Chat report 10-1-17

As you may know, I have a chat group that meets once a week to work on global events, global energy issues and to help each other out etherically with psychic attacks. Today we were boosting our compadre  Francisco, who just moved to Catalonia, Spain. Today, Catalonia was voting on whether or not to be an independent nation. The Spanish government had called out 6,000 soldiers to disrupt the vote by destroying voting booths and attacking voters. Francisco said there had been beatings and even torture to prevent people from voting. Real Nazi-era stuff!

We started boosting the situation and almost right away we saw a well of souls. A well of souls is found where a lot of people have been massacred and/or tortured, and we were in the land of the Spanish Inquistion. We actually found nine wells that stretched across Spain in sort of an umbrella shape. So we just boosted with the Galactic Central Sun to start freeing the souls so they could move on. It felt like a vortex made of concrete – no movement. After a lot of boosting it finally started to loosen up.  The darksiders use the grief and death energy of the well of souls to power their rituals and horrible etheric energy.

It’s really typical that when we start boosting one of our chat members that we find a large target that affects a lot of people. In this case, after getting the well of souls to release we started boosting Francisco’s orgonite business as well as Don and Carol’s orgonite/zapper business.  The constant harassment of these businesses was connected, as they were both being affected by some kind of weird spell that we hadn’t seen before. You may remember that Don and Francisco gifted Belize and the surrounding area together in a boat several years ago, so they have a strong energy connection. You can see the video of their gifting report on on the Media page.

So we boosted the source of the spell and came across a really strong ritual being performed to keep these businesses suppressed. The interesting thing is that Francisco has been trying to move from Menorca to Catalonia for quite a while now, perhaps more than a year. It has finally happened after a lot of hassle and I think it broke through some kind of energetic wall that had been around him and around Catalonia. Francisco is a fearless gifter and a natural psychic and our chat group has always felt that he was being prevented from making this move for energetic reasons. Now he’s going to bust up Spain even more!

The cool thing is that Stevo read on the BBC website that Catalonia won the vote to be independent, even with the intimidation and beatings. Courage is rewarded!

This is a typical chat for us, just going out there and busting up negative energy wherever we can with the awesome power of Love. I know there are other groups doing this in the world, but I don’t know if they are using similar methods. I think it’s important for like-minded people who know how to use their hearts to get together and do this kind of work. Start your own chat group today!  :-)

~ Dooney

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5 Responses to Chat report 10-1-17

  1. Cheri Bohman says:

    I’ve been trying to link the orgonite community with the anti-smart meter project. Can you help?

    Do you know a about the smart meters being Installed on every house in the world? They cause diseases and catch on fire.

    They’re attached to the cell and Gwen tower grid (5G grid) to surveil us.

    Seems like these two movements can really help each other!!! Here’s their site:

  2. Angel Cross says:

    Hi Dooney,

    Would it be possible to join your chat group as I have absolutely no one I know who would join me in starting one of my own? I’ve had the idea and have been trying for years. So I just go at it alone. I’ve been trying to find trusted others to join but have never had any luck. Until I found Don, who told me about Carol, you and Stevo, I’ve never been lucky enough to find kindred souls willing to take real action. Everyone has been full of talk but back away when I want to take action. From what Don has told me I already do something similar to your boosting. So it shouldn’t be too hard for me to learn your way. Thanks for the consideration.

    Kind Regards,


    • dooney says:

      Hi Angel,
      In recent years I have to had to restrict my chat group to a few trusted friends because I’ve had too many negative experiences when opening my chat to wider participation. I would encourage you to use the comments on my blog to connect with others who are like-minded and want to form a chat group. The hard part is discerning who is genuine and who is not, and you just have to develop your heart chakra discernment to do that. It can be a difficult process, but I don’t know any other way to make that happen. Eduardo in Brazil, who has commented on my blog posts, has formed his own chat group, and he might be willing to connect with you. I can vouch for him as I have worked with him in the chat many times.