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“I’ve had an apostrophe!”

I love that line from the movie “Hook”, where Bob Hoskins talks about having an apostrophe instead of an epiphany. I had an epiphany of sorts early this morning and after you read about it you might say “Duh, Dooney, knew that all along”!. :-) I was woken up around 6am, pre-dawn, by my dog Molly who was shaking badly. I got her to lay back down on her bed and after determining that she wasn’t hurt, I realized she was being psychically attacked. Again. Sigh….

I spent the next hour running energy on her, over and over, grounding her, and bringing in golden suns. She stopped shaking once for a few minutes then started up again. So I kept going. I also started boosting her attackers. Our chat group had just gotten a line on one of Stevo’s persistent attackers on Sunday and we whacked him with love energy pretty hard, and I think it was him or his associates retaliating by hitting Molly.

So, as usual I started to go into fear a little bit, wondering if a run to the emergency vet was going to be needed after all. Then, I gave myself a pep talk. I was worried, I was tired, shivering and cramped from bending over Molly for an hour in the dark. But I knew I was going to have to just stop whining about it and take care of business. So I boosted and boosted and boosted. I started to realize that my energy was expanding the more I let go of being worried and uncomfortable. It was pure boosting. And it just kept getting bigger and bigger.

I was Mavericks boosting, which is my term for using a giant ocean wave to wash over my attackers. I got an image of Giant Dooney, my alter-ego boosting buddy, riding a surfboard on the Mavericks wave. I saw my dogs Charlie and Black Jack, who died years ago, on another surfboard. I started to feel so connected to everything, and that’s when I had my “apostrophe”.

I started to see everything as an ocean of consciousness; all that you see – people, animals, plants, rocks, earth, cars, buildings, every material thing – is a wave coming up out of that ocean of consciousness. We are separate waves but all part of the same ocean. Some waves flow together, like me and Stevo. :-) Some waves clash and one overtakes the other. Some waves die out as soon as they are born. And some waves take the long ride into the shore before they subside and rejoin the ocean. So I spent the day thinking about all these analogies and trying to feel it in 3D, all the time, even around other people.

It’s hard! It’s so hard to keep that perspective. But while I was out and about running errands I tried to see just the people as ocean waves, and I tried to feel how we are connected. Even the “bad” guys are waves in the same ocean. All the agents and aliens that attack us are waves in the same ocean. I have known that we are all one intellectually, but this is the first time I have really felt it this strong. So, now I have a new paradigm to practice feeling on a daily basis. How much easier will life flow for me if I can stay in this frame of mind? Do you ever have a day where everything goes right and everything seems easy? And then you have a day where absolutely nothing goes right? I think maybe those types of days are ones where we are really in the flow of that ocean consciousness, with waves flowing together, or we are just crashing against all the other waves in our lives.

This is probably already obvious to some of you, as is was to Stevo, but is was very empowering for me to feel it so strongly for myself. Maybe I’ve just gotten to the point where I am getting good enough at conquering fear, which is so very important. I got to a level of neutrality in my boosting that I’ve never attained before. It was easy to see my attackers as just another manifestation of the whole. There was no angst, just love. It was not surprising to me that as soon as I gained this perspective while boosting, Molly relaxed, stopped shaking and went to sleep. She woke up later and was totally fine.

It was just another interesting day for a spiritual warrior! :-)


The Never-ending Story

Doggie attacks are over but concentrated Stevo and Dooney attacks continue. :-) I think we must have done something to really piss of The Powers That Ain’t! We had time to take a couple of deep breaths when they finally left our dogs alone, only to have to start super-boosting again once they started attacking us. The attacks get really old after a while and I got a bit overwhelmed. I might have even gotten a bit whiney about it all. :-)

Everyone gets overwhelmed with their life at times and the only thing to do is to keep breathing and keep doing the work. Our chat group helped us identify the nature of the attacks, and this time is was a transparent web that they were putting around our bodies and our home. Carol and Don had the web around them also. We found that fire melts that web nicely, so I started using a flaming double-helix and a flaming dodec while boosting to get rid of the webs. Nothing works 100 percent of the time, but the boosting techniques we use help a lot.

I feel pretty lucky with the life I have and that I get to share it with Stevo. There are a lot of folks out there dealing with much more immediate physical challenges, like getting enough to eat. Stevo calls our gripes First World Problems, you know, like “internet slowness” or “the printer won’t print”. It’s good to keep things in perspective. Some people wouldn’t be able to handle our seemingly never-ending attacks, but we are fortunate that we have the skills to deal with it together.

~ Dooney

Cowardly attacks

Once again our dogs are being psychically attacked by the bug race, those stick-legged cowards. It started yesterday morning with Sammy. After we got up in the morning and went downstairs for coffee and a warm fire, I noticed him shaking while he was lying on his bed. I ascertained that there was no obvious physical reason, like a hurt toe or painful belly, so Stevo and I started boosting him. I took off my gold Danburite necklace and put it on him. That seemed to take care of the attack fairly quickly.

It’s easy to tell when things like this are attacks. They come on suddenly and after you boost things are just as suddenly better. Now, if it was a latent physical problem, that can come on quickly but generally just gets worse until you take the dog to the vet or do some other physical remedy. When the dog suddenly stops shaking, gets up, wags their tail and has life in their eyes again, it’s pretty obvious that it was psychic energy.

Sammy was shaking again this morning, so we did more work on him, including putting the danburite necklace back on, and putting on his collar which has a Carol Croft HP attached to it. He recovered pretty quickly and I went out for several hours to run errands, leaving Stevo at home to hold down the fort. When I got back, Molly was gagging and spit up a little bile. Stevo said she had been gagging for about 15 minutes. We determined months ago that when she gags like this she is actually trying to get rid of energy (our vet couldn’t figure out why it was happening). A few minutes later she started shaking.

I got her to lie down on her dog bed near the woodstove, put the Danburite and my Mary Magdalenel HP on her and Stevo and I started boosting her. Her energy system was a total mess, with big black chunks of energy that looked like boulders in between her chakras. Her actual chakras were in good shape, with strong energy, but the energy was not flowing through her body due to these boulders. She wouldn’t lie flat and she was panting and shaking.

Okay, so the reason our dogs get attacked like this is to put me into fear. They know Stevo will be okay and just do the energy work that needs to be done. But I get extremely fearful because of what happened to our dog Charlie 5 years ago, when he was murdered, basically, during a full moon. We just had a full moon yesterday and they use that energy of the moon to pull off these types of shenanigans. So it’s always a big challenge for me to do the energy work and not go into fear. I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing pretty good this time with these attacks on my dogs (kids). I was able to stay focused, not go into fear, and deliver a whoopin’ to the insects who were all over my dogs.

The insect energy is really very distinctive, so it is usually pretty easy to determine who is attacking. It feels different from Triad energy, which feels different from Jesuit energy, which feels different from drac energy…you get the idea. We had to pull out all the stops this evening to get them to stop attacking Molly. We did the emerald singing bowl, the Environmental Clearing, and another radionic-type machine involving dodecs. Molly started to get better but we couldn’t get all the bug energy out of her space with our boosting.

Stevo suggested I go to 13D to boost (duh, Dooney, how come I don’t remember that in the heat of the moment?) because they frequently attack from the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, and you have to go to those dimensions to clear out all the energy. So while I was doing that, I realized that I needed to clear Molly’s energy in each dimension, grounding the aspect of her that exists in each dimension and filling up that aspect with the golden sun energy.

That led Stevo and I to a discussion of multi-dimensional grounding. When I’m in 13D and boosting I will frequently breathe up from my feet all the way up to 13D, then back down and out through my tailbone, kind of a super-grounding if you will. My chat buddies have tried that and have really liked how it feels and I have taught it to a number of coaching clients. What I haven’t done when doing the super-grounding is include each aspect of myself that exists in the other dimensions. I asked Stevo if he thought that should be done one-by-one, i.e. for 4D, 5D, and so on. Stevo thought it would work to simply postulate that when you do the breath from the earth in through your feet and all the way up to 13D and then breathe back down, that you are grounding each dimensional aspect of yourself. Then when you fill up with the golden sun from above, fill up each dimensional aspect. All it takes is the idea, the imagination, then it happens.

So, I did this with Molly and her energy finally cleared completely. Her breathing slowed, and she fell asleep. She had been fighting sleep like a little kid who doesn’t want to go to bed. When dogs feel that bad that won’t sleep because they think they are going to die if they fall asleep. She finally relaxed and laid all the way on her side. I went over to her and rubbed her whole body and she stretched out. She is now resting comfortably, but she’s completely wiped out.

Molly tends to try and take the etheric hits for us. She’s a Lab, so she has lots of courage and stamina, and heart. I know that she would give her life for us if she had to. But this was the worst etheric attack she’s experienced. I noted to Stevo that we wouldn’t have realized about doing the multi-dimensional grounding if this hadn’t happened. He said once again how the attacks on us are simply our etheric PhD program. We wouldn’t have the boosting chops we have now if they hadn’t attacked us so hard.

So once again, The Powers That Ain’t provided us with a perfect learning situation that will hasten their own demise. I wanted to blog about it right away because this is the kind of information I’m meant to share with you. I have felt for a long time that it’s really important for everyone to learn how to do the higher dimensional stuff, so please try my exercise for accessing higher dimensions, and then do the multi-dimensional grounding. Have fun!

~ Dooney

Paris Terrorist Theatrics

It’s absolutely horrible that 132 people died in Paris during “terrorist” attacks last week. As soon as I heard about the attacks I started sending Love energy out. I get really pissed off when they manage to pull off dastardly deeds like this one, but the only thing I can do about it is to try and effect the energy that the situation creates. The fear and grief that is generated by something like this is food for the energy vampires that run the planet.

Today our chat group looked at the situation and we saw immediately that they were trying to create a well of souls in Paris. A well of souls is basically a trap for departed spirits that keeps grief, death and misery anchored into a certain area. We find wells like this any place there has been a battle, a massacre, or anywhere a lot of people have died. They use that energy to survive, so we do whatever we can to starve them. We cleared the Paris well pretty quickly with boosting and then looked to see who was behind this entire theatrical production. I felt that it was Triad engineered so we simply boosted the Triad energy. We are very familiar with their energy signature as we have dealt with many Triad attacks.

Francisco suggested boosting with the Belize blue hole energy, which we have been using since he and Don gifted the blue hole last December. It really seemed to calm the hot, red energy that I saw in Paris. We decided to let the blue hole stay there for a while until the situation calms down. I’m sure we haven’t finished boosting this situation and the repercussions yet to come.

One of our group put up a link to a really interesting blog that you might want to read:

So, please don’t buy into the fear that this may generate. If you feel bad, bring golden suns into your body until the feeling goes away. Then start sending out Love. I was traveling when this all happened and as I was heading home, going through airports and being stuck on airplanes, I simply grounded, cleared my space, filled up with golden suns and then radiated. I imagined myself to be a big bubble of light. If you do that, you will affect the energy of everyone around you. Then they will affect the energy of everyone around them. You are doing a public service if you radiate your energy while in public.

It was pretty hard to be out in public after these attacks, but I think it was a personal challenge for me. Although I found it hard to do, I did do it and I was glad to have the tools to be able to do it.

~ Dooney

Danburite – our new best friend

I haven’t posted in a while (oops!) because things have been kind of intense in our house lately. With the wonderful help of my weekly chat group, we figured out that all of us in the chat have been assaulted with an etheric “goo” (different from the goo associated with implants) that has really interfered with our lives, businesses and happiness. We first noticed the goo on Stevo last year, and it was a clear film that was covering his aura and making it impossible for him to sleep. We neglected to check him for goo for quite a while, but when we did so this summer, the clear goo was back. I think they made it clear so that it was harder for us to see in his aura.

We realized we would have to check for this goo frequently on Stevo to get him back to a normal sleep pattern and get his etheric and physical strength back to 100%. Suddenly, the goo started appearing on all the chatters. And it appeared as a black goo, not clear. To me this black energy felt like black magic. The original clear goo came from the insect race, and the black goo seemed to be from the Triad hierarchy. These two groups are the main ones assaulting the chatters right now. They have even attacked some of the EW posters as well.

We have dealt with this goo in three steps:
1. boosting each chatter with the double-helix ribbons of energy (a.k.a. the blender) – see this page for details
2. boosting each chatter with the Creator Vortex to clear out energy – see this page for details
3. Wearing the danburite gemstone for protection

I have advised everyone being attacked with goo to wear danburite on their body at all times. Stevo and I have noticed that if he takes the danburite off even for a few minutes the goo starts to come back. As soon as he puts it on the goo starts to dissipate. We are both wearing gold danburite, but white or pink will work too. Carol has a few danburite pendants on her site at and she has access to more. Or you can check eBay or other crystal sites on the internet.

I also have a lovely pendant of white danburite and pink tourmaline that Stevo bought for me many years ago, and I routinely wear that when I have to go out in the big, wide world. We really do rely on our crystal friends for a lot of etheric help, especially our golden lemurians (also available on Carol’s site). You can’t just buy a crystal and think everything is okay, though. You have to work with the crystal, talk to it and ask it for help. You have to take an active part in your protection and recovery. I think people sometimes forget that.

The Something Big that I last posted about hasn’t happened yet, and I still don’t know what it is, but more and more folks have told me that they feel it too, even PJ folks. As usual, my advice is to ground, and breathe…and get some danburite! :-)

~ Dooney

Something Big

Maybe you have felt it…so many folks I have talked to have felt some kind of big energy. My acupuncturist told me that a lot of people he sees, people who aren’t even energy-sensitive, have felt it. People are having death dreams. People are fighting off fear, despair and hopelessness.

It’s been happening for a couple of years now. The energy has been ramping up. I know I keep saying “something big is coming” but it feels like this is different. I could be wrong, but this feels more definite, and more immediate. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I have some ideas about what you can do about it.

Breathe. Ground. Love. It’s just that simple. This is our challenge, folks. This is what we have been preparing for. It’s easy to be successful when things are calm. The real challenge is to be successful with your energy work when things get crazy. Can you stay in present time? Can you stay in your heart? My personal life has been challenging the past two years, and it’s not letting up. I am constantly gauging my success. Some days I do better than others. All of my personal issues are being challenged. I think everyone is being challenged in this way, whether they recognize it or not. Everyone is going through something. Maybe we can learn to have compassion for our fellow humans, knowing that they are going through tough times too.

More than ever, it’s important to do the work. I know how easy it is to get caught up in personal drama. I think I am the original Drama Queen. Luckily, I have some resources to call upon and some experience dealing with this energy. I invite you to peruse the exercises on my website, especially the grounding and boosting exercises. Find a way to deal with the energy instead of ignoring it. In a way, I feel privileged to be here on the earth at this time. We are here now because we are the ones who have the strength and the spirit to deal with this energy. We are here to usher in the incredible energy that is coming onto the planet. Emotions are running high, so make sure your space is clear. Ground, work on your chakras, bring in golden sun energy from your 8th chakra. Stick to the basics and you will come through it okay, but you must live consciously!

~ Dooney

Night terrors? Boost ’em baby!

Everybody in my chat group is getting attacked pretty hard lately. Last night I was sent some disturbing visions and dreams. While I was half awake I was sent the image of someone standing next to my bed who was going to attack me physically. I wasn’t fully alert but I realized right away that I had to boost that image away so that it wouldn’t become real. So I boosted and boosted that image until I couldn’t see it anymore. This is a pretty common form of attack. They come at you while you are vulnerable because it’s easy to go into fear and hard to fight back. So when you are tired or sick, or even just have some mild physical problem that they can take advantage of, they will attack. They will also play upon your fears. For a long time I kept getting an image of a man standing in the back of my closet waiting to attack me. I finally realized that they use my closet to scare me and have been doing that since I was a little kid. Now when I go in my closet I stick my tongue out at the image of that man. I refuse to be afraid of my closet! :-)

I think the trick is to not worry all the time about being attacked, but to develop the ability to respond immediately, no matter what. After I boosted the creepy attacker image away last night, I fell asleep and had an awful dream about one of my dogs being killed. That segued into another dream about my dog Charlie (who died 5 years ago) being killed in some terrible manner. As soon as I woke up I boosted those images. I knew if I didn’t the dreams would haunt me for days.

As humans, we are emotional and heartfelt. It’s okay to be that way. It’s what makes us the awesome, multi-dimensional beings we are. But it means that we are vulnerable to things that hurt our hearts. I’ve been dealing with that all my life and I finally know now that it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with me. It means there is something right. And now I have boosting as a tool to deal with the people (and non-people) in this world who think it’s okay to hurt others.

If you have ever prayed, you know how to boost. If you’ve ever sent good thoughts to someone, you know how to boost. Check out my Basic Boosting exercise (link on the right sidebar) and get a Master’s degree in boosting. Then get busy! :-)

~ Dooney

Earth Chakra meditation

earthbandsStevo has been doing a new kind of mediation that I wanted to share with you. The wankers are keeping him awake at night, still, so he’s using the time constructively and coming up with new ways to send out Love energy. This one is pretty cool (well, they all are) and I hope many of you will start trying it out.

Basically, you imagine the earth with two bands of energy around it, curved from top to bottom on the vertical axis. These bands go around and around the earth, crossing over each other as they pass around the earth, one going in one direction, one going in the other direction. One is male and one is female.

My Photoshopped pic is a bit crude, but I hope you get the idea. In Stevo’s words:

I’ve been working to heal the planetary grid, chakras, vortices, below ground to 10 mile depth and above ground 10 miles up. I’ve been finding good results too with grounding my heart chakra to the center of the earth.  Not via straight lines however, but rather using a vesica pisces (cat pupil shape) curved, feminine lines.  Going from left side of heart chakra down to center of planet, and from there, back up to the right side of heart chakra.

Stevo got attacked really hard after he started doing this meditation, so I think he’s onto something. I hope you will try it and add to it.

Happy Boosting!
~ Dooney

A good day to die

Yesterday I woke up and was immediately psychically attacked. I felt a headache while laying in bed, which is unusual for me, and as I got up and started my morning routine I felt worse and worse. By the time I finished making the coffee, I felt like I was going to die. I went to lay down on the couch and Stevo told me I was being attacked and started boosting me.

It was quite strange. I felt all the energy leaving my body. Other than the headache I wasn’t feeling pain. My heart didn’t hurt like a heart attack, I just felt like I was going to throw up, pass out and die. Stevo told me that someone was cording my 3rd chakra with a huge energy cord, which explains the feeling that my energy was draining away…it was! So he handed my a big Golden Lemurian and I started boosting my attacker while Stevo was working on me.

This is the hardest time to boost, when you feel awful like that, but it’s also the most important time to boost. You have to defend yourself. What if Stevo wasn’t there when this happened? I would have had to do it myself. It’s important to fight back and not be a victim and sometimes you have to do it in very difficult circumstances, such as being attacked or watching a loved one being attacked. When my dogs were being attacked a few months ago it was hard to concentrate on boosting, but we did it. If you can just remember to boost and do it for 15 seconds or so, suddenly it will become easier, then you can continue to fend off the attack and send the energy back to your attacker.

I realize this is difficult. I’m not saying it’s not, and I’m so lucky to have a husband who can help me. But if you are being attacked you have to fight for your life. As the old saying goes, “Don’t get mad, get even”. I’d amend that to say “don’t get mad, get loving”. :-)

The Native Americans will say “this is a good day to die”. Yesterday was a good day to die for me, but I chose to live instead.

~ Dooney

A new kind of attack

We’ve been doing a lot of focused boosting in our weekly chats (when aren’t we?) and I personally have experienced a new kind of retaliation. As you may know I’m diabetic and control my blood glucose level with insulin. Using insulin is an imperfect science, and sometimes I take too much and experience a blood sugar crash. This is more than just getting the shakes; it’s a full melt-down and I feel like I’m going to die. Not fun.

So lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m having a blood sugar crash, but when I check my blood sugar it’s actually higher than normal. I have been unable to distinguish this “fake” crash from a real one. Stevo suggested that I’m being attacked when that’s happening and I confirmed it with dowsing each time it happened. I think they do it because it makes me very vulnerable and they like making me feel like I”m going to die, those wankers. It happened today while I was out and about on my bike and I had to call Stevo to rescue me since I didn’t have my glucose meter with me to determine if I was actually crashing or not. It only takes a few moments of Golden Lemurian/Mavericks/Blue Hole boosting to fend off the attack.

Maybe posting about it will stop the attacks, as Don always suggests. Another thing we noticed recently is that there are scorch marks on the cover of our hot tub, exactly in the spot I sit when the cover is off. The marks have been there for a while, but Stevo and I recently realized that it wasn’t from campfire ash or anything else we could explain. It’s possible they beam me when I’m in the hot tub so we’re taking steps to make sure that isn’t happening. Pretty weird!

~ Dooney