You just gotta laugh

I had to post this funny little story because things are getting so ridiculous. I posted before about gaslighting and how they try to freak us out by hiding things, moving things, leaving doors open, etc. Well one of the things they do is to hide the tennis balls that we throw for our dogs in our pasture.

It’s not that we throw a ball and the dogs can’t find it. I’m talking about a ball that is on the ground near me that disappears when I turn away for a moment. Then 5 or 10 minutes later, or sometimes the next day, the ball just shows up near where I’m standing. Today the cloaked wanker who has the pathetic job of doing this dropped the ball, literally. I was standing in an open area with my dogs, dealing with the young one who was hogging two balls. A third ball had gone missing moments earlier. I turned my head to the right and saw the third ball, covered in fresh dog slobber, drop out of the air.

I immediately laughed and told the wanker that I felt sorry for him for having such a pathetic job and being such a loser. They do this kind of thing to make you mad and upset you so they can feed off your energy. When you are happy and laughing they can’t feed off you.

This is a good reason to cultivate a neutral energy about all the stuff going on in your life and around the planet. Don’t feed the monsters! Again, a simple concept but not always easy to do.

~ Dooney

IMG_0809UPDATE: A little while after posting this I went out on my front porch to find this scrap of deer hide sitting right near the door. My animals were all inside so it wasn’t put there by any of them and I had been on the porch shortly before this and it wasn’t there at that time. Maybe the wanker that hangs out in my pasture was unhappy that I made fun of him and then posted about it. Too bad, so sad! But you see how lame he is? Poor guy probably doesn’t know how to read either. 😊

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4 Responses to You just gotta laugh

  1. Geoff says:

    I might add in that cryptids such as bigfoot are known to leave things like that. There could be several things going on at once.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks for your insight Geoff. More than once we have felt a Sasquatch around us, and have heard very strange growling/screeching noises in the woods. It drives our dogs crazy!

  2. César says:

    Do not delay in writing, visualize your breathing when your mind is distracted from the path.
    Let’s go in good direction friend.

  3. César says:

    Hello Dooney,
    When I read your comments it seems like you are reading my diary or we have parallel lives.
    I also do the same to me but with the house keys or the cigarette lighter to light the tobacco. I think they do it out of desperation, I also laugh at their actions and actions by their son ridiculous and absurd, I also think “forgiveness because you do not know what you do, there is no ass of evolution in an absurd and incorrect direction, Nor are you to blame for growing up in those non-constructive circles and because you are an extension of myself. ” I also think “leave them … so are entertained” and even deceive them by pretending that this action so absurd annoys me .. This works for me.
    Now I am being intensely attacked and your message has conveyed tranquility, thank you.
    It also helps me to listen to music, and I give the meaning that my body needs to increase the vibrational frequency inside.
    Sometimes we can not choose the music we listen to but we can choose how to dance it.
    There are no delays with your messages, and visualize your breathing if your mind is distracted from your path.
    We are going in a good direction.