May chat stuff

I was able to be in a few chats in May, and one thing that we worked on a couple of times was the awful oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We spent a lot of time boosting the elementals in the area, air, water and earth, to help find a solution to the problem. The elementals were really angry, anguished, and in despair, but they responded positively to our boosting. The one thing that I thought of is that stuff like this happens and grabs the worlds attention when the NWO wants to distract us from something big that is going down. So the lesson here is to keep your eyes and ears open for what else is going on. Usually it’s a sex scandal that they try to distract us with, but maybe even that’s getting old.  :-)

I’m pretty much out of the world news loop since I don’t watch TV and don’t read the newspaper. But the really important issues have a way of popping to my consciousness, via Stevo reading stuff on the internet or folks sending me email. The rest of it is just noise, as far as I’m concerned. I think it’s important that there are some people who pay a lot more attention to the news than I do. I think it’s my function to spend my time doing other things. That’s why the chat groups are so great…we have a diverse group of people and when we get together in the chat our skills and interests combine so that we get an amazing amount of work done. The synergy that happens in the chats is magical.

~ Dooney

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