Challenging times…still

IMG_0949This is the forest fire that is marching over the hills towards our house. I can’t tell you how much energy work we have done on this fire. We’ve been able to slow it down but it keeps coming and at times it’s hard not to panic. Carol is currently pointing the super CBs, that we made last weekend, at the fire. There has been a ton of smoke over her area from all the fires around Spokane but she said the air has been clear and pure about 10 miles out around her house. We actually got a blue hole over her house before we even finished pouring those CBs. You’ll be hearing more about those in the near future. :-)

Stevo and I are both sure that there is heavy-duty beaming weaponry being used to advance this fire, apart from rather obvious human operators on the ground who are lighting fires, both overtly and covertly. For one, the rain clouds that have formed in past few weeks just evaporate when they get close to our mountains. Secondly, we are having summer temps in September. I’ve lived here more than 18 years and we’ve never had weird temps like this. It was over 70 degrees last night at 11:30. Usually by now we are getting frost in the mornings. So something really unusual it happening and I don’t think it’s natural. Some days, we’ll walk outside when the thermometer says 80 degrees, and it feels like it’s almost 100 degrees. It feels like being in a microwave oven, Stevo says. That, combined with the HAARPy clouds we’re seeing again is another thing that convinces us this is weaponized weather. So, like I said in my last post we’re pretty much going it alone here except for the very welcome boosting of friends and readers. Another big THANK YOU to those folks!

IMG_0937For those of you who aren’t familiar with the blue hole phenomenon, here’s a pic of one that was over our house last Saturday when I got home from my trip to Carol’s. This is one of the more dramatic ones I’ve ever seen. :-)  It looks fake, right? So I know that Stevo and I are doing the right things, we just have to stick with it long enough and have faith that we are doing the right thing and not give in to panic. It sounds like a war zone here with all the helicopters going back and forth to the fire with water buckets, or accelerant, who knows? We’ve seen dark black smoke on occasion, which means that some kind of petrochemical is burning, such as gasoline or, more likely, diesel. When trees are burning it’s white smoke.

IMG_0950I took a break after starting this post and went downtown for a little while. As I drove away, I saw all this HAARP, which wasn’t there an hour before. Again, this is really unusual for us. About an hour later I came back, and the sky is full of rainclouds. We are forecast to have rain for a while starting tomorrow, along with normal fall temps. So maybe we have outlasted the wankers and will finally get back to a normal weather pattern. With all the fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes lately, it seems like they just wanted to destroy everything. Well, they don’t get their wish! Don’t give up folks…we can do this!

~ Dooney


On the radio again

I totally forgot to blog about the fact that Stevo and I did a radio interview with Geoff Brady from If you go to that site, scroll down to the August 14, 2017 show. We had a great talk with Geoff and he had the challenge of paring it down to a one-hour interview. :-) Geoff’s site has a ton of great interviews, so check it out. Don and Carol have been on there several times so you can do a search on their names to find their interviews.

~ Dooney


The work of a thousand souls?

Things are getting more challenging here as we have been put on warning of possible evacuation due to fire danger. As you know, we’ve been working really hard to stop the energy of a massive forest fire that started north of us on July 15. We’ve done everything energy-wise that we know how to do and my chat group did almost 2 hours of boosting today to help diminish the DOR (Deadly Orgone) associated with this fire. We are pretty sure they are using some pretty heavy weather weaponry and beaming to keep the fire going and to keep it hot and dry here. We never have temps in the 90’s throughout August and into September. Usually we are getting ready for our first frost about now. As of right now, we are supposed to be getting bad windstorms, which is why they have taken the precaution of putting us on evacuation warning, but so far nothing is happening. All of the times in the past month that they have predicted dire weather that will worsen the fire, it hasn’t happened. We are hoping that this time will be the same, but it would be stupid of us not to prepare.

So, this afternoon and evening have been spent packing up our most valuable possessions and moving them somewhere else. I haven’t gone into fear, and I don’t believe Stevo has, but it takes a lot of work to remain neutral. We went through the same thing in 2009 when there was a forest fire much closer to us and high winds, and I’d have to say I’m handling it much better this time. The really hard part is that Stevo and I are doing the energy work that would probably normally require about a thousand people. It’s exhausting because not only do we have to fight the entities who are perpetuating the fire, but we have to fight the fear and angst of everyone in the valley and beyond. Just the two of us. So it’s another day, another challenge. I really do believe, though, that if we hadn’t been doing all this energy work this fire would be much, much worse. When strong winds are predicted here, they usually happen, but that hasn’t been the case during this fire. We move our CBs 3-4 times a day to keep the energy field intact and focused on the fire.

So if you have a moment please boost us, as well as those folks in Texas dealing with the flood, and Los Angeles dealing with another giant fire. We’re not the only ones having challenges, and some folks are having a much harder time than we are. We’re just dealing with the challenge in front of us. Thanks for everyone’s prayers and good wishes. I really appreciate the comments and the emails!

~ Dooney

Possible slander campaign

I thought I’d do a brief post to diffuse a what may be the beginning of a slander campaign against me. I’ve been indirectly accused lately of having useless information, never gifting, and having dark energy around me. Interestingly, these comments have been directed to Carol and Don, maybe in a lame attempt to drive a wedge into our friendship. I think what the wankers forget is that the friendship Stevo and I have with Don and Carol spans 14 years and encompasses some pretty hairy attacks, events and life changes that we have all helped each other get through. I don’t know why they think it does any good to disparage us to them or them to us.

I had an intuition that untrue, hurtful and slanderous things about me might start appearing on the internet. I hope I’m wrong, but if it does happen I hope that you will take it all with a grain of salt, as they say. I don’t feel the need to defend or justify myself to anyone and it doesn’t matter one bit what people say about me. But I’d like to still be able to get information out to the people who need it. I’d be perfectly happy to just live my life and quietly gift and boost, but I feel like I have a responsibility to help other people.

I REALLY appreciate the encouraging emails and comments that I get, so thank you faithful readers and gifters for your courage and dedication!

~ Dooney

Here’s how powerful WE are

I posted a comment on my Fire Update post just a little while ago, talking about what’s happened the past few days. After posting that, I got up from my computer, went outside and moved all three of our CBs and added water to one of them. I came in the house and said to Stevo “I’m gonna make it rain!”. I swear to you, not 10 minutes later….IT’S RAINING! This is at a time when we are under an official weather alert that includes 35-40 mph winds (no wind yet), “dry thunderstorms”, and humidity in the teens! I can’t prove that anything we have done changed the weather, but this is the second time during this whole fire episode that it has unexpectedly rained just after we do some energy work with our CBs. And, this is not the first time we have seen unusual weather changes.

Guess what? There are people all over the world doing this! Yay for all of us! Thank you Goddess for orgonite and for Don and Carol Croft.

~ Dooney

After the eclipse

IMG_0874The solar eclipse on the 21st was a pretty mild event for us, except for the Big Energy we felt during and after. :-) I was walking my labyrinth and meditating and Stevo was meditating in the house. We lit candles in the four directions, including this Mary Magdalene candle that Carol gave us. We did prayers, affirmations, intention, etc., and I just felt very aware and very peaceful. My hands were tingling after I walked the labyrinth, which usually happens, but the tingling lasted for hours instead of minutes. I really think the eclipse was a subtle shifting of energy that most people didn’t perceive, but that will have a big effect as we go forward. It was funny how the media here had eclipse stories and theories and “up to the minute” updates of things happening all over Montana. In fact, they neglected to report any fire updates that day in lieu of reporting eclipse non-happenings.

I remember the 12-21-12 Solstice, which was supposed to be the end of the world, being a real subtle energy event as well. I think the most profound things happen when people either aren’t paying attention or paying attention to something else that they think is important, like all the hoopla around the event. Remember Y2K? 😉 It’s really all a matter of perspective, and it’s not up to me or anyone else to tell others their perspective is wrong. I think the important thing is to be aware and open-minded and neutral. I feel like I got a lot out of the eclipse but it isn’t really anything that I can describe. It just felt good!

~ Dooney

What about the eclipse?

I kind of got sidetracked from talking about the eclipse with our trip and all the excitement around here. I feel that it’s going to be a very high-energy event but I don’t know if anything earth-shattering will happen in 3D. Stevo and I are already feeling the influence of the eclipse energy today. Our neighborhood and beyond is very still and quiet, just unusually still. However, there is lots of wildlife activity….more birds and squirrels darting around, making more noise than they usually do. I’ve been doing a lot of breathing because of the energy work we are doing on the fire, but I feel that tomorrow, 8-21-17, I will just need to keep doing that. I will being doing some meditations, and joining a mass meditation at 12:11pm Mountain time. I don’t usually join things like that but it’s a good meditation that’s being recommended, i.e. one that I like. :-) Basically, you bring a pillar of the Galactic Central Sun into your body through our Sun, and then also bring a pillar of light up from the center of the earth. Then just sit inside those two pillars of light and radiate Love from your heart to every being in the solar system. Stevo read about this “Unity Meditation” on I don’t go for all their info but they have some good stuff on there.

I like that kind of simple, effective energy work. I feel that tomorrow will be a turning point in the energy of the planet. It might not be apparent right away, but I think it’s a milestone on the path of the planet transitioning to 5D. So you can do a lot of good tomorrow simply by grounding, breathing, and bringing in the Galactic Central Sun. Hmm….this sounds much like the advice I usually give. :-) I think that tomorrow especially, it will be easier for PJ people to feel the energy, so it might start waking more people up. Maybe we’ll hit the critical mass of conscious people that we need in order for even greater change. I know I talk a lot here about attacks and things we have to contend with, but there is a LOT of good going on in the world, and a LOT of good things happening in my life and the lives of my etheric warrior friends. It’s a beautiful world!

Keep breathing, you are doing great!

~ Dooney

Fire update

IMG_0857Check out this picture of the fire that is a bit north of us. We’ve been working all week to help stop it. In this pic there is a Lemurian ship directly over the fire! There is definitely some kind of energetic struggle that we might not be directly involved in here. We’ve been moving our CBs, doing all kinds of energy work and boosting, and the sky has been full of sylphs over and around the fire.

I think sometimes things like this happen for a reason. We are trying to hold a positive energy in the valley because everyone is panicking and their fear energy is being harvested. Maybe that’s all we are supposed to do right now.

IMG_0865Here is an example of the kind of sylphs we are seeing this week. And we’ve seen HAARPy clouds for the first time in a long time so they are using weather weapons on this fire. We will keep watching and working on it!

Addressing fear

Here’s a simple technique for addressing fear, from an alert reader:

“Dear Dooney,
I read with much recognition the article about entities and/or archonts [see my post “This is why we do the work”]. Especially about how they need to feed on our negative emotions and how they stimulate these negative emotions in order to get better fed.

I want to report to you a very simple trick I have developed to counter their influence. It works as follows:

I monitor my negative emotions, mainly fear or anger, but also uncertainty and doubt. When I become aware for instance that I am fearful or angry for no good reason or because of illogical, self generated fantasies. I recognize that I have fear, but that I am not that fear. So I try to separate myself (I am) from the fear and I don’t any longer identify myself with that fear. Then I say to the fear “that I am not”. So I address the fear as something separate from myself. The result is that the fear or other negative emotion disappears.”

Thanks H! I like to hear what other people are doing energetically and this seems to be a really good way to get your left brain from obsessing about fear. You are indeed not the fear…most of it is generated by our technology and doesn’t actually come from within you. It’s an important step to realize you are having these negative emotions and to realize that they are not you as a soul.

Great work!

Not a ghost

Here’s a great question from M.L.:

“A lot of my friends have psychological issues like fear, feeling lost, sadness, it’s like they are very thincoated and are crying because of things they wouldn’t have cried half a year ago.. But that’s not my issue, just want to let you know that things are the same in Germany as they are everywhere else. As they open their heart and wake up they will have to deal with it… And all we can do is to encourage them.. Guess I read something on your site that went in the same directon so I just want to give feedback :)

My question is a little different…
Lots of my friends, well I don’t have that much, only a few good ones, are calling me ghost. It’s because, for example, they don’t hear me coming nor see me coming and while I am standing behind them and saying hello I scare them. But it’s not only in my private area, it’s always, no matter where I am, shopping, at work, everywhere. It’s often like being invisible, I almost can sneak in everywhere :) But on the other hand it makes it harder in my daily life, because people don’t take me that serious..

I am grounding me on a daily basis and I also know that if people would be more aware, they would feel me before they see me, but for most people it’s still not possible at the moment. So my question is how to get more present, more dense(?) in 3D. Do you know any technique, Meditation that could help me solve that issue? I know we have the possibility to switch, but how can I turn it off?

I also know that it won’t be necessary one day to switch it off, but at the moment as a lot of people struggling with their waking up, I have the feeling that they want to rely more on the things that they can smell, see, hear and touch than in the things they feel…
Reminds me of a picture I’ve seen one day… Says “everything you want is behind fear” 😉 but people fear the new…

Maybe you know some stones that help me, although I am not sure if I have to lower my vibe to be more present, that, in my eyes, would be counterproductive.. like denying myself.. Please give me your comment about this, I don’t know anybody else I could ask this questions.”

My reply:
“Thanks for bringing this up, M. It’s actually an issue I have dealt with in my life this year. Stevo and I have been traveling a lot more than usual, and our goal was to talk to people, shine our light, and teach them how to shine their light. The problem is that nobody wants to talk to us! At first we were kind of upset about it, but we’ve had the same thing happen…people look right through us as if we aren’t there. They refuse to make eye contact, and if you say hi to them they turn away. They simply don’t or won’t see us. So, it’s not you, it’s them. You don’t need to hang onto 3D. You are transitioning to a higher dimension like Stevo and me and a lot of other spiritually aware folks. The PJ people who are too scared to wake up are literally losing sight of us. Stevo and I have talked about this a lot because of our experiences this year, and we think that as the energy rises on the planet and we continue to transition to a higher dimension, more things like this will happen. Maybe those people who won’t wake up will just fade away to our eyes as well. I don’t know what is going to happen, but it will be interesting!

It’s always a good idea to keep grounding and any of the dark brown or black gemstones will help you do that. My favorites are smoky quartz and black tourmaline. It can be a lonely life when this happens to you because your family and friends don’t understand what you are going through and can’t relate to you. One thing you can try, though, is to breathe in Earth energy up from your feet, up through all your chakras, out the top of your head and up into the highest dimension you can. Then breathe out all the way back down and out through your tailbone into the earth. That’s a way to stay more grounded in 3D while still being able to access higher dimensions.

Stevo and I have each other and a few good friends like Don and Carol, but that’s about it. I think our role is to lead the way, to show people how to do it, how to transition and stay in our hearts. We’re not necessarily going to get a lot of thank you’s or recognition of what we are trying to do, and that’s okay. This is our Service to Others time, and it’s our mission. Just love on people as much as you can and don’t take it personally if they don’t respond. It’s hard to not take it personally but I think that’s the direction we are meant to go. Just send out Love…the world needs it!”

~ Dooney