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Done By Dooney
"The thing [implant] in my back was gone, one morning, after a week of T-Rex zapping. That evening, the thing in my back had reappeared. I did not understand it's reappearance. Someone suggested it was an implant by a description of it's behavior. I did not know what it was. I was not familiar with implants outside of the rumor mill.

Laura removed the etheric part of the thing in my back (implant) and suggested remedial action. Two mornings later, the thing in my back and has NOT returned. Thanks to Laura Weise's energy work, the implant is gone.

Thank you Laura!"

Done By Dooney
"I've never done an energy coaching session before so was not sure what to expect... It was a surprising experience! As Dooney commenced her review, I felt sensations on my skin and inside my body very strongly as blockages were swiftly removed from my legs and chakras. Sometimes I felt like laughing out loud, and at other points I felt quite sad! We discussed and practiced a grounding technique that Dooney intuited might be the correct one for me. This has proved a very fast and effective way of grounding, I can ground almost anywhere and feel the benefits quickly."

Done By Dooney
Dooney is very grounded and neutral. At the same time she has a big heart and a desire to help others. Those qualities, together with her natural psychic abilities make Dooney a truly wonderful "coach" of the etheric, helping people regain the ground under their feet and the Love in their hearts.

The best endorsement I can give is to recommend everyone to try out the exercises that she has freely available here in her website. Can you imagine how it would be if you were only taught how to bathe a the age of 27? Well that's kind of out if feels now looking back at my initial encounter with "grounding" exercises. Knowing simple exercises to cleanse and recharge myself and doing etheric tuning on my own chakras? Priceless! ;-)

Some people pick up these tools quicker than others. Besides doing work on your etheric being (clearing up old "cobwebs" and the like) Dooney will guide you on how to use the tools yourself if necessary, so that you can stand on your two feet. Dooney is very non-guru about this and tries her best so that we are as active participating in the session as possible. This is also about taking responsibility for ourselves. Have fun! ;-)

Done By Dooney
If you think you are stuck in a situation under psychic or electromagnetic attack, don't think twice in having a coaching session with Dooney. Everytime I did she helped me breakthrough and reach a new standard for keeping my space clear. She can spot many tricks the NWO and non-human entities use to harass people and help you defeat them. She's also a very flexible, accessible and understanding person.

Her bracelets are very powerfull. I once was having a hard time sleeping because of all awfull EMF attacks directed to me all night long. Wearing the Ultimate Protection and EMF Protection bracelets togheter really helped me resist the attacks better and sleep. They are a great complement to Carol Croft's Harmonic Protector.

Thanks a lot coach!

Done By Dooney
"Hi Dooney,
Thanks for the last session, it was amazing. Afterwards everyone at work was being infected by my aura as you said. I had one member of staff come up to me and shout completely out of the blue 'Life is amazing, life is for living!' I smiled."

Done By Dooney
"There are natural means to help insure that the "armor of God" is effective in protecting us, but they must be learned. Laura Weise is a counselor who works to help people learn how to activate the natural protective mechanisms that God has given us.

I have found her conscientious, helpful and effective in my own life. I recommend her to others who wish to learn these methods to "put on the whole armor of God" for their protection against the NWO. She also makes lovely bracelets which serve to increase the body's magnetic field and enhance health and well-being.

Thank you Dooney for your help.God bless,"

Done By Dooney

"Dooney, I love my bracelet! It fits perfect. It's beautiful! I like the way the stones are arranged asymetrically, not repeating patterns. It reads like a code, as you turn it. Also my business is great, picked-up about the same time I got the bracelet. I love it!"

Done By Dooney

"Hi Laura,I received the bracelets today the 28th. I just LOVE them!!!!!!!The energy is so clean and pure.I placed all of them on my wrists and enjoyed the "sailing". A beautiful and useful product.Thank you so very much, I will wear and use them well. Love and Light and Many Blessings."

Done By Dooney
"Thank you, the bracelet is awesome! Here is what I like so much about it: it seems to strengthen the outside edge of my energy sphere so it is easier for me to repel things, even without my thinking about it. My energy spheres feels more resilient too. I think it works well with Carol's HP for protection.

Yes, now that I am thinking more about it, it feels like being inside a dodec, though the bracelet feels more fluid and therefore less rigidly structured. From the bracelet I get a calm, fluid feeling that all is moving well in the world.

The other cool thing is your energy signature is very strongly all through it. I didn't know that stones could carry a signature like that. I haven't worked with stones much though. I thought only crystals did that. Thank you again for sending it! I love it."

Done By Dooney
"I received my bracelet today in the post and it is beautiful! I somewhat sense the energy within it. It is my impression it seems to amplify dowsing. I have worn the bracelet today and have noticed my intuition is more clear, and I feel a sense of calm and peace. This bracelet is tops and I would encourage others to see what the gemstones may do for them. Thanks again Laura!"

Done By Dooney
"This is just a quick note to say "thanks" for the ametrine bracelet you sent me. On a 3-D level the crystal beads are of high quality, a lovely clear blend of purple and yellow, which looks nice evenly spaced between the beads of gold. I also appreciate the thoughtful touch of using thick elastic cord to hold the whole thing together. I've had other bracelets that have broken due to the use of cheap and thin stretch cord, but this one is very sturdy.

On a higher plane the bracelet is very energetic indeed. It protects well from negative outside influence, and I'm rarely out of the house without it on my wrist or in my pocket. It's so convenient to carry that there's no need to go without it's high and loving vibration. I often experience a high pitched "riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg" when I put it on, the frequency being so high and strong I actually hear it.

Thanks for custom making the ametrine and gold combo for me, I'm very glad I have it."

Done By Dooney
"While wearing the custom "higher consciousness" bracelet made by Dooney, I find that, on the right wrist it helps in conveying higher thoughts to others and on the left wrist it assists me to be more sensitive and harmonious with others. Plus its pretty!"

Done By Dooney
"Just wanted to give you a little report on my use of your Super Psychic bracelet. It may be contributing to my psychic enhancement but I cant say for sure. What I can say for sure is that when I wear it while sleeping it has affected my dreaming. In my dreaming when I have interactions with people it has been much clearer and I can participate in the interaction much more. For instance if I want to interact with someone I can choose to do so now and it results in a more enjoyable dreaming experience. Pretty cool."

My response to J.M.: I think what may be happening with your dreams is that you are getting prepared in the dream state to be more psychic in the waking state. It's kind of like psychic training wheels. I'm glad you are so aware of what is happening while you are dreaming. I'd be really interested to hear what happens after you've been wearing the bracelet for a couple of months. Something you could do to help along the process is to boost your 6th chakra once or twice a day. Just imagine a glowing ball of indigo light between your eyebrows, just for a few minutes. And of course, I recommend that everyone ground themselves every day, and you can read and practice the basic grounding exercise on my site if you don't already know a grounding exercise. It's a good way to keep your space clear as you begin to open up your intuition and assimilate a lot of new information.
Done By Dooney
Dooney's bracelets are great! They radiate a palpable, pleasant energy that anyone can feel. They're also very reasonably priced. I can't recommend them strongly enough. Do yourself a favor and get one!

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