Petro Magic – a new discovery

Carol, Don, Hawthorne and I were in one of our regular chats the other day and made an astonishing discovery. We were boosting the time tunnels in the Mid-east, which I believe are the source of much of the ongoing strife in that area, and Hawthorne saw a vast well of what looked to her like petroleum under Israel. The petroleum looked like it was “old magic tech” to her. We boosted some more and I saw that the time tunnels were connected to the petroleum and were in fact being powered by the petroleum.  I thought maybe this is where the term “black magic” comes from. We boosted the petroleum and found that our boosting energy went all over the planet, to all the petroleum that is stored under the earth’s crust, at whatever depth.

This was a really interesting discovery, since petroleum is the big, bad bug-a-boo monster for this era. It causes everything from cancer to global warming. Here’s something to think about: what if petroleum has been corrupted by the NWO like so many other of  the earth’s gifts? Stevo mentioned that he remembers reading about Native Americans who would find a bubbling pond of oil and drink it like elixir. It wasn’t considered harmful. Anyway, we boosted the petroleum for a while and felt the time tunnels start to collapse. They use the tunnels for many things, including the transport of large amounts of munitions for war.

My thought is that petroleum was always just meant to be the life-blood of the planet, it wasn’t meant to be brought up and converted to carcinogenic items like gasoline and plastic. There are natural substitutes for nearly everything that is made from petroleum, but the big oil companies, which are owned by the banking families, use the most destructive option for everything. It makes them a lot of money and kills off a lot of people in the process:  a win-win for them.

The cetaceans were very supportive of our petroleum boosting, which was another confirmation for us that we were on the right track. Stevo suggested that we hook up all the petro pools to the heart chakra of the earth for a stronger boosting effect, and that really ramped up the energy. We felt a huge change in the energy across the whole planet.

In our next chat we boosted some tarry petroleum balls that Hawthorne perceived were around her in the etheric during the week. She didn’t know what they were but they felt bad. Well, we don’t stand for that! We boosted the balls and found that they were tar on the outside and gooey on the inside, like a toasted marshmallow. I felt them all over the planet, and I figured they were connected to the time tunnels. I sent Giant Dooney (my etheric alter ego, a bad-ass chick!) to stomp on the tar balls with all the love she could muster and it turns out they were like cocoons, with sentient beings in the goo, just waiting to hatch. Totally creepy!

The energy in those balls made my stomach hurt, so I had to do a lot of work to keep my space clear while boosting. I got the feeling that they used the balls somehow to make the time tunnels, and then the tunnels were powered long-term by the corrupted petroleum energy. This is ancient technology brought forward in what we believe is a desperate attempt by the NWO to regain control of the planet. The future they are trying to create is slipping out of their grasp more and more quickly as more and more truth comes to light. It’s really an exciting time to be alive!

In our next chat, Hawthorne was being bugged by metal balls that were giving her scary thoughts and dreams that had to do with her children being harmed. We put a stop to that right away. Hawthorne is kind of our canary in the coal mine, our early warning psychic who lets us know about big stuff that’s coming up. It can be scary for her because she gets hit pretty hard sometimes, but like the rest of us she has learned how to defend her energy space. The metal balls turned out to be more complex, but had the same energy as the tar balls. We actually were able to get them out of our timeline, and I think the cetaceans helped us do that as that is their specialty.

We all agreed in the chat that most times what we experience rivals some of the best science fiction ever written, except it’s happening for real. Remember, when you are dealing with the etheric, it’s all about imagination. Whatever you imagine, it’s happening on some level. That’s why it is so vitally important to do this work with love filling your heart, no matter what the target. You can be as creative as possible and go beyond anything that is possible in the physical, 3D realm. You just have to use your heart and your imagination!

~ Dooney


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16 Responses to Petro Magic – a new discovery

  1. anonymous says:

    Yo Dooney!.
    If my email address is being marked up as spam, it’s not my fault. It’s part of the name which some people find objectionable. Go straight to part 4 of Bases 17 as there’s a lot of repetition of the first 3 parts. It summarises what was said in the earlier parts. As I said, I’ll send you a copy of the transcript I had knocked up for part of that video which gives you an idea of what it is about. Drop me a line if you want this. There’s another video out there which is a Project Camelot interview with Alec Newbold and that David guy in Bases 17. It gets quite strange but one could say that about you guys, no?

    This is what I understand to be the situation:
    Some scientists in the UK created sentient life in oil. For some strange reason, they chucked the stuff down the sewers in West London. It’s still down there (Bases 18). The spooks know about this. Somehow, it got all the way over to the Falklands where some ETs have been observing it. This led to the Falklands war. The same stuff turned up in the Gulf of Mexico – resulting in Deepwater Horizon. Those people getting very sick in those gulf states might be due to this substance rather than Corexit. There’s a lot of material on this if you know where to look.

    The oil is sentient. That’s why I thought what you found may be the same substance. There is an ethereal aspect to this oil as well, according to Miles Johnson (he used to be with the Bases video people).

    I’ve passed this info on and I think the oil is not going to be such an big, intractable problem (unlike what the fear mongering in some forums would have you believe).

  2. Henk van der Kwast says:

    Please do the same for (natural) gas coming out of the earth as you did for oil. If you just test some of this gas, used for heating or cooking, you will find that it is heavely contimated with DOR. In countries like the Netherlands were almost all heating is done by burning natural gas, the country is literally covered with a thick layer of DOR in winter caused by the burning of natural gas for central heating.

  3. anonymous says:

    Those tar balls might be connected with the nano oil which has been the subject of some AMMACH videos. Have a look at the Bases 17 and 18 videos. It seems that the bad guys were creating a sentient nano oil and they chucked the stuff down the London sewer system. This nano oil was also the real reason for the Falklands war and had something to do with the Deepwater Horizon disaster. It’s probably connected with the Gulf sickness. If you email me, I’ll send you the transcripts I’ve done of those shows. They’re not complete but will give you a good idea of what this substance is.

    Bases 17 (there are 4 parts)

    Bases 18 (4 parts)

    There’s a massive amount of info on 2 websites on this substance – the Bezerk threads in godlikeproductions and thechaniproject forums.

    Oh, and it’s connected with the spate of strange deaths of Marconi scientists many years ago.

    • dooney says:

      I’m not sure what to make of these videos as they are hard to understand…the interviewers don’t really let the guy explain what he is talking about very easily. Also, the email associated with this anonymous commentor seems to be some kind of spam of my domain name. (?) Anyway, it’s up here for consideration….

  4. Manu says:

    Thanks a lot for the discovery. Besides petroleum, may I suggest other earth poisoning industries like shale gas fracking or nuclear energy+weaponry ? Let’s shutdown all their time tunnels for a smooth transition to free energy!

  5. Wayne says:

    Thank you, Dooney. Your discovery brought me clarity on many levels all at once. The solution is amazingly simple yet sometimes difficult to achieve. “You just have to use your heart and your imagination!”

  6. Carlos says:

    This petro-magic business is the weirdest thing I have been confronted with so far – thanks Dooney for writting about it :-)
    The parasites are using oil as probably both fuel and pathway for their bad mojo – accepting this fact somehow took me to encounter a greater than expected resistance, as if in denial. This is probably related to some old and ingrained programming related to the petroleum, which only serves to illustrate its importance.
    I would like to recommend everyone to go fight these pests on the etheric! The tools are available, some of them right here on Dooney’s site. It’s real fun too 😉

  7. Jacques says:

    The American Indians used petroleum for paint, fuel, and medicine.

    Desert nomads used it to treat camels for mange, and the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, used petroleum it to treat his gout…!

    Ancient Persians and Sumatrans also believed petroleum had medicinal value……This seemed a popular idea, and up through the 19th Century jars of petroleum were sold as miracle tonic able to cure whatever ailed you.


  8. Edu says:

    And yet it’s from petrol that comes our cheap resin, allowing us to cast orgonite em mass. Isn’t that ironic?

    For every move the darksiders do, an equally powerfull reaction oposes it, keeping things in balance. We are even.

    • dooney says:

      Exactly, Edu. So maybe making orgonite with resin is our way of giving it back to the earth. It all works out!

  9. Jeff says:

    Hi, Dooney – thanks for posting this. Re: ‘elixer’, it struck me ‘hm, perhaps this is where the early ‘snake oil’ medicine cures got their genesis? Real, legit people would just go to the source and get the cure, then con-artists literally bottled it (cut off from the life source, of course, and also made punishly expensive, vs. free like in the normal world).

    • dooney says:

      Thanks for your comment Jeff, very interesting thought. Don had made a comment during the chat about how Hollywood puts out a lot of imagery about “oily” magic also. -)

    • Lou D says:

      Snake oil was originally just that. The venom of a poisonous snake applied to heal ligaments. The snake would just know how much you needed as it wiped it’s fangs over the area as you lay in the morning grass. The insects would also crawl over you and help unblock pores and energy centres. If a snake bites you, you will get sick though!
      This was previously possible because humans were once consciously connected to the Earth and all her inhabitants. We were the sovereign kings of our own motherlands before real estate came along and displaced billions.