Sky magic

rainbowWe’ve had a lot of magical, amazing, and what I would call supernatural things happen in our lives in the past few years. These phenomenon seem to be coming at us at a more rapid rate. That’s one of the reasons I broke down and got an Instagram account (@donebydooney). The other reason was to help promote real deal orgonite of the kind that has been developed and promoted by Carol and Don Croft, and that has been gifted all over the world. In any case, here’s the latest magic in our lives.

This rainbow appeared in our backyard during a rainstorm the other day. I’m 55 years old and I have NEVER had a rainbow land anywhere near me. Pretty cool! After about 10 minutes it moved off into the distance and we saw that it was very large and vibrant. This seemed to be just a little personal display for us.

splitsylphThis second picture was taken by my husband while he was sitting outside. A rare chemtrail was sprayed over our house and he said it almost immediately split into this upside-down Y configuration, and sylphs with faces moved in to take care of it. It’s really strange to see a chemtrail just split like that. We feel very protected here. They used to spray a chemtrail over our house (or two, forming a big X) every time we walked out our door. It happened so many times that we hardly remarked on it anymore. But we hardly ever get a spray directly over us anymore.

Stevo has also seen low-flying (maybe 15,000 feet), all white jets with no markings fly over us with little or no spray coming out. His intuiton is that they are doing healing work. Has anyone else seen these? We can feel the difference between a malevolent chemtrail and a benevolent entity, and these new planes seem to be in the latter category. You just have to reach out with your heart energy to discern something like that.

Life continues to be really interesting!

~ Dooney

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4 Responses to Sky magic

  1. BlueVel says:

    Sunday January 10th 2021
    Good night Dooney I am Velma I m from Mexico living in Cancun.
    Cancún is a famous hot touristic place and I do Airbnb for living…
    I was searching on the YouTube about smart meter dangers and negative healthy effects on humans.
    Then a comment from someone talk about orgonizeAfrica and Georg Ritchil ( well exactly don’t remember how to write his last name! I enter and down load the free books about orgone energy and how to do it in a cheap way….
    I already have the cuartz, and aluminum shaves need to buy the muffin silicone tray .
    I am saving for the zapper with subtle energy the one that you can plugged in the electric entrance of the wall, and no need of batteries, then I enter to educate and there were stories of Don Croft and Carol and also the forum orgone Uk and in the forum welcome , they mentioned it used to be Etheric warriors and they mentioned your name and page site.
    I been writing some messages in forum orgoneUK but they don’t never answer, I don’t know if I doing the procedure in a wrong way because I’m learning to manage how to understand the indications…
    And I not smart using the celular tools to fully comprehend if I am doing write or wrong.
    Is it possible that you explain to me:
    what means boosting? And give me some examples!
    And also what means exactly (with examples ) to use energy of the heart…
    I am sorry to ask but I really need to understand.
    I want to help dolphins I really love creatures (animals and plants)
    Sincerely Vel (BlueVel)

  2. dooney says:

    Update: Today a big chemtrail X appeared over our house with a beautiful sylph nearby that did not interfere with the X. Stevo got that it was a remediation spray, not retaliation. He asked his higher self how to tell the difference and another chemtrail was sprayed, a few minutes later, with an Omega symbol in the middle of the straight line. We do live in interesting times…

  3. Cheri says:

    Mike Emery on has said that orgonite violet bubbles are forming all over the earth. :)