Goodbye to a friend

Our friend Chuck Tellechea, who was the webmaster for the Etheric Warriors forum, has passed away. We are sad to lose Chuck (Azti on the EW forum) and we will miss him as a friend and as the forum webmaster. Carol, Stevo and I believe he was not meant to die at this time and was helped along. I have no proof of this but our intuition. This is a serious strike against the EW forum and Don and Carol’s livelihood, and against our unorganized grassroots movement. Etheric Warriors and World Without Parasites are both down and we are working to get them back up. In the meantime, you can order all of their products, including zappers, on Carol’s website at There’s no reason for the sites to have gone down after Chuck’s death, but there you have it. It’s no coincidence.

As far as we are concerned, this shows how desperate they have become to stop us. It underlines how serious the threats are and that we have to be very, very careful. Straying from the spiritual path is not an option at all anymore. It’s exhausting to be alert and careful all the time. But that’s where we are at now. Our etheric focus will help save our lives, I’m sure of it. Staying in a higher state of consciousness is critical now. Neutrality. Breathing. Being grounded. Being multi-dimensional. Focusing on Love. Taking care of our physical bodies is critical as well. Any physical weakness can be exploited energetically and blown out of proportion. That’s what I think happened to Chuck.

This is what being an Etheric Warrior is about folks. It’s not about “fighting” in the traditional sense of the word. It’s not war. It’s about being strong and claiming your rights and your freedom, and helping others to do the same. It’s about Love: being Love, teaching Love and radiating Love. Our friend Chuck doesn’t have to contend with the physical challenges anymore and he can now just BE LOVE. Chuck was a musician, and computer whiz, a pilot and a kind soul. We will miss him.

~ Dooney

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  1. Frode says:

    I’d like to confirm the suspicions of poisoning. Azti has been working with me in the last few days in the etheric (posted some more about that on EW). Yesterday and today I’ve been feeling out of sorts, shivering and sleeping in the daytime. I thought it was just because I was tired, because I’m healthy otherwise. Didn’t occur to me it might be the lingering effects of how he passed over (I’m an empath). Sluggish feelings, sides aching a bit (kidney problems?).

    • dooney says:

      Thanks Frode, that sounds like the things Carol, Stevo and I were experiencing right after Chuck’s death. It went away when we boosted him and his situation.

      • Frode says:

        It is intense these days for sure. I did use the zapper and also I’ve taken bentonite clay, just in case.

        My dad came to visit on Friday, he said a funeral car had been either behind him or in front of him all the way over, he lives 1 1/2 hours drive away. He said it was unpleasant (he is not into conspiracies or reads about them). Later in the day, we went biking, and a funeral car past us by (this is out in the countryside, not in the city). That caused me to think, what is this? I affirmed nothing bad will happen, and there is plenty of help and protection.

        (PS.I appreciate this blog, it probably helps a lot of people who are under attack, simply from knowing they are not the only one).

      • dooney says:

        Hi Frode,
        I think people are apt to dismiss such things as the same car going by over and over, simply because they can’t believe anything like that could happen to them. It’s great to hear more examples of this so others will know it’s not just them. :-) Your dad could feel the negative energy coming from that car, and I think more and more people are becoming sensitive to things like that.

    • Edu says:

      Just for the record, I think there might be a a widespread poisoning campaign against us acting in conjunction to psychic attacks. Lately I have been witnessing the same urinary infections symptoms among my family, some friends that are helping me with gifting and people that live around us. They start with urinary infection which progress to blood in the urine from kidney damage and, in bad cases, blood infection. This will additionally weaken the energy system to psychic attacks. I think the psychic attack makes sure the poison does the worst damage, but people with fragile health may suffer more.

      • dooney says:

        Thanks Edu, I know that several people I do energy work with have been poisoned recently, so I think you are right. I feel like the key is to try and stay healthy and stay on your path no matter what. What you eat, drink and breathe really does matter.

  2. Edu says:

    All the gifters I talked about this showed not only indignation but reinforced will to fight against these attacks. They caused us no fear. It’s glad to know that Chuck is well, despite this sad end.

    I think this has something to do with a recent drop in traffic that “alternative media” sites are having. Some suspect AIs are being used to divert internet traffic and prevent new people from reaching key sites, like this ex-NSA guy, Jim Stone (read bellow). By the way he strongly advises against WordPress saying it’s very compromised by NSA. I think they took the chance to exploit this unnoticed:

    “Hi Jim, point understood re appearance of no/highly limited new traffic to the site. I am wondering if it’s possible to determine within an acceptable likelihood what drives new traffic to the site. Is it individual word of mouth? Is it people mentioning the site in comments sections? Is it people mentioning the site in social media?

    My response: What has happened is that filters have been put in place to prevent alt media stories from going viral. It is not only this web site. It would be affecting everything you stated. As many people have said, they have no problems accessing this site from new computers (I do not either, I hit it from random cybers all the time) so that is not the issue. The problem is that when something gets posted that should be popular, nothing shows up in the traffic stats. In the past, when any big story hit traffic would triple or even go up by as much as 10X. Now, no matter what is going on, it stays completely static. It does not go up or down by even 300 people, when before it would fluctuate by as much as 500, 000 if the story was huge, and usually you would see peaks and dips of 30, 000 or so as a normal matter of course.

    The normal baseline is where it has always been, but there are no peaks anymore because something is clipping them off. And I have noticed that very few really good stories are making it to the forums, even though they are still getting posted. It is as if there is an approved list that is drawn up daily, and if it is not on that list, it is not allowed to go anywhere. In the past, I used to see great stuff pop up on various forums from many people in alt media. About two months ago, that changed. Now it is all just flatlined nothingness. And when I have posted stuff I have found to forums, it either gets wiped out, or trips bans. Something is really amiss. Nothing I have posted anywhere lately has stuck. And I don’t post what I put on this web site, it is other people’s stuff, so it is not just me.

    This happens from cyber cafe computers also, so it is not that I have been flagged (I can’t be flagged, that’s impossible) because of the way I am configured but it seems content gets scanned, and that is what triggers deletes and bans. It is happening so rapidly and so completely that only an AI could ever do it. It is as if an AI is vacuuming up entire alt media articles and comparing text strings as stuff goes across the web to decide if it makes it or not.

    I strongly suspect that if anyone in alt media checks their own stats (not Alexa) they are going to see that things are trending downward, starting in May, and that nothing is going viral anymore, it is all just flatlined.

    So hopefully this clarifies what I am talking about in my post about this site not being able to progress. It is not only this web site – things are getting very bland in the infosphere, unless you have time to hit 500 unique locations and see what everyone has posted. Before it was much easier because anything good would pop up in 10 or 12 places that are easy to check. That is not happening anymore because something huge is stopping it. If people can’t get their stuff linked by readers anywhere outside of their web sites they will slowly die. And that is precisely what the goal of the elite has to be if they want alternative views shut down, so they can rig elections and fool everyone at will.

    Anyway, the post “this web site cannot progress” is not specifically about this web site, it is about all of alt media. It appears we are fast approaching a flash point.”

  3. KatherineA says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Please stay safe. I’ve been trying to send energetic protection to you all.

    I can’t stop wondering why now, though. Is there something nefarious they want to keep you all from blocking? Was Chuck or the Crofts working on something they didn’t want finished? Both? Unfortunately it may be important at this terrible time to figure this out. This seems like a major escalation to overcome all the protections I’m sure Chuck had.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks for your kind thoughts, Katherine. We assume that the goal was to generate fear and throw a major monkey wrench into the livelihood of Carol and Don. It also may have something to do with something that’s going to happen in the near future. We never really know for sure, except that things like this are designed to throw people of their path. Carol looked at Chuck’s Cards of Destiny and he didn’t have a death card on the day he died, which you would typically see, but he did have a sacrifice card. We were in a group chat looking at the situation and I wondered about a sacrifice card, and Carol found that he did have one on the day he died. We did a lot of boosting and afterwards I felt quite a bit of peace and relief from the emotions that Chuck’s death stirred up. So maybe his sacrifice was to help get the rest of us farther along on our path. In any case, Chuck was a brave man and will be missed.

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