More thoughts on attacks

My last post was really long (sorry) and I didn’t get a chance to put all my thoughts in, so here’s another postmortem. :-)

• I am relying a lot on my Grounding and my 3rd Chakra Rescue bracelets. I either wear them on my wrist or lay them directly on my 3rd chakra. I ask the stones to help protect the chakra. It’s helped. [Edit] After I wrote this I talked to Carol to get some help in figuring out how to stop them from getting into my 3rd chakra so deeply every morning. She told me to put her Crystal Harmonizer right on my 3rd chakra as much as possible. I took it to bed with me and as soon as I woke up the next morning, I felt the attack. I had fallen asleep holding the Crystal Harmonizer in my hand, and I could feel energy hitting it. I immediately put it on my 3rd chakra, and I could almost see the attack energy hitting the top and scattering. The attack couldn’t reach my 3rd chakra! I had to spend maybe 15 minutes this morning (July 8) getting rid of my attackers, so it was a much improved experience. Thank you Carol!

• I’m relying a lot on dowsing to get answers. I didn’t used to dowse a lot because I didn’t feel I was clear enough to get accurate answers. It’s been getting easier over the years, especially when I hold a Lemurian SP in my left hand while dowsing with the right. This was Don Croft’s idea, and he calls it Turbo-Dowsing. :-) I also have been using one of the Merkaba pendulums that Carol sells on her site (the rose quartz one) and it is definitely more accurate. I highly recommend getting one if you are into dowsing. I also sometimes hold my Herkimer diamond to dowse, as it is a stone for clearing your energy. The clearer and more neutral you are, the more accurate your dowsing will be.

• I’m looking at my fear pictures every day now. I should have been doing this all along but I was getting a bit lazy. Now I’m realizing the importance of getting rid of old fear. I had stuffed a lot in my 3rd chakra, because it’s my family’s way and that’s what I learned. Stevo has advised me from time to time to work on these issues but he knew that someday I would be forced to deal with it. If you don’t listen to the whispers, you get the shout, and I got a big shout last week.

• After writing all this down and publishing it, I feel even better. Even if no one were to read this account, I feel better having put it out there in the ether.

• I believe now that they have been trying to kill me this week by killing my adrenals. For whatever reason, what I do and what I plan to do in the future threatens them enough that they want me gone. They have been trying to kill Stevo for months and we’ve dealt with those attacks. He gained a lot of protection with the passing of his birthday and the energy of the new birth year. I, however, came up to the batter’s box and was next up in line for some schooling. :-)

• I think at this time on the planet we are being asked to choose. Are you in the Love boat or the Fear boat? I think I’ve said this before but it has been driven home in my life in a very dramatic way. Are you going to step up into the Light or not? This is no time to dither and be too busy to do the etheric work. Believe me, I know what it’s like to procrastinate. Procrastination is one of the hallmarks of my Birth Card. :-) Do the work. All the tools and techniques in the world aren’t going to work if you still have fear.

~ Dooney

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  1. Sue says:

    Wow ! Thank you Dooney for posting this … That all sounds so rough. I believe you are right though with what you say about clearing the fear. It is my experience that the closer one gets to the light then expect the fear that we carry around to be brought out to clear. Very hard. As when you are in it, it is near impossible to have clarity and any kind of calm to deal with it.

    I myself have been dealing with a lot of fear and I would like to share about a particular time when it was so intense I couldn’t even leave my house, it caused me to become agoraphobic for a while.
    Back in the summer of 2009 I woke up one morning with my guts churning. Couldn’t think straight. Intense anxiety. The strange thing was, it started at 6am sharp, and went on for 12 hours until 6pm when it would just stop. I couldn’t eat or function in any way. I dowsed on my homeopathic kit and the one that came up was a remedy for puncture wound. Eh? I thought .. I looked at my abdomen and saw 3 puncture marks, small like insect bite and if you joined the dots it would make a triangle shape. I felt baffled. I took the remedy but it didn’t help. I felt desperate. This was happening every single day it was relentless. One morning I woke up at 7 – the gut wrenching anxiety started and continued until 7 in the evening, so always for 12 hours.
    So to cut this rather long story a bit shorter I went back to EFT (emotional freedom technique) something I’d played around with a little a couple of years prior. By now this anxiety had been going on for a few weeks and I was feeling so desperate. EFT is where you tap on certain points and say an affirmation. For those who aren’t familiar with this check out website.
    So I started doing this.
    I was feeling this extreme anxiety in my solar plexus so I used the affirmation ” Even though I have fear of my own power I deeply accept myself”. It worked. At first I felt all my energy system move about, it was a strange sensation. It calmed it. Then a little while later it would flare up again. I continued tapping. It continued to calm it. For another 2 weeks or so I had to continue to tap and say this affirmation.
    It would calm it, then it would flare up again. So I kept tapping. Eventually it did stop it entirely. It got to the point where I would feel it rising up ( the fear) and I wouldn’t even need to tap, I would just say those powerful words in my mind and it would stop there and then.
    Phew !
    That whole escapade went on for about 6 to 7 weeks.

    I wanted to write about this to help others out there that may be wading through the thick swamp of fear .. As reading how you dealt with your attack/fear is very interesting and extremely helpful.
    Thank you Dooney for sharing :)


    • dooney says:

      Thanks for your comments Sue. Stevo and I are familiar with EFT, having used it ourselves for years. I haven’t used it yet for these particular fear pictures, although I have done that a lot in the past with other fears. It really is a fast, effective way to get through the emotional layers to the real issue and get the energy associated with that issue out of your space. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Edu says:

    Another hint is to check and boost your kidney meridans. The kidney meridian governs fear as well as willpower, and may serve as doorway for fear attacks.

  3. Edu says:

    One thing that helped me A LOT to thrash out old stuff in my soul was fasting. Fasting and prayer. Old fashioned but very very efficient if you can make a 7 days fasting, consuming only fruit and vegetables juices. Here are some of Don Bradley’s blogs about it:

    The day we had our last session and kicked the first Draconian I was in my 5th day of fasting. Few days ago I just finished my longest, 10 days, fasting and juicing, after I made some foolish fear induced actions and felt mad with myself. In every instance I felt a sudden increase in creativity, clarity, psychism and even spiritual guidance. So if your health and obligations allow you, a juice fasting would really be helpfull, I think. It’s also a terrific way for healing the body and I’m sure Stevo will probably know how to help you with it.

    I had situations when they injected fear in me (probably not with the same resources as in your case), but it usually blows right in their face because every time I’m in fear I fight like crazy. Like a wild animal in a corner.

    Off course, it’s not a good thing, and most decisions made in fear are outright stupid when looked after it because 99% of what we fear never happens anyway. We never see the real stuff comming anyway, so fear is just useless. I really like this DB article about fear, as well as his many others:

    I don’t care if I die, I’ll die fighting!!! We all died many times, we all will die one day and many more times yet to come. So it’s really nothing new. It’s living spiritually the very best one can what really matters to me, regardless of results.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks for your comments Edu. Funny thing is, just a few days before all this happened we got a new juicer and have been juicing a lot. I haven’t fasted and I don’t know if it would work for me with my blood sugar situation, but we have definitely felt an increase in energy from the juicing. I have a lot of produce coming out of my garden right now so we are using all of it.

      • Brisa says:

        Hi ,
        if this can help someone, I have found that the “physical” part of the fear and anxiety are closely related to reactive hypoglycemia, which can be controlled to maintain proper food. Lots of people have this condition but do not know, this by itself can generate serious panic attacks, terrible anxiety (as an indefinable “fear of life”) and many other difficult things to deal with. Causes big “ups and downs” of hormones as a result, you may have a caught in a roller coaster of emotions, from over-enthusiasm to feel like a wreck.

        When I finally realized this, when he was years not take sugar (I’m not diabetic, but several therapists showed me that sugars did not suit me) I have experienced a BIG improvement on anxiety.

        I noticed, for example, of taking in too many carbohydrates snacks (cookies made with complete floor, supposedly very healthy, drinks from cereals without sugar –but maltose– several fruits together, etc). The reaction came to me after a few hours and was a indefinable mixture of “emotional fear” and symptoms (sweating, tremors, etc.) of being about to faint (I, that never faint).
        Finally I learned that one of the tricks is to do 5 or 6 right meals a day, and, specially, all of them have some kind of PROTEIN.
        (And every time only a single fruit, etc). There is much information about reactive hypoglycemia on the Internet.

        Still I have learning to “fear not scare me” and tone up my third chakra. I’m long gathering forces to refuse to let me invade by fear when begins detected.
        Dooney tips help me a lot.
        Thank you for share it.

      • dooney says:

        Thanks for your thoughts Brisa. You are right….sugar is a known depressant, not only of your immune system but also of your emotional state. You do get a “sugar high” from sugar and excessive carbs, but there’s usually a crash after that. Great advice!

      • Matt says:

        In addition to the above suggestions, I’d give metals a mention, too. Particularly mercury, which is the most common offender, thanks to amalgams and vaccines. It’s hard to find adults without at least two amalgams, not even counting the root canals, crowns, et cetera.

        Various influences can greatly hinder the excretion of mercury salts, including genetic factors, like APOE-IV status. This goes some way in explaining how some people are seemingly without symptoms, despite a dozen amalgams, or more, whilst some deteriorate with just a couple.

        If you have been neurologically compromised through mercury toxicity, you may well be suffering from crushing anxiety that you needn’t be, in addition to a considerable range of other symptoms. Hypervigilance, a sense of burden or entrapment, irritability, learning disabilities and autism, painful intestinal discomfort… it really is no joke at all. Take it from me.

        I’m in real, serious trouble right now with mercurialism issues, and the extent of it only hit home recently. I simply hadn’t considered that such a commonplace, accepted thing could be so lethal, and could be responsible for my problems.

        At least you Americans have a robust alternative health community… no such luck here in Blighty.

        I’m having to undertake my own naturopathic detox, without the effective synthetic protein chelators like DMSA, DMPS, EDTA et cetera. It is a dodgy, delicate process, fraught with peril. There are horror stories online to testify to that.

        Metals can be a real hell if you’re unlucky.

      • Edu says:

        To Matt:

        Dr Von Peters is a great naturopath and can treat people worldwide, see:

        I’m Brazilian and he treats my mother chronical diseases. She also showed increased mercury levels, which are lower now because of the treatment.