Anatomy of an attack

I’ve had a humbling lesson this past week, just when I thought we had our last severe attack figured out (see the post before this one). Turns out that was nothing compared to what I’m going through now. Since July 1 I have been undergoing the most severe attack on me personally, specifically my 3rd chakra, that I have ever experienced. They got to me by threatening Stevo, naturally, and got into my 3rd chakra so completely that I was a basket case of fear for about 48 hours. Looking back on those first two days now, it’s easy to say “oh yeah, I should have done such-and-such”, but let me tell you, when I was in the middle of it, it felt like the end of the world.

I wanted to blog about it because I think it might be an opportunity for those of you reading my blog to learn about how to handle attacks like this. I know there are those of you out there going through the same or worse than this, so maybe I can give you some help just by relating my experience. I feel like I’ve been through the PhD. program in spiritual growth in the past week. Thank God I have Stevo, because he kept me focused on doing the energy work I needed to do to pull myself out of it. Carol and Don and Azti also helped a lot with emergency chats. Thank you my good friends!

Here is basically what happened:

1. On July 1, Stevo was threatened (I won’t go into specifics) and I felt that awful squirt of fear and adrenalin hit my 3rd chakra. I was okay for a few hours, but then the attack began, unbeknownst to me at first. All I felt was an overwhelming fear that got worse and worse as the hours went by, and I couldn’t control it.

2. My mind began spinning out one awful scenario after another, ending with me believing we’d both be dead or in jail within a week. Stevo got me doing the basics: grounding, putting my fear pictures in a rose and blowing them up, then bringing in golden suns to each chakra. It helped, but the energy coming at me was almost overwhelming. I couldn’t get my 3rd chakra to relax at all and I couldn’t take a deep breath.

3. Stevo realized quickly that I was under attack, that this amount of fear was not normal for me. We began dowsing and asking questions to find out who was attacking me. It turns out that the original source of the threat was a CIA agent, so we began boosting him. That gave me some relief and enough breathing room to do more energy work. I blew up hundreds of roses (see the Rose Technique) and kept grounding and refreshing my grounding cord. I somehow managed to get to sleep that night and slept fairly well.

4. As soon as I woke up the next day, July 2, and I mean the second I opened my eyes, the attack started again. I went through the routine of grounding, clearing fear pictures, bringing in golden suns, etc. It helped, but the paralyzing fear kept coming back again and again. Stevo got the intuition that a lot of the fear in my 3rd chakra was from old fear pictures that I had never released over my lifetime. That felt completely right to me, so I began looking at all the fear pictures I’ve ever had. It helped, but it wasn’t enough.

5. By around 11am, I started to get desperate because the fear energy was making me feel so nauseated I couldn’t eat or drink. My blood glucose skyrocketed even though I hadn’t eaten anything. I started to panic. Stevo and I had talked before all this started about dunking in a nearby mountain creek to just clear our space and start our new birthday years with a clean slate. Believe me, when you jump into 50-degree water, nobody wants to be in your space! In the interest of expediency, we decided to do it in a nearby irrigation ditch (mini-creek, it’s clean and lined with rocks) to help get the attackers out of my space. It was an intense half hour or so as Stevo helped me dunk in the shallow stream and get my whole body under. I was scared to death of the cold water and came up gasping and crying, with a lot of energy that wasn’t mine leaving my body. I felt better but soon the fear came back in and I did another dunk.

6. I was better for a while, but the fear energy kept coming back stronger and stronger. I became panicked again because I was sure I couldn’t deal with it. The more I panicked the worse it got. I kept going outside and sungazing (look it up) to help get some divine energy into my body. It helped but didn’t stop the attack. Finally, after watching me cry for an hour, Stevo told me to make a list of every single fear picture that was coming up for me. Write it down, he said, then read each one, blow it up in a rose, and then burn the list. I did that and finally…finally the attack stopped.

7. For some reason, writing down the fear pictures really worked for me. Maybe it’s because I’m a very visual person and I have a semi-photographic memory. Writing things down has always been the easiest way for me to remember things. I’m kind of a nut for remembering phone numbers, as long as I’ve written them down at least once. Anyway, I got some breathing room. I got in the chat with my buds and we worked on the attackers. I did more sungazing, more grounding, brought in more suns. Finally, I thought, it’s over.

8. Wrong! The next morning it began again as soon as I opened my eyes. I got a sick feeling in my stomach and I just knew. So I started the whole thing over again, including writing down more fear pictures. As I went over the fear pictures from the day before, I realized that about half of them didn’t have a charge for me anymore. My written list was about half as long as the day before. I went through them, blew up roses, etc. and the attack stopped. Every few hours that day, they would attack me again. I began to be able to identify my attackers and boost back at them to get them to stop. Each subsequent attack was weaker and weaker. They are still attacking me every morning.

9. Each day got easier and I was able to do a lot of work pursuing my attackers. I’ve been able to go up the chain of command, from the original CIA agent who attacked to the team of agents sending me energy, to their MI6 boss, to his Triad boss, to his insect boss. I even boosted through the insect to his home planet and cleared that out. To me, this was amazing. I’ve done this in chats with a group but never on my own. It’s like my boosting skills have taken a quantum leap forward. Stevo watched all this happen and let me do my thing, knowing that I was supposed to learn this stuff on my own.

10. Today I fooled them by waking up at about 5:30am. The attackers didn’t start on me until 8am, when I started sungazing. Today it was Dogpile On Dooney Day. First a new CIA team attacked me. I neutralized them, then the MI6 guy attacked me. I neutralized him, then a Chinese witch doctor attacked. Got rid of him, then another Triad guy and his insect alien boss attacked together. Yikes! I felt like a ninja fighting off a platoon of attackers like you see in the movies. It took me two hours and the help of one of our big Golden Lemurians for super-charged heart boosting, but I got them all off my back. My “Fear List” only had two items on it today. Progress. Interestingly, a black pickup truck has been driving back and forth down our road many times today, which Stevo and I figured out was a CIA dude trying to intimidate us and defeat our anti-radionics setup.

It’s been a wild ride, folks, and I know it’s not over. I feel I’m being prepared for my next phase in life. I feel I’m supposed to really step up and be a fully functional etheric being. I’ve gotten comfortable with my life, my coaching work, chatting, etc., and it was time to shake up my life and do some more intense work. The purpose is to help lead the planet into a new consciousness. The funny thing is that the day before all this started, I looked at my Cards of Destiny and I have a lot of change and ending cards for this year. Basically the cards were telling me that my life was going to change and I was going to live in a totally different way. I kind of freaked out, thinking we were going to lose our house and everything we love, which pretty much set the stage for my Fear Disaster the following day.

It’s funny how everything works out. I’m more committed now than ever after this intense attack. I’ve got what I consider to be some incredible skills. I’ve got more certainty. I feel more powerful. I’ve worked through lifelong fear issues. I’m not saying that I’m perfect now or I’ll never feel fear again – far from it. But I am much better equipped to handle these intense energy attacks, which I know will continue to some degree. Every time they attack me, I learn more and I become more confident. I can identify my attackers almost right away. I can boost them and neutralize them on my own. I don’t have to rely on Stevo and Carol and Don, although they have helped me a lot and we still chat. I gained the certainty that I need to be stronger.

I’ve had a lot of etheric help. Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael, Big Blue (Stevo’s whale friend), dolphins, Lemurians, sylphs and not least of all, my Creator. I’ve learned a lot about letting the energy of my Creator into my heart. This is no small thing for someone who was raised by atheists. I’ve used a bunch of my crystals, the emerald singing bowl, our Slim Spurling tools, and even my dogs to get me through this. I think I was supposed to learn this stuff so I can teach it to others. And I will.

~ Dooney

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3 Responses to Anatomy of an attack

  1. Edu says:

    I saw this attack wave coming to me and my family last week:

    30/06/2014 = 3+6+2+1+4=16 – The Tower
    1/07/2014 = 1+7+2+1+4 = 15 – The Devil
    2/07/2014 = 2+7+2+1+4 =16 – The Tower, Again

    In my experience, they almost always try to hit us hard in the days which sum 16, The Tower, in the Tarot Deck. The Tower means disaster, failure and sudden disruption by external causes. This is specially true when it’s in the beginning of the week, sunday night, monday and tuesday, where their bad juju is the most potent. A New moon can also potentialize their attacks.

    I use this kind of knowledge as a sort of “weather forecast” for psy attacks so to speak, and it usually helps me to get ready. It does seems to help me absorb some of the sudden shock energy from the attacks.

  2. Kristian says:

    Hi Dooney,

    Thanks for posting about this! I think releasing old fears from one’s life is an excellent thing to do, as no fear-based attack will work unless there is something in one’s own field that it can latch on to (like attracts like). Most people probably don’t know how to release fears though, so posting how you released your fear pictures is a very valuable thing to do.

    On the subject of the 3rd chakra, my own has been very helped by your Inner Guidance bracelet. I discovered that whenever I put this bracelet on, my solar plexus felt better. I first thought that coincidentally some stone in the bracelet was having this effect. Then I came to think of how we often talk about “gut feelings” when talking about our inner guidance.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks for your comments Kristian…It makes sense that the Inner Guidance bracelet feels good in that way. The 3rd chakra is also our Power center, in addition to being the place we hold all our fear. So if you are more intuitive when you wear the bracelet, it’s like honoring your power and confidence in yourself. That’s a really good insight you had!