R.I.P. Montauk – at last!

Wow! That’s all I can say about yesterday’s chat (8-1-10). Stevo and I drove over to Don and Carol’s on Saturday with A., who is visiting from Austria. We had a great time getting to know him in person, having worked with him online for several years. After our usual breakfast at Michael D’s on Sunday morning, we settled in Don’s workshop office for the Sunday chat. Shortly after we started, B. joined us as well. It got kind of crowded in there with six people, five computers and a rambunctious puppy (Sammy). :-) (Names are abbreviated for privacy)

By the time we all got settled and in the chat room, they were boosting a deep vortex under Montauk. We saw a huge well of souls attached to that vortex and started boosting to get rid of it and release those souls. There was a lot of sludge in that vortex, covering up a wheel and it’s associated crystal as well. We did a lot of focused boosting and I got the impression that the crystal was a giant lapis. A. thought it might be sapphire, and B. saw malachite and sodalite. F. saw it as clear quartz. What we finally figured out was that someone was beaming energy into the crystal from all these different types of crystals and infusing the clear quartz crystal with the properties of the other crystals we were seeing. Very strange.

We then saw that there was an alternate earth reality being mirrored from this vortex. This is very hard to explain but I will try to put it into words. The six of us in Don’s office were talking about what we were seeing and it seems that each of us was seeing a different aspect of what was going on. As we talked more about it, the picture became clearer. We saw a twist of energy, like the shape of a Mobius coil, coming from the center of our planet – a black hole – and going out to another planet, where it became a mirror image. So there were two earth realities, and what we eventually realized is that this was caused by the original Philedelphia Experiment in 1943. This explains why no matter how many times we worked on Montauk we could never get rid of that dark energy. It just kept filling up again from that alternate earth reality. What we needed to do was merge these two earth realities back into one and close that time loop that has been causing so many problems.

With concerted boosting from the whole chat group, we did just that, pulling the energy of the mirror planet back through the black hole at the core of our earth and merging the two realities together. Everyone felt relief. It was a real interdimensional project that we had to feel our way through. Basically, we think we shut down the Montauk time travel mechanism. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the world in the next few weeks. Montauk has effected so many people for so long.

I don’t think we could have done this particular task yesterday without the gathering at Don and Carol’s. For some reason the timing was right – A. visiting from Austria, B. from Idaho and me and Stevo finally getting tuned back into the world after our recent loss. Group chatting is very effective, but group chatting in person is even more powerful. We always have a big chat day when several of us manage to get together in person.

After we were done with Montauk we spent some time boosting a group of dark masters in the Gobi desert who have been hassling F. (she got flown over a number of times during this chat). We managed to clear out that energy and even dealt what we hope was fatal blow to the Hag (witch) that was hiding there. All in all, a big day in the etheric realms!

~ Dooney

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