Life & Energy Coaching

Energy Coaching is a way of teaching you how to be more aware of your energy, how to keep your space clear and how to use your energy efficiently and to the benefit of yourself and others. It’s called coaching because you will be doing most of the work and I’m the coach who is going to help you.

My approach to coaching is different than it was before due to being exposed to the work of George Kavassilas, which for me has been more of a “remembering” experience that has given me a lot of “yes, that’s the answer” moments. Once you recognize Truth, many things make more sense, right? I have taken both of George’s courses, Transcending the God Matrix and Closure Facilitators/Reality Management. Having taken these courses, and having  15 years experience coaching and using my psychic/intuitive abilities to help people, I feel prepared to help guide you on your own journey of awakening.

I don’t use the chakra system anymore as I feel it is a Matrix control system. If you want to find out more about that, read George’s book “Our Universal Journey”, which is available on his website. I am now focusing on helping people get out of their mind space and into their natural heart/soul space. I want to help you connect your heart with the Earth, the Sun, the Galactic Sun, the Natural Universe your Greater Being (Higher Self) and your Infinite Self that has always existed and always will. I want to help you understand that you can and you are creating your reality at every moment, and I want to help you create the reality that YOU want, using your own powerful heart/soul energy.

Life Coaching is my way of saying that I can help you identify areas of your life that you need to look at and possibly change to create the reality you want. I’ve been trying to do this in my own life for many years but with the new perspective I’ve gained since April of 2018 I feel I am finally on a growth path that makes sense for me. I’m experiencing true, authentic growth and I feel compelled to share this process. If you feel it might make sense for you to explore your heart/soul space, I’d be honored to help.

Coaching Sessions

I’ve got different levels of coaching services, depending on where you are in your journey. I charge $88 per hour for basic coaching sessions, and $100 per hour for advanced coaching sessions, one hour minimum. I use Zoom chats to meet with you. If you’d like to schedule a coaching session, choose one of the following options to make a payment and then I will email you to schedule a session. NOTE: If you have a gmail account, please check your spam and marketing folders for my emails. Gmail has a tendency to mark my emails as spam.

Basic Coaching 1 – This is for people who would like to learn to connect with their Greater Being through their heart/soul essence, learn to connect to the Earth and Sun,  learn how to ground and clear their space and learn basic protection.

Basic Coaching 1

Basic Coaching 2 – This is for people who want a refresher on how to do the Basic Coaching 1 exercises and who would like to learn how to connect more deeply with their Greater Self, how to phase out from the effects of technology, how to do basic closures (formerly breaking agreements) or how to begin working with labyrinth energy.

Basic Coaching 2

Advanced Coaching 1 – This is for people who have taken George Kavassalis’ Transcending the God Matrix course. We will work on strengthening your connection with your Greater Being, doing more advanced closures, using the tools taught by George in his course, and integrating new awarenesses into daily life.

Advanced Coaching 1

Advanced Coaching 2 – This is for people who have taken both the Transcending the God Matrix and Closure Facilitators/Reality management courses. We will do any work still needed from the Advanced Coaching 1, plus work on the most advanced closure process, stepping into Creator Beingness on a reality management level, and advanced labyrinth work if desired.

Advanced Coaching 2

For cash payments, mail a USPS or Western Union money order, or cash wrapped in foil (works great!) to:
Laura Weise
PO Box 398
Stevensville, Montana

Your Participation

What I will expect is that you come to our session drug and alcohol free, and with an open mind. It doesn’t matter whether you are psychic or energy-sensitive. That is one of the things we will work on, and you may be surprised at how far along you already are. I appreciate your honest feedback during the session so I can refine my technique if necessary. Before we have a session, I’d like you to practice connecting your heart/soul essence (not your heart chakra) with the heart of the Earth. Your heart/soul essence is located between your throat and the middle of your chest, just below the collarbone. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything, just visualize making the connection.

My Participation

I will come to your session drug and alcohol free, solidly grounded and with my energy space clear. I will do my best to analyze your situation and provide help. I don’t make any guarantees that you will feel differently after our session. In the etheric realm there are too many variables to do so. I will guarantee that I will come to your session ready to do my very best for you.

Your Privacy

1. I will not discuss your session with anyone without your permission.
2. I will not enter your etheric space and alter/heal your energy without your permission.
3. Our Zoom chat will be recorded and an audio recording will be made available only to you as long as you agree not to post it anywhere. This recording will be kept private.

If you have any further questions after our coaching session, feel free to email me at

I look forward to working with you,



I am not a healthcare professional and I do not offer to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The information I provide is for research purposes only and should not be construed as medical recommendations for any disease or symptom. It is not intended to provide medical advice. Consult a licensed healthcare professional for treatment.

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