Interesting chat today

We did a chat with Don, Carol and Francie today and while trying to figure out why our businesses are still down we found remnants of energy wires across our property – I boosted the heck out them last night. The wires seem to be generated from underground and we ultimately found that the energy to sustain them was coming from a well of trapped souls at the Big Hole Battlefied near Wisdom, Montana. This is the site of a massacre of Native Americans, and though I have gifted that valley, it obviously needs more orgonite.

We also found that this well of death energy is also affecting Don and Carol. They have had some weird happenings on their property lately as well as business slowdowns. While doing all this boosting we realized that the reason the Native American aspect came up has to do with Carol’s Native American heritage. I got that Carol is supposed to do some major energy healing on the Native American nations by bringing in Mary Magdalene energy. Carol is also in the Mary M. bloodline, so it’s a natural confluence of energies.

I think the Native American nations are going to help bring about the downfall of the NWO, much like the Africans who are taking back power in their countries by gifting. Stevo and I always put tobacco in our orgonite to honor the Native Americans. It was great to do some boosting that didn’t just deal with getting the nasty entities off our back, but that actually got our energy out to help a large number of people. We’ve been so focused on surviving financially that it’s been hard to work on anything else, which is of course the goal of those attacking us.

But, as usual, we found a way past it and were able to break through to do some good for the world. We’ll see if our efforts translate to some relief here at home. :-)

~ Dooney

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