New Year’s UFO’s

I haven’t seen a lot of UFO’s in my time but the ones I have seen have been pretty obvious. I believe I’ve talked about all of them in my Stories category. Stevo and I saw two UFO’s shortly after midnight on New Years. We had just gone outside to enjoy our champagne and look at the stars, thinking that maybe our neighbors were going to light off some more fireworks, as they did earlier in the evening (they didn’t :-( ). It was literally two or three minutes after midnight, and Stevo commented that there was a bright light over our other neighbors house, the ones who live toward the mountains.

We watched as two bright orange lights came over the top of the mountains into our valley. They weren’t airplane lights, which are red and green and flash at a regular interval. These were bright orange lights that didn’t blink and had a trail of lights, also orange, hanging down below. The lights didn’t travel in a straight line, but kind of zigzagged, like they were floating up there and looking around. They moved towards the middle of the valley slowly, and we couldn’t see them 100% of the time because we are surrounded by large pine trees. We walked off the porch to try and see them between the tree branches, and when we did that, they disappeared.

Now, I’m not saying that we saw them move off. I’m saying that they didn’t come out from behind the trees. They simply disappeared. One second they were there, the next they weren’t. It was pretty interesting, and these light were large and obvious. If it had been an airplane we would have seen them move off into the distance in a straight line. Also, they were not in any flight pattern that we have witnessed here in the past 14 years.

I don’t know who they were or what they wanted, but I didn’t get a creepy, scared feeling while watching them. I checked in with my heart chakra, and my heart told me it was OK. So we sat back down on the porch and finished our champagne, contemplating yet another mystery that will probably never be solved. :-)

Remember, when you see something like this, check in with your heart chakra. Your heart will tell you if it’s friend or foe. Your heart will discern a truth from a lie for you.

~ Dooney

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