Seen any chemtrails lately?

Stevo had read me a blurb a few weeks ago about the chemtrail program being shut down. Not knowing if it was real info or disinfo, I’ve been watching the skies (which I do anyway). I have to say that I haven’t seen a chemtrail since he brought that up, which is very unusual for us. I was wondering what you all have noticed. Our skies have been beautiful and we are getting normal rains, not too much and not too little.

~ Dooney

UPDATE 4-19-18: Lots of comments on this post and everyone is still seeing chemtrails, so this was disinfo. It’s good for us to check in with each other, so thanks for the comments! Still no chemtrails here that I’ve seen…

2nd UPDATE 4-19-18: Ha! They started spraying over us right after I posted the first update…wankers! :-)

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32 Responses to Seen any chemtrails lately?

  1. Hector says:

    México, Guadalajara. They have been spraying cheimtrils as I have never seen before. I am by starting to make orgonites …

  2. chadm says:

    Kansas City, Missouri here. Used to see them all the time almost everyday. I started noticing them in the mid 2000’s and they continued until a year or so ago. Very heavy in the Obama years seems to have stopped soon after Trump. Who’s knows why.., THEY arent saying…lol

  3. Purple Moon says:

    Are they spraying in Montana?? I’ve seen them in central Wyoming which surprised me because it was then I understood more fully that they SPRAY WHERE POPULATIONS ARE… creepy and damaging to Lungs. (including mine)

    I’m trying to figure out where in the USA there are currently (2019) NO CHEMTRAILS??

    Or at least, very little spraying ??
    Thanks! :-)

    • dooney says:

      Hi there, we do still get chemtrails in Montana, and the more I post about it the more they spray. We’ve had more in the past week than we’ve had for the past year! Anyway, I just boost when I see one and the sylphs usually show up before I really get started. They take care of any chemtrails very quickly.

  4. maretha says:

    I live in Perth, Australia. Seeing it every other day but they are doing it in the nights so that it looks spread out when everyone wakes up. East Coast of Australia especially One Mile Beach you sit on the beach and can observe them spraying daily.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks for the update Maretha. It seems that some areas around the globe have less spraying now and some have more. We have very little here in Montana, Carol reports much fewer chemtrails over Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, and a friend in Hot Springs, MT recently remarked that they never see chemtrails anymore.

  5. Roger says:

    Dallas tx back after a month of monitoring… wish I could post pngs. Zero non cloudy days that aren’t perfectly clear. dfw area has a lot of flight activity both commercial and military. No chem trails.

  6. Roger says:

    Dallas tx today very brite ZERO chem trails… first time noticing zero from horizon to horizon for decades. Bookmarked site will post additional updates this year any clear days with or without chems now that my eyes are open

  7. angelo mitchell says:

    Hi Dooney and friends,
    I live in West Texas. I was aware that chemtrail activity had nearly desisted for months, then began to notice them appearing again, recently. I took this to signify that the cabal- mostly corporate elite, had run into some opposition; despite what the mainstream minds think about the Trump administration, I can see the generals in his cabinet have been fighting for the good guys (to wit, thousands of sealed indictments implicating the power elite behind the NWO).
    So I went to my source (, with a 95% accuracy rate and discovered that Trump apparently issued a sealed EO criminalizing chemtrail spraying. Following the timeline, it was clear that the chemtrails stopped after the EO was issued but apparently resumed once the perps modified their organization to clutter the hierarchy between them and the act; in other words, the perps made it more difficult to be identified!
    This is why aggressive redress from the level of the physical, the relative, doesn’t seem to change things long term.
    Isn’t it best- and enough, to simply be the change we want to see in the world? That is, aligning our desires with the highest good for all and integrating these ideals into our personal realities. I don’t pretend to know anything- just asking…

    • dooney says:

      Thanks for the info Angelo. I think it’s true that doing things on the physical level alone are not enough in this etheric war. That’s why my chat group does the boosting as well. There’s just so much boosting to do it gets overwhelming. And yes, I do believe we need to be the change and create our own reality. There’s a great phrase from the movie “Coach Carter” where the coach says “I just can’t support that message”. That’s what I say when I come across someone asking me why I don’t follow some of the conventional cultural mores. I just don’t support that message. It’s a pretty neutral way to get the message across, without sounding judgemental, that you are going to create your reality and not let someone else create it for you. Also, I’ve noticed that while we do have some chemtrails again, it is still orders of magnitude fewer than we used to have, so interesting to watch developements.

  8. mcode says:

    Hello Dooney. Here in France (near Paris) there are still chemtrails.

  9. JT says:

    Agree that its disinfo.

    I have noticed a change though.

    They are increasingly spraying out shorter trails and I’m thinking that the strategy is to make them look more like clouds rather than streaking up the skies.

    But the disinfo is that it isn’t just about the streaky skies, its the metals and such harming our health and the earth. Typical big brother crap.

  10. Jordan Foltz says:

    I always keep my eyes on the sky, and starting in April of this year, I definitely noticed a significant drop-off in chem trails. This is the first time I did an internet search to see if I was alone in this observation, and it looks like I’m not.

    I’m not going to say I haven’t seen “any”—because I have seen some. But nowhere near what I’d been seeing before this April.
    One here and there.

    • dooney says:

      Same here, Jordan. Since April we now see a trail once in a while, not every day. Very significant change for us.

  11. JT says:

    Chemtrails alive and multiplying in Floriduh.

    Hoping to buy a cloudbuster soon to take a wack at em.

  12. Jack says:

    Haven’t seen any in central Arizona area for at least 3 or 4 months. It was a regular thing, going back at least 10 or 15 years (or longer) up until that recently. The jet contrails are much smaller and more defined now, even under conditions that support formations of lots of high, fine cirrus clouds. I think it was David Seaman in a video around 6 weeks ago who claimed an insider told him they were shutting it down. Do see other states claiming they are still doing it. Best whistleblower I know about is Kristen Meghan Edwards.

  13. Gregory says:

    Hi Dooney.Lots here in Texas.An X directly over my small apartment this week.More Sylph activity than usual to boot.

  14. B.A. Reid says:

    A woman in Edmonton posted a pic of a heavily laden chemtrail sky in her city on FB this week. There might be a reduction in the amount of chemtrails out there, but it has not stopped.

  15. April 17, lots of chem trail planes over Winnipeg, Manitoba. Could see 3 at a time looking in one direction. Morning and afternoon most trails would disappear, in the evening they started to stick. By 8 pm lots of trails had accumulated as the sun was going down. My ears ring with the EMF and at times the ringing is very loud. There has been a lot of chem trail activity in the last few weeks. I see reports of tornadoes in the USA. >800 TBs, 20 HHGs, 1 CB, 1 small CB, 1 Power Wand used with a pipe, a 114 grid, and 1 Howie (how…zer from s. Africa) obviously not enough. Another Howie on order.

  16. Tess says:

    Dear Dooney! I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for listing the law of light book by muhl on you resources I ordered it hoping it would help me to put my Christian (catholic) background in order. It is helping and much more. Also, yes, fewer chemtrails here in Richmond va lately. I’ve focused a lot on shifting to the most benevolent timeline for each, every and all and this may be evidence of progress. See pages 68-70 in the muhl book! Cheers!

  17. Angel says:

    Hi Dooney, we have more chemtrails, now, than ever before…here in the Highlands of Scotland.

  18. Averil Heath says:

    Yes I have seen them. I live around the corner near Bozeman. But, I have also heard that there is counter spraying going on…

  19. Caroline (Cal) Smith says:

    I don’t see as many but do see them.. Yesterday I saw a long one also lots of sylphs. Crofts have just been here. I wonder if they saw any.


  20. Alfredo says:

    Over here in Cebu, we can still observe ChemTrail’s and also HAARP clouds. But we gifted our small town with few hundred small orgonits. You can always observe how
    Sylph or Sylphid clouds aperes and disolve in short the trails or haarp clouds.

  21. Patty ziegler says:

    Hi Dooney, I am happy to have found you on line. I enjoyed the gifting video you did with Carol. I’ve been gifting cell towers lately and it was helpful to hear advice about that. They are still spraying in NM. Though recently big chem clouds. We’ve had almost no snow and no rain all winter. We really need rain!

  22. ken kegley says:

    hello. i am in wisconsin so is the rest of the world. it seems Cali is really getting hit. lots of us have been working on this. there are many ET races doing this as well as humans
    take care

  23. kate says:

    We do still see them here in California, constantly every day. But I do have to say there’s been rain which means they have stopped for a day or two to let it rain. I noticed the weather goes crazy when they stop the chemtrails….it automatically rains and gets windy like it used to be back in the day in SF. I really hope this chemtrail genocide ends, it would be the best news ever!

  24. kim says:

    my guess is psyops, to get us to let our guard down. Stop, start, slow down, start again, lets get the conspiracy theorists mind off ” other things ”
    Preppers stopped prepping when Trump was elected.

  25. kim says:

    I saw same thing. about a week ago. Didnt see any for a few days. I did see them yesterday, while camping at a state park near amarillo texas