Orgonite is safe – discern with your heart

orgoniteAs the ridiculous lies about orgonite continue to be circulated, I hope people are using their brains to ask the logical question:  If orgonite gives off radiation, or is harmful in any way, wouldn’t someone have noticed by now, after 20 years of it being distributed around the globe? As far as I can tell the lies and attacks only started after Don died. That’s a cowardly, low integrity move on the part of the liars, but I suppose they are on the path they need to be on, just like everyone else. They have their place and their role in this world.

I encourage people to hold a piece of Croft formula orgonite in their hand, and discern the energy from it with their heart. Your heart (and I’m not talking heart chakra) is your best tool to distinguish truth from lies. Your physical heart resonates with your energetic heart center, and both of those resonate with the Earth. Breathe, go into that space, and ask your Higher Self/Greater Being/Oversoul to show you the truth.

You can do this with any question you have in your life. But you have to breathe! Fire up that energetic furnace of your soul and turn off all the chatter in your mind. Bring your mind into resonance with your heart center. Let your heart center be the control center instead of your mind. If you do that, you’ll get clear answers to your questions. This is just one of the benefits of doing this energetic work.

I’m asking you to do this now to help humanity. In doing this, you will also be saving yourself. We are powerful, powerful beings and we just need to breathe and remember who we are. Breathe in to a count of four, and out to a count of four, over and over and over. I did it for about 6 hours today, and I’m not done yet. Magic happens when you breathe. Breathe when you are driving, taking a shower, walking the dog, washing dishes, making dinner, laying in bed trying to sleep. You already know how to breathe, you just need to do it more consciously.

Breathe some new life into the orgonite movement. Talk it up on Instagram, where many of the attacks are happening. Follow us at: @ethericwarriors, @carolcroftorgonite, @donebydooney. Let’s drown out the lying voices with the ringing voice of Truth. You won’t regret it!

~ Dooney

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3 Responses to Orgonite is safe – discern with your heart

  1. Thanks for clearance and explaination on orgonite and orgone enrgy. Best regards from France. Namaste.

  2. Frode says:

    Thanks for rallying the troops, I’ve decided to sign up there to post some basics about orgonite and help correct this sudden takeover by the fakers and slanderers. @orgoniteislife is the place.

    I remember Don saying that stating truths publicly is very powerful, regardless of how many reads it (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of it.)

    Well said, we save ourselves by being active online, I’ve been under the gun a lot, like are many others.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks Frode, you are right, I remembering hearing Don say that several times. I will get on Instagram and follow you.:-)