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Taking a Break – April 2, 2018

I’m taking a break from energy coaching as I assimilate and evaluate some new information I have learned in just the past few days. I don’t feel this is the right time for me to be coaching as I am changing what I do and how I do it. I will announce on my home page when I will be coaching again. The information below is still available as I feel it is still valid.

Your Higher Self

Knowing how to communicate with your higher self is part of knowing how to heal. Your Higher Self is a part of you. It’s the part of you that is more aware of, and grounded in, the etheric realm. Your Higher Self is like an airplane flying high above you, able to see farther ahead than you can. Most of you have heard about your “Inner Child”, right? Your Higher Self is the other third of the triumverate that includes you, your Inner Child and your Higher Self.

Again, being grounded is an important part of being able to communicate with your Higher Self. When you have those uncanny intuitions, those “gut feelings”, or an inspired thought that just pops into your head, that is your Higher Self speaking to you. Cultivate the ability to ask questions and get answers by keeping your space clear, asking your Higher Self questions and listening for the answers.

Quantum Touch®

Quantum Touch® is a way of using energy to raise the vibration of cells in the body to promote healing.* I learned the technique from a book by Richard Gordon called “Quantum Touch, The Power to Heal”. You can order the book on the Quantum Touch® website at

This is one of those cases where I heard about a technique, but I wasn’t sure if it was another New Age scam. So I ordered the book, read it and tried the technique. To my amazement, it worked. Quantum Touch® is primarily a hands-on healing technique, but I have found that it works just as well remotely. Since most of the people I work on do not live near me, most of my work is done remotely. The only hands-on healing I have done has been on my husband and my dogs.

Whether you are doing it in person or remotely, it’s basically a way of drawing energy up from the earth, moving it through your body to the top of your head, then sending it down through your arms and out your hands. If I am doing a remote healing, I simply imagine that my target is inside my cupped hands. If I’m doing it in person, I place my hands on the location of the injury or ailment.


The most important component to this technique is breathing. Breathing goes hand-in-hand with moving energy, whether you are healing, boosting or grounding. Breathing has so many physiological and etheric benefits it’s impossible to name them all here. Just be aware that breathing oxygenates your brain and all your cells, focuses your attention, and stokes your etheric fire by energizing your chakras. We are energetic beings, and breathing turns the switch on.

Take deep, slow breaths, starting in your belly, visibly pushing your belly out, filling your lungs and expanding your chest as much as possible. The Quantum Touch® technique uses several different types of breathing, the most common being to breathe in to a count of four and breathe out to a count of four.

Focusing Energy

The other part of this technique is to focus your energy in your hands. It’s easy to feel the energy of your hands by holding them slightly apart from each other, as if you are holding an invisible ball in your hands. Move your hands closer together and farther apart to feel the energy moving between them. The book will teach you various methods of using your hands to direct this energy for healing.

There is much more to doing Quantum Touch®, and I recommend buying the book and DVD. The DVD allows you to watch the technique being performed in a seminar setting and can be helpful for getting the hand positioning correct. As with anything else, you will need to discern if this technique is right for you. Don’t take my word for it – get the book and try it yourself.


Etheric Integrity


I learned this concept and the phrase from Don Croft, and there are numerous facets to it. Foremost, I believe it is taking the responsibility to do your own thinking, your own discerning and your own etheric work. It’s very easy to follow a guru who will tell you what to think and how to meditate and what books to read. But that means you are giving your power over to someone else. You need to gather information, digest it, experiment, and decide for yourself what is best for you. This includes what you are reading here.

The information I present is what has worked for me but you may have a different experience. I have taken the same steps regarding the information Don and others have offered. I believe Don would never want to be considered a guru and neither would I.

Etheric integrity also means taking the time and energy to clear your space, keep it clear and control your energy. Everyone reading this has probably experienced someone without out-of-control, chaotic energy that spills over onto everyone they meet. You’ve also experienced the energy vampire, that person that sucks all the energy from a room as soon as they enter. They can be loud, non-stop talkers, or silently needy vampires. You’ve felt the adrenalin rush from walking past someone who’s anger is palpable, you’ve felt energy from a road rager flipping you off, you’ve felt the energy draining experience of talking to someone who just has to tell you everything that is wrong with their life.

Grounding is the first-line defense to keep people out of your energetic space. It takes time and attention to keep your space clear so you have to commit to that in order to have etheric integrity. There are many ways to ground and you need to find the best way for you. I offer one way in the Etheric Exercises section. When you are grounded you are less likely to be an energy vampire yourself, and less likely to make self-destructive decisions.

Etheric integrity means ridding yourself of habits and relationships that are destructive to you. Alcohol and drug abuse top this list, as they leave you etherically wide open to energy predators. These substances open your 7th chakra, which is where etheric information and knowledge flows in and out of your space. They also create holes in your aura, which is the 7-layer energy field around your body. If you’re aura is damaged, it’s easier for others to attack your chakras, placing energy cords and entities there.

Personal relationships and gurus who steal energy need to be examined. I have had personal experience in booting a guru who thought he owned me and my husband because we did his special meditation. It took a year of etheric warfare to get him out of our space. Spouses, family members and relatives who drain your energy should be kept at a distance. Sometimes this involves major life changes, so do not undergo this examination lightly. On some level, you already know what to do. The hard part is saying it out loud and following through with action.

As a psychic, etheric integrity means not trespassing where I don’t have permission to go. Before I work on a person’s chakras I ask their permission, even though they have paid me for boosting. I always ask. Before I do a healing, I ask my higher self for permission, as well as the higher self of the person I am working on. If I get a no from either one I don’t do the healing, even though the person has given me permission.

Sometimes I am supposed to let the person heal themselves. I can point them in the right direction, but I am not allowed to do the healing. If I do a healing without permission, chances are I will take on that person’s energy. This is most common when cutting energy cords. Several times I have cut cords without permission and have had to deal with the consequences of taking on that energy. It has been very unpleasant and I’ve learned my lesson.

Another part of this is the matter of psychically peeking at other people. It’s not ethical for me to just look at someone because someone else asked me to do so. Peeking at agents, MI6, CIA, FBI, NSA and those nasty Jesuits is okay because it involves self-defense. Peeking at your neighbor because you think he’s evil is not okay. If you’re not sure about someone, boost them. Boosting is totally ethical because all you’re doing is sending love energy. You’re not directing the energy, you’re not entering a person’s etheric space and you’re not expecting a particular outcome. Boosting is like smiling at someone, giving a hug or a friendly greeting. It’s our birthright to send love out from our hearts.

My thanks goes to Don and Carol for their help in clarifying these issues during the years I have been involved in the grassroots orgonite movement.


Asking Permission


Gifting and boosting are non-intrusive forms of sending energy because you are not entering anyone’s etheric space. Healing, on the other hand, means you are entering their space and making changes to their energy field. That is what requires permission. It’s kind of like the difference between waving at someone as you walk by versus giving them a hug or kiss.

There is the issue of someone who is unconscious, from whom you can’t obtain verbal permission. In a case like that, I would ask your higher self and the unconscious person’s higher self, and if you get a yes from both, proceed at your own discretion.

And what about healing someone who is conscious but you are still unable to get permission, e.g. someone you don’t know but want to help. This is a tricky area, because you really don’t have the authority to interfere, and it’s a hard thing to experience. As a healer, you naturally want to help everyone you can, but sometimes you just have to let it go and let that person go on their path. In a situation like this, boosting is best. Send that person and their higher self some love energy and it will help them no matter what.

Orgonite & Etheric Integrity


I started making and deploying orgonite in April of 2004. I noticed a couple of things immediately. First of all, the orgonite would “talk” to me. It would tell me where it wanted to go and how many pieces of orgonite needed to be deployed. I perceived this “talk” as thoughts and images that would come into my awareness.

Secondly, I rid myself of attachments that compromised my etheric integrity. I stopped relying on outside information to form my opinions and started relying on my logic and intuition. I found that much of what I had believed seemed to be ridiculous. I realized how much of my power I had given away to various gurus who I thought knew more than I did.

In short, I began to trust myself to think and be intuitive enough to steer myself through life. I attribute a lot of this transformation to using orgonite. I had never really used crystals much before this, and I find that they are a simple, elegant energy – clear of the controlling, fraudulent energy of the New Age movement. I have never encountered a more friendly, trusting, trustworthy and loving entity than a crystal, except for the cetaceans.

A crystal embedded in an orgonite matrix is even more wonderful. This is an energy that is ready to work toward healing the planet and the humans who live here. Orgonite has helped me become a better psychic as well. I trust my imagination and intuition more than I ever have.

If you really want to experience etheric integrity, get close to some crystals and put them to work in orgonite.

Etheric & Physical Balance


I wanted to say a word about the connection between the etheric realm and the 3D physical world. From my experience, the etherical work is essential, and so is the physical work.

Boosting and gifting go hand-in-hand. If you were to spend a lot of time boosting and not gift at all, it would be like putting gas in your car but never turning the key to start the engine. If you are a heavy gifter, but never get into the etheric part of this work, you are likely to never be able to consistently fend off attacks and you will be considered an easy mark.

Most of the folks I’ve boosted with have reported this phenomenon: You do a great gifting run, hitting lots of targets, and you get psychically attacked as punishment. What do most folks do in that situation? Get some help on the etheric level to fend off the attack and then gift some more! What the darkside never understands is that the harder they attack us, the harder we are going to fight. I’ve yet to meet an etheric warrior that got attacked and said “this is too much, I’m giving up!”

I believe it’s necessary to fight this battle on both levels – etheric and physical. Words must always be backed up with action, and etheric work must be backed up by gifting. Gifting also gives us the physical confirmation that orgonite works. Once you believe in orgonite, it’s easier to trust the etheric happenings.



I am not a healthcare professional and I do not offer to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The information I provide is for research purposes only and should not be construed as medical recommendations for any disease or symptom. It is not intended to provide medical advice. Consult a licensed healthcare professional for treatment.

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