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I use gemstone bracelets to help with all sorts of situations, such as psychic attacks, connecting with my Higher Self, grounding and removing unwanted energy. Gemstones are our etheric helpers on the planet and, like the dolphins, I have found that they are ready and willing to help us. All we have to do is ask. It’s easier to wear a bracelet than carry a bunch of stones in your pocket, and the stones seem to work better if they are worn next to the skin.

I connect with the gemstones with my heart energy and I ask them for what I need. Wearing a gemstone bracelet won’t immediately solve all of your problems, but it seems to help a lot. I talk to the stones as if they are a friend, which they are.

Quick Links to all the bracelets:

Angelic Connection
Clearing Energy
Courage & Vitality
Cutting Cords
Dolphin Connection
Inner Guidance
Magic, & Intuition
Psychic Enhancement
Spiritual Catalyst
Ultimate Protection

The bracelets I sell are made on nylon stretchy wire, so the bracelet rolls easily over your hand. Please indicate your wrist size when you order the bracelet. Bead look and shape may vary from the pictures due to the beads that are available.

Price: As shown
Shipping & Handling:
$8 USPS Priority, $12 International per order
Prefer to pay by cash order money order? Download my Bracelet Order Form and send with payment.


Abundance - $35

• Emerald, Jade, Grossular Garnet and Gold
• Prosperity and health seem to go hand-in-hand!
• Wear on your left wrist to receive abundance

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Wrist size (in inches)

Angelic Connection - $44

• Seraphinite, Prehnite, Amethyst, & Silver
• Prehnite is a "feel good" stone
• Seraphinite and Amethyst connect with angelic domains
• All stones promote inner peace

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Wrist size (in inches)

Clearing energy - $35

• Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Flourite and Silver
• Aura clearing, mental clarity, psychic protection
• This one is great when you are being psychically attacked!

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Wrist size (in inches)

Courage & Vitality - $35

• Carnelian, Citrine and Copper
• Courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, action, influx of creative and sexual energy, passion, power, assertive will
• manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, imagination, warming, comforting, uplifting, self-confidence
• Great if you are low energy as it lights your inner fire

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Wrist size (in inches)

Cutting Cords - $35

• Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine & Gold
• Ametrine is the mixture of Amethyst and Citrine in one stone, and is essential for cutting cords
• Great for protection in general, and for accessing Higher Self

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Wrist size (in inches)

Dolphin Connection - $53

• Larimar, Green Kyanite, Prehnite, Dumortierite & Silver
• Larimar is the "dolphin stone"
• Dumortierite enhances psychic ability
• Prehnite aids communication with etheric beings (dolphins often work in the etheric realms)
• Green Kyanite is a heart-based psychic stone

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Wrist size (in inches)

Grounding - $35

• Ruby, Hematite, Smoky Quartz
• A good combo if you feel you are in survival mode and feel you just can't get your feet under you
• Ruby keeps you centered in the heart and is an essential heart stone for psychics
• Hematite and Smoky Quartz are premier grounding and protection stones

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Wrist size (in inches)

Inner Guidance - $35

• Snowflake Obsidian, Dumortierite, Iolite, Kyanite & Silver
• Helps connect you to your Higher Self
• Helps with inner vision and journeying
• Iolite is the stone of the Cathars (Mary Magdalene energy)

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Wrist size (in inches)

Magic, Intuition and Protection - $35

• Labradorite, Moonstone and Copper - Sunstone for males, please specify
• Move between realities, enhance psychic abilities, psychic protection
• May be made with blue or green labradorite, multi-colored moonstone or rainbow moonstone

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Wrist size (in inches)

Psychic Enhancement - $35

• Lapis, Aquamarine, Blue Apatite and Silver
• Lapis is a vision and truth stone, while blue apatite stimulates psychic awareness
• Aquamarine helps you communicate what you see - good for energy workers!

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Wrist size (in inches)

Spiritual Catalyst - $44

• Helps with spiritual growth; can force growth even if you aren't ready so the energy can be intense! Increases life force
• Includes: Ruby Zoisite, Black Tourmaline, Silver
• Blingy Ruby Z that may blow your spiritual hair back but the Black Tourmaline will help keep you grounded and protected while you grow.

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Wrist size (in inches)

Ultimate Protection -$35

• Includes: Sugilite, Flourite, Black Tourmaline, Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst & Hematite
• High protection bracelet for heavy psychic attack.
• Sugilite is a "beacon of light" stone

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