May Chat Happenings

We’ve been boosting Georg, Carlos, Tino and Prophet in every chat since they were arrested, and it’s been frustrating to know that they are still in prison and apparently being held despite the tests that prove they were not “sabatoging” the dam with orgonite. The psychics have been seeing lots of nasty etheric activity around them and we’ve been able to turn it around, but they remain in jail. When stuff like this happens, it’s usually because the Operators have a plan in mind. In this case, it’s possible that the media exposure they are getting is the reason. Some of the exposure is about the “New Age cult” of orgonite (ha ha). If the journalists (and I use that term loosely) would just read the Orgonise Africa website they’d see what orgonite is all about, but I realize that the corporate/Tavistock controlled media is not around to tell the truth. There have been some positive reports, though, and I think all the attention may get a lot more people interested in gifting.

I hate to think of those guys suffering in prison conditions and I boost them several times a day. In today’s chat I got the feeling they were also boosting from within prison. I keep expecting to hear they’ve been released. I know it will happen I just don’t know when.

In other chat news, we found a huge pentagram, wheel, crystal and guardian under John Scudamore’s ancient home in the UK. This home has been in his family for 1,000 years (!) and was originally home to the Knights Templars (masons). John is turning around the energy there and does a lot of strategic gifting in London. He recently gifted the MI6 training college and the Tavistock headquarters. The castle has ghosts and we saw a lot of trapped souls when we boosted the area. It’s also an anchor point for the pentagram.

We’ve been working on a lot of pentagrams around the globe recently, and today we started boosting crystals that are associated with each pentagram we find. In fact, part of Georg’s mission on this current trip was to gift a huge pentagram that is partially in Mozambique. I think that’s really why they are being hassled. The etheric structures are really important to the NWO because that’s where they get their power for rituals and other nasty stuff. Georg had gifted part of that pentagram and the psychics feel it’s already crumbling. Francie has been psychically attacked quite often due to her role in identifying this pentagram.

We’ve also done a lot of boosting of various etheric warriors this month, who are getting hit personally or professionally. All the active chatters have to deal with etheric attacks on a regular basis, so we give each other tune-ups frequently. Stevo and I actually took yesterday off because we just wanted to be regular folks for a day and enjoy the nice weather. Carol took up the slack and did some amazing work on a giant pyramid in Bosnia. There was a huge well of souls (trapped souls) that she and the other chatters released from etheric prison. We find these trapped souls in many places around the world where there have been a lot of people killed. Releasing their souls releases the NWO’s hold on their death energy and takes a lot of power away from the NWO. Sounds crazy, right? Not if you’re an energy sensitive.

That’s one thing you should remember as you read this blog. Everything I’m talking about is subjective. It’s my experience, and in some cases the experience of the other chatters or etheric warriors. I don’t really expect others to understand what we see and feel, unless they go through it themselves. In any case, enjoy the stories!  😉

A confirmation: A couple of weekends ago we boosted a little girl at the request of one of the chatters. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her…she was ill, close to death, etc. Well I started boosting her on a Thursday as soon as I got the email about her, and then that Saturday the group boosted her. We saw her being bothered etherically because she is very psychic, so we dealt with those attacks. She’s now recovered suddenly and has been released from the hospital. The doctors are taking all the credit of course. :)  That’s okay, we don’t mind being anonymous…

~ Dooney

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  1. Lee Nichols says:

    Laura, Very good blog today. Especially liked the one about the little girl.