3-28-09 Group Chat

I was late to today’s chat and quite distracted but the other chatters were great and kind of waited for me to get my act together. We boosted a fellow chatter then moved on to Tavistock, which is the NWO’s media and brainwashing arm. We’ve boosted them before because their influence, based in London, extends worldwide. They also use the earth’s ley lines to run their energy, much like the masons do. John Scudamore in the UK has gifted their headquarters (thanks John!) so our etheric work has been nicely complimented with orgonite. We decided today to bust up their computers, which we haven’t done with them before. I got some nice confirmation in the way of a light, floaty energy. Sometimes that kind of energetic confimation is all I get. Carol and Stevo and I all saw the orcas working on busting up the computers. Orcas like to work on computers for some reason. They also like to mess up the Vryal wankers and haul them off to another dimension. Carol mentioned today that Orcas are actually giant dolphins, which I didn’t know. They tend to be more aggressive than the dolphins or whales, etherically at least. We let them have their fun today.

We also boosted the upcoming G20 financial meeting that is taking place in London on Thursday. Dodec’d all the participants and set up the Creator Vortex (see my forum for details) to be running continuously at the meeting site to keep the energy at the highest level possible. Maybe we’ll be able to post some positive confirmations about today’s work later in the week.

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