Energy, manifestation and the new year

2012 is already turning out to be a very interesting year. I’ve had several people remark to me that they have felt a significant change in the energy of the planet. I feel the same. What I perceive is that reality is manifesting more quickly than ever. In other words, whatever you think is happening almost immediately. This is a really good time to be very focused and pay attention to what kind of energy you are putting out there.

My life in the last week is a great example of this. Last Wednesday, our young dog Sammy was hit by a car on the road in front of our house. Luckily, he survived his run-in with a Suburban (!) with just a dislocated hip, bruises and road rash. He’s recovering nicely but is sore all over, so none of us are getting much sleep. The interesting part is that I had a vision of this happening the day before it happened.

I’ve always been a little afraid of this happening but the day before the accident I was outside with him and he was exploring the weeds on the side of the road. It’s generally not a problem to have him run loose as he usually comes when we call him. Suddenly, I was certain that a car was going to come along and hit him. I could see it happening. I got so panicked that I ran out to the road and made him come back to the house.

That night, I had a dream that Sammy was fighting with some neighbor dogs in our backyard, and I called him inside. When he came inside and I saw him, he had turned into our dog Charlie, who died in 2010. I hugged Charlie and cried, because I knew he was dead and I’ve missed him so much. Then he walked out of the room and when he came back in he had turned back into Sammy.

I mentioned the dream and the vision I had of Sammy getting hit to Stevo but we didn’t really talk about it. The next day, I was out running errands and got the awful call from Stevo that Sammy had been hit. The next few days were very stressful and hectic as Sammy was treated for shock, x-rayed, and then eventually put under anaesthesia so they could pop his hip back in. We’ve been incredibly sleep-deprived due to watching him around the clock. I’ve just been able to think about all this in the last few days and try to figure out what happened.

I’m not sure now if this was a precognitive vision or if my chronic fear of him getting hit made it happen. In the past year, my ability to see slightly into the future has gotten stronger, usually involving small details of life. This was something much stronger. So maybe it was a little bit of both. I was talking to Carol about it, and she said when you have a vision like that, you should talk about it with someone because that will take a lot of the energy off the vision and it will change the outcome of the vision. I think Stevo and I should have talked about it more. It’s likely that it was a deliberate act set up by whomever has been attacking us so hard for the past six months.

The dream that I had the night before it happened seemed significant to me also. I think it was Charlie telling me that he was watching over Sammy. Sammy should have been hurt much worse being hit by such a large vehicle. We’re very lucky he wasn’t killed outright. I think that was Charlie’s doing.

This has been a really good lesson for us – for me – in several ways. I need to pay more attention to the visions I have, even if I think it’s not likely that what I saw will happen. I can’t just say “Oh, I’m just being paranoid” or discount my vision in other ways. I also have learned that I can’t just believe we are invincible and can’t get hurt. It wasn’t smart to let Sammy run free near the road and we won’t do that anymore. He won’t be too happy about it but that’s they way it is. We have to take some reasonable precautions.

The other thing I’ve been remembering is that we all die eventually. If Sammy had died I would have felt awful, but he as a spirit would have been very happy. I try to remember that when I think of Charlie because I miss him so much. But every time he visits me in my dreams he’s very happy.

Yesterday I asked Stevo to show me where the accident happened. We stood in the road where it happened and I started to cry because I could feel Sammy’s pain and terror, Stevo’s terror at watching it happen and the driver’s terror in hitting a dog. I felt really bad that Stevo had to go through it alone. I let all those feelings pass through me and dissipate. And then I realized that the spot we were standing in was the exact spot where I had seen Sammy get hit in my vision.

~ Dooney

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