, but it’s true that sometimes we get burned out on it. Each Saturday and Sunday we devote 2-3 hours to “saving the world” as we call it. :-) It might actually be true! We never know exactly how far-reaching the effects are of our chat sessions. 2-3 hours may not sound like a lot, but when you are in the psychic hot-seat and folks are depending on you it can be daunting. Luckily, we have each other to lean on, and a great group of chatters, some of whom are really coming along in developing their psychic abilites.

I think all of the people who chat with us have at the very least a well-developed sense of intution and a strong desire to boost, so we have a good group effort going. It’s always interesting that when you are in a group of psychics everyone becomes more psychic. I have always felt that way around Stevo and Carol, and Andy commented on that in the chat the other day. The group energy is incredible and I don’t think we could do what we do without the others.

Many, many times, someone types something that I was just about to type into the chat window, or two people will post the same thing at the same time. There’s a lot of synergy in our efforts. And sometimes it takes us a while to focus on our target, but we usually get the intution we need just when we need it. We get tools from the Operators just when we need them. We call on the Operators for help a lot in the chats – cetaceans, Lemurians, Wingmakers, elementals, etc., whatever is needed. They are always there to help but they like us to ask for help. They don’t want to rescue us, they want us to have some responsibility for ourselves and participate in our own rescue. I don’t feel that’s unreasonable. :-)

The chat room for me is like another world, where stuff that happens is like a science fiction movie. It’s real, but it’s unreal. It’s so far out of the realm of ordinary life that it becomes extraordinary. But on the etheric level, it’s all really happening. That’s what you have to remember about the etheric realm. Whatever you are imagining is actually happening on some level. That’s how we manifest our reality. Our thoughts and imaginations are incredibly powerful. How much energy you give a thought determines whether or not it manifests in 3D.

So we do a lot of work on healing the energy of the Earth in the chats. We connect with the various vortices on the earth and make sure they are spinning the right way. We connect with the chakras of the Earth, and the entities that guard them, and make sure they are healthy. We work on the ley lines of the Earth and run love-based energy, especially since the NWO likes to commander these energy lines for their own purposes. You have to realize that the NWO has created a lot of negative energy on the Earth by killing, starving and making people miserable. They don’t just do it because they like it, they do it because they actually feed on that energy. It is their life’s blood. Fear is their mainstay. So our main purpose in the chats is to take that power away from them however we can.

Inevitably, we pay a price. We get attacked psychically, physically, emotionally. They try to ruin us financially, they try to put us in jail, they try to kill us. Stevo and I know we had a good chat day when we get attacked the next day. Their favorite thing is to etherically attack Stevo’s head…they’ve got a Stevo fetish. The other thing they do is attack his business. They have a trick to make the phone stop ringing. Last summer they got desperate and messed up our business line 5 times in one month. They didn’t touch our personal line, just the business line, which is funny because the lines run into the house on the same wire.

They try and wear you down. That’s why it helps to have friends you can get into the chatroom with and boost the heck out of your tormentors. Don and Carol have chatted with us privately too many times to count, and we’re still in business. I think a lot of people get into gifting, not even chatting, and they don’t realize that they will most likely come under attack at some point. The gifting work is great, it’s so important, but at some point you also have to get into the etheric realm because that’s mainly where the NWO operates. They use every tool they can and they have no compunction about being sneaky. The cool thing is that with a little attention and focus and help from other folks, they can be defeated. They are bullies – big, dumb and often careless.

~ Dooney

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