Making changes

I’ve scaled back the information on this site while I am learning new things and gaining new perspectives. I need to determine what I want my message to be and how I want to disseminate information. I am happy to do life coaching with those who are willing to consider looking outside the paradigm of duality consciousness. It’s a fascinating process to change your perspective. It’s never boring!

I look forward to learning more and sharing things with you. I hope you are all breathing and staying grounded during these current challenges. Remember to question everything. Exercise critical thinking skills. Keep your heart open. Love each other and yourselves. Forgive each other and yourselves. Look inside yourself and embrace all of your shadow and all of your light together and be in unity.

Hold the vision of the world you want to see, and create it. You are beautiful beings!

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One Response to Making changes

  1. Gregory says:

    Hi Dooney,

    I hope all is well with you and yours.Just waiting for some new info on your blog

    There’s so little true information left on the web these days.

    How about a really long post??

    Take Care,