Change your life

What a year of change we have seen!

I haven’t blogged much at all this past year because of the changes I’ve been going through in my life. Something that was beyond my control changed my life fundamentally last year, and this year I was finally able to deal with it. What I’ve learned is that if you want to deal with change, make changes or accept change, you absolutely have to look inside for answers on how to do that instead of looking outside yourself. A lot of folks talk about looking inside but what does that really mean? For me, it means looking at all of my wounds, from the day I was born right up until a few minutes ago. It means going past the pain to the wound that caused the pain, acknowledging the wound, embracing it and releasing it. It’s the hardest work I’ve ever done, and the most rewarding.

I never would have done this work without some people I love very much mirroring to me the work that I needed to do. I’m so grateful for that, as painful as it has been, because it forced me to look inside. I wouldn’t have known how to do the work without the guidance and inspiration of George Kavassilas, whom I’ve written about before. This has been a year of listening, learning and doing on a scale that is unprecedented in my life. I still sometimes stumble and fall, but I have the tools now to pick myself up and keep going, without needing anyone to rescue me. I am so very grateful to George for his work and his guidance, as well as his calm, loving manner. He has created an incredible community of people, some of whom have become dear friends to me. If you haven’t checked out his website I highly encourage you to do so at

This has been a really confusing year to be on the planet. We are all experiencing the effects of the increasing pressure being placed on humanity. Literally no one on the planet can escape what the forces of limitation (i.e. darksiders, evil ones, etc.) are trying to do to us. The good news is that we are more powerful than they are, and more people than ever are waking up to that due to the increased aggression we are experiencing. The more aware you are, the better you will be able to deal with what is happening. For me, this has been the hardest year of my life and also the best year of my life, because I have started to find my way through the maze of the Matrix and back into the life I was meant to live on this Earth as a powerful creator being.

This may not make much sense to you, but trust that there is something more than our 3D existence and you don’t have to wait to experience it. What you have to do, though, is really look at yourself and your life. Honestly look at your thoughts, your actions, your words, your relationships, and your choices, and find a way to discard what is not serving you. That is a lot of work! It’s really an ongoing process, too, because you’re not going to get through it in a day or a month or a year. It’s a lifelong commitment to yourself to live authentically and as a fully aware creator being.

Each of us, every one of us, helped create this reality. That may be hard to take, but the good news is that we can also uncreate it and create something better. I’m not talking about someday, I’m talking about right now. I work on this every single day, and there are a LOT of other folks doing this all around the world every day. There is a lot going on in the background behind the craziness that you see in 3D. I’m not saying this to give false hope, but just to let you know that YOU MATTER. Everything you think, everything you say and everything you do matters, and these are the only things you can really control. Start to be aware of what you are putting out there into the universe. That one thing alone will get the ball rolling for you, and your life will start to change.

Remember, you are beautiful, you are powerful, and you matter in this world!

Making changes

I’ve scaled back the information on this site while I am learning new things and gaining new perspectives. I need to determine what I want my message to be and how I want to disseminate information. I am happy to do life coaching with those who are willing to consider looking outside the paradigm of duality consciousness. It’s a fascinating process to change your perspective. It’s never boring!

I look forward to learning more and sharing things with you. I hope you are all breathing and staying grounded during these current challenges. Remember to question everything. Exercise critical thinking skills. Keep your heart open. Love each other and yourselves. Forgive each other and yourselves. Look inside yourself and embrace all of your shadow and all of your light together and be in unity.

Hold the vision of the world you want to see, and create it. You are beautiful beings!

I’m coaching again

Hi Friends,

Just a short note to let you know that I’m now available for coaching sessions again. The past year has been difficult for me with health issues, but I’m doing better now. I’ve spent a lot of time during my down time learning lessons (oh fun) and working on my inner stuff. I feel a sense of renewal and hope and I’d like to be able to share it with others. I’ve changed how I do the coaching as I no longer work with the chakra system. What I’m doing now is helping people open their hearts, and connect with the Earth and Sun and beyond. You can read more about my coaching on the Life & Energy Coaching page.

I know that life seems crazier than ever and if you are energy-sensitive you can feel how intense things are on the planet right now. Politics, technology, viruses, etc….there is a reason all of this craziness is happening. I’d like to help people get a handle on how to navigate these times. The key for me is to be in my heart/soul space at all times. It’s a challenge but very much worth the work. If you feel ready, I may be able to help.

Much Love to you all,


What is a Peaceful Warrior?

This website is for the Peaceful Warrior who needs a little help. The word “warrior” doesn’t mean you are making war or fighting. It means you are standing strong in your beliefs with warrior energy, and you’re doing it in a peaceful manner. You are BEING the peace you want to see in the world. But you’re not doing it passively, waiting to be rescued. The Peaceful Warrior uses the sword of Truth to cut through the lies of the Matrix and opens their heart to create a new reality of Love. You don’t make excuses and you don’t give up. You live your Truth.

To me, a Peaceful Warrior is someone who has decided to take back the energy of our planet for the good of all humans. It’s someone who is willing to do the inner work necessary to manifest the a new reality of peace, happiness and spiritual awareness. It’s someone who is determined to release humans from the slavery of mind control and psychic attack. It’s a tall order, but over the years I have met so many people who are headed in this direction that it’s very encouraging. I have decided to use my gifts to help those who are on this path.

Life & Energy Coaching – Learn how to open your heart/soul center, connect with Mother Earth, Father Sun and your Greater Self. Credit card payment available.

What goes around…

What goes around comes around. Karma. We all know about that, right? I was thinking about it today because a recent conflict with my internet provider. After 5 weeks of no internet service (!) I finally got tough with my provider and read them the riot act in a calm voice with no cursing. I figured it wasn’t appropriate to go postal on them but they needed to know that their customer service and technical service was really bad. This is a tough thing for an amiable person to do. :-) The point being that whomever dropped the ball was inadvertantly teaching me a lesson about patience and about standing up for myself at the same time. I think I did okay. Maybe they are going to learn a lesson about how it feels to not get the help you need.

Then I heard on the radio today that Van Morrision never received any royalties for his most popluar song, “Brown-Eyed Girl” because he signed a bad record deal without consulting a lawyer. To this day he has never received a penny for that song or the album it was on. I’m sure he learned a lesson, just as I’m sure the cheating record producer who took advantage of him will learn his own lesson about being cheated. 

I was thinking that it’s really amazing how we live our lives learning from each other and either growing or not growing as a result. We get to interact with exactly the people we need to in order to learn what we need to learn in this life. The key is to pay attention so you don’t have to get the same lesson over and over again. As Stevo is fond of saying, if you don’t listen to the whispers you get the shout. The whispers are a lot easier to deal with.

In the great documentary “The History of the Eagles” (a major part of my youth, that band) Joe Walsh talks about a philosopher he read who said when you’re going through your life it may seem chaotic and confusing, but when you look back on your life it looks like a finely crafted novel. I just love that idea that all these random events do really have a purpose. 

Yesterday I received a bit of local wisdom from a guy who held the door for me at the hardware store. When I thanked him he said “It doesn’t cost anything to be kind”. For sure.

~ Dooney

New grounding/clearing exercise

[Edited 5-17-20] Originally in this post I had shared George Kavassilas’ Earth/Heart Connection exercise. It’s a very good way to ground and clear yourself, but it needs to be taught in context with his other teaching and information. I highly encourage you to visit and become a member. It only costs about $11 per month and there is so much good information there that the cost is well worth it. If you join and his information doesn’t resonate with you, it’s easy to cancel and you won’t have spent much money. You can also search on George’s name on YouTube and find all sorts of videos so you can check out his energy. I have had personal contact with George and have been a member of his site for a couple of years and can vouch for the integrity of him and his information.

Basically, the way I ground now is to connect with the heart of the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy, the Universe and the Prime Creator of the Universe, then with my infinite self beyond this Universe. For more information on why I do this, please look at George’s information. I no longer use the chakra system or bring energy in from outside myself. I use my own heart energy to connect and I use that connection to clear my space.

Follow your heart in choosing a way to ground that feels right to you. It doesn’t have to be the method I use. Grounding is vital to make sure that the energy in your space is only yours. This will help you to discern truth and your path in this universe.

Moving forward

Hi all, I know I haven’t posted in a long time and have taken most of this year off from posting. Don’s death was quite a blow and I’m still recovering from that shock even after 5 months. Aside from Don, I’ve lost three close family members and two pets in the past few years, so it’s definitely been a rollercoaster ride for me. I’ve also completely changed my worldview and perspective on everything after reading George Kavassilas’ information. It reminds me of when I first discovered orgonite and felt like I woke up from the hypnosis of the new age movement. 

The difference now is that I’m not waking up from hypnosis, but adding to the expanded perspective I got from discovering orgonite. This new information dovetails nicely with orgonite and goes further in that can help you do some of the things that orgonite does etherically.

I think ultimately we all have it within ourselves to completely control our reality. But I also think it takes a lot of work and discipline to do that. I can’t do it yet. But I’m willing to explore ways to do that. So far, nothing I’ve heard from George K raises a red flag. I continue to feel the truth of what he says, even though I have no proof and he offers none. I don’t feel it serves anyone to have a designated guru, so I don’t want to be one or look for one. I think the key is to explore, find out different information and ways of doing things, and try things out to see how they work for you. 

Just as different diets work for different people, so does different information. Everyone is on a path and we’re not all at the same place, nor should we be. Question everything, and sometimes you will get really interesting answers. :-)Based on George’s info I’ve developed a new way of clearing and grounding, so stay tuned for a post about that soon.

I hope you are healthy and happy. Stevo and I will be celebrating Winter Solstice with Carol soon, and I wish all of you Love and Joy as we journey towards Spring and the new year.

Farewell to Don Croft

DonCarolI am very saddened to report that our good friend Don Croft passed away July 21, 2018 from injuries sustained during a paraglider crash. Don’s family is not quite prepared to share all the details of the incident right now, but we felt that we needed to let people know what is happening. There will be a memorial service for Don at his brother’s home on Wednesday, July 25.

Don was a brilliant, generous man who, along with Carol, did so much to help heal the planet. His unique viewpoints and articulate way of expressing himself made it a pleasure to read his posts, articles and emails. He was much loved as a husband, father, brother and friend.

I’m finding it hard to write a long post because I am still shocked and stunned, like all of his family and friends. Please send your love and boosts to Carol. She is doing okay but could definitely use your good thoughts.

Don was airlifted off the mountain paragliding site to the hospital, and that is likely to be a bill that will be at least $30,000. Carol could really use some help meeting that obligation as well as hospital and funeral costs.

Carol and Don have given much to the world. They have spent the last 18 years spreading orgonite and teaching people all around the world how to do it too. We are hoping that you can help give back a little to Carol as she deals with the loss of her husband.

We have set up a GoFundMe site at:

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,


Another view of the Universe

Stevo and I have been watching videos recorded by George Kavassilas at You can find him on Youtube, but We Are Infinite is his website with better recordings and lots of information if you join. This is really profound, next-level stuff that goes way beyond probably any other information out there. Stevo and I have found that it resonates strongly with our hearts. It answers a lot of questions I’ve had about what is really happening, and what is the true nature of our existence. It’s heavy stuff but told with a light heart by George, who seems to have a good grasp on neutrality and unconditional love. I thought I’d share it with you so you can find out if it’s something that you need to hear. If you don’t want to join his website, watch one of his Youtube videos first to see if you want to continue. I think anyone who is searching for what is real will want to continue.

I’ve always been fascinated by quantum physics and I think I had to read that stuff to get ready for some of the concepts talked about in his videos. If you want a good explanation of our physical universe, read “The Universe in Your Hand” by Christophe Galfard. It’s written for the non-scientist and it helped me satisfy the left brain desire to “know” so that I can use my right brain to “imagine” what might be beyond our knowing. The funny thing about this book is that when scientists get to something they can’t explain with science, they throw up their hands and say “we don’t know, so let’s talk about something else.” George Kavassilas gives you a LOT more to think about.