The point of it all

I think Stevo and I have discovered why we experienced the aforementioned energy upgrades. The last two months have been some of the most intense, directed energy attacks we have ever experienced. It started with a local person who got to us through Stevo’s business, and once we realized what was happening, it took all of our tools to just get the energy deflected a bit. We had to place Apache Tears every three feet around the foundation of the house to get some breathing room. Then we had to do a focused, homemade, radionics-type boosting using a reptoid repellent, a Slim Spurling environmental harmonizer and a combo of Ultra High C tone and the emerald singing bowl recording. The thing that really stopped this person’s energy attacks for good, though, was 13D heart boosting.

I think the lesson here was that regardless of the tools available, what we really needed to do was use our hearts, the most powerful tool of all. It was a good reminder for us. I did some emergency gifting, of course, and we realized that this person was connected to someone who had plagued us ten years ago. I don’t think we could have handled this severe of an attack before the energy upgrades. The aftershocks continue, with the overseers of this local person getting retaliation on us by covering Stevo with a clear, etheric goo that has really messed with his energy. Luckily we’ve had the help of Don and Carol to deal with this. They have done many emergency chats with us, and they brought Azti over this past week to fly over this local tormentor and EP the area.

Our birthdays are this month, so our Cards of Destiny are changing and it seems that a lot of this strife will be behind us. But The Powers That Were really don’t want us learning these new skills, helping people with their lessons, AND kicking reptile booty too. :-) I’m hoping that we get a chance to catch our breath and regroup, but the way things are going on the planet we may not have that luxury. We’ll keep doing our thing and keep using our hearts, honing our skills. Never give up!

~ Dooney

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One Response to The point of it all

  1. Ewok warrior says:

    Heart boosting coming to the Fantastic Five.Cant wait till these critters are done.Happy Birthday y’all!