A cat story

This is really Stevo’s story but I don’t know if he’ll ever post it, and it was really something remarkable. I was reminded of it when we were telling the story to Dean and Kathy, who recently visited to get treatments from Stevo. It was great to meet a couple of fellow chatters in person, by the way, because the ironic thing about being an etheric warrior is that some of our closest friends are people we have never met! :)

Boots, le petit chat, queen of our universe

Anyway, this is a story about one of our cats, Boots, who adopted us when were living in San Jose, California. She just walked into our house and took us over (really, she conquered Stevo, who was not a cat person). We weren’t supposed to have a cat (rental house) so she was an outdoor kitty. She was being chased by all the boy cats in the neighborhood since she wasn’t spayed, but even after I had her spayed she still got into a lot of fights.

One night, Stevo brought her in and sat her on his lap and did a little meditation with her. He basically showed her how to protect her space and did a little energy work with her. After about ten minutes or so, she jumped off his lap and went to the back door to be let out. I let her out, and she returned about five minutes later with a mouse, dropped it on the back step and asked to be let in. I let her in and she immediately ran into the living room where Stevo was still sitting and looked at him, meowed and stood there waiting. I swear, it was just like watching Lassie fetch Grandpa because Timmy was stuck in the well!

Anyway, I told him that she wanted him to come look at the mouse. He got up and she led him over to the mouse. He oohed and aahed over it, then threw it in the bushes in the backyard. She brought it back immediately and dropped it on the back step. She wouldn’t touch it since she had brought it for him. That’s animal communication! I have never seen an animal act in such a “human” manner, i.e. with such obvious intention and clear communication. Her body language literally said “Come see what I got for you, Dad!”

So, as I said in another post, don’t try so much to communicate with animals verbally. You’ll have much better success communicating with them on an energy level. After all, they are much more intimately connected with the earth, even a coddled domestic animal that rarely goes outside is better connected than most humans.

~ Dooney

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One Response to A cat story

  1. happyjim says:

    Hello friends, your Boots reminds me of the two cats given me one each by two different people. A Kathleen, gave me her kitten, Oreo and later on it was discovered that his real name was Zotz. The other one was given me by a country boy who named her China and he also gave her a nick-name, “Diddy-boo”. She responded nicely to both. And Zotz? He almost never responded to Oreo but he really perked up when I asked him, “Zotz, is that your name?” he implied an affirmative Meeee-ow! Unfortunately, I was not able to keep them for as long as they lived due to circumstances beyond my control but, I see them in other’s eyes as they own us continuously.
    Happy to know you two are fine. happyjim / Rama Nu