Just talk about it

Things have been a bit hectic since Don’s websites went down after Chuck’s death. I was finally able to get both sites transferred to a new hosting company and they are both today showing up on the web (finally), with just a few bugs on the WWP site. Coincidentally, or not, Don was contacted today by the guy who has possession of the servers that the sites used to be on, so it looks like we can retrieve the old data. If the guy had contacted us a week ago, we probably would have had him just get the sites going again, but since we didn’t know how and when that might happen we went ahead and moved the domains and started over.

An lot of interference happened while I was trying to get the new sites set up, but I kept slogging on. I think this was a necessary move even with all the hassle. Just this morning I was talking to Stevo about why the sites kept going up and down in the past day and when we got back inside the sites were up. It reminded me of something Carol has said a lot, which is if you have a problem, or an intuition that something is going to happen, or a feeling about something, talk about it. Bring it into the open with words, because that can take a lot of energy off the situation and it can resolve smoothly and without a lot of drama. This also can help if you are being attacked. Don’t suffer in silence. Talk about it.

So in this whole process of encountering interference of a technical nature, I just kept talking it out. I didn’t get angry and overly frustrated, and I kept breathing. I kept my goal in mind, and I talked about my goal. I think it helped a lot. I asked for help from people when I needed it, and I kept taking forward steps. It was a real lesson for me in patience, persistance and breathing.

~ Dooney

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