The Never-ending Story

Doggie attacks are over but concentrated Stevo and Dooney attacks continue. :-) I think we must have done something to really piss of The Powers That Ain’t! We had time to take a couple of deep breaths when they finally left our dogs alone, only to have to start super-boosting again once they started attacking us. The attacks get really old after a while and I got a bit overwhelmed. I might have even gotten a bit whiney about it all. :-)

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Doggie update

Thanks to all of you who have sent prayers and boosts for my beasties….they are doing fine. They get attacked usually right before we go to bed and as soon as we get up in the morning. It’s a pretty feeble attack, just a zing or two and we boost right away and it stops. Molly pretty much shrugs it off but Sammy is still on a learning curve. He gets this look on his face like “I’m dying, Mama, save me!” and his whole body clenches up and he shakes a bit, but as soon as I run energy … Continue reading

Cowardly attacks

Once again our dogs are being psychically attacked by the bug race, those stick-legged cowards. It started yesterday morning with Sammy. After we got up in the morning and went downstairs for coffee and a warm fire, I noticed him shaking while he was lying on his bed. I ascertained that there was no obvious physical reason, like a hurt toe or painful belly, so Stevo and I started boosting him. I took off my gold Danburite necklace and put it on him. That seemed to take care of the attack fairly quickly.

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Paris Terrorist Theatrics

It’s absolutely horrible that 132 people died in Paris during “terrorist” attacks last week. As soon as I heard about the attacks I started sending Love energy out. I get really pissed off when they manage to pull off dastardly deeds like this one, but the only thing I can do about it is to try and effect the energy that the situation creates. The fear and grief that is generated by something like this is food for the energy vampires that run the planet.

Today our chat group looked at the situation and we saw immediately that they were … Continue reading

Danburite – our new best friend

I haven’t posted in a while (oops!) because things have been kind of intense in our house lately. With the wonderful help of my weekly chat group, we figured out that all of us in the chat have been assaulted with an etheric “goo” (different from the goo associated with implants) that has really interfered with our lives, businesses and happiness. We first noticed the goo on Stevo last year, and it was a clear film that was covering his aura and making it impossible for him to sleep. We neglected to check him for goo for quite a while, … Continue reading

Something Big

Maybe you have felt it…so many folks I have talked to have felt some kind of big energy. My acupuncturist told me that a lot of people he sees, people who aren’t even energy-sensitive, have felt it. People are having death dreams. People are fighting off fear, despair and hopelessness.

It’s been happening for a couple of years now. The energy has been ramping up. I know I keep saying “something big is coming” but it feels like this is different. I could be wrong, but this feels more definite, and more immediate. I don’t know what’s going to … Continue reading

Ghost Whisperer

Carol was visiting recently (always a treat) and while she was here my dad who died two years ago decided to visit also. This has happened before when I have visited her house. I think my dad is stuck between worlds and not able to move on. When I’m around Carol he knows that he can reach me through her, so he comes around. What happened was that I was lying in bed, not asleep, or I had just woken up from sleep (don’t remember) and I felt that someone was walking up to the side of the bed and … Continue reading

It was good while it lasted

I guess posting about not being attacked put somebody on alert because we started getting attacked again…oh well! The truth is that attacks pop up all the time, most of the time when we are in a vulnerable state. Then they can sneak right in on top of that vulnerability and get into your space. Stevo had that happen the other day when he heard some distressing news about a patient. Almost right away he started to feel nauseated but it wasn’t until a bit later that he mentioned it to me and we looked for an attack. Sure enough, … Continue reading

A bit of a break…for now

Ever since our birthdays in late June, Stevo and I have enjoyed a bit of a respite from heavy etheric attacks. According to the Cards of Destiny, the energy in your life changes on your birthday and the challenges you were dealing with from one birthday to the next change to a different set of challenges. Oh joy! :-)

Actually, I find the Cards to be very accurate in my life and other folks have told me the same thing. This coming year is apparently going to be more challenging for Stevo … Continue reading

The Cruiser Sisters

Beach cruisers ready to ride!

Carol and Don are visiting and they brought Carol’s purple beach cruiser bike over with them so that Carol and I could ride downtown for coffee on our cute cruisers. I got my beach cruiser last summer and have really had fun riding it. I feel like a kid again! Anyway, we took off on a ride this morning and Don took a picture so I could post it and show everyone that we are real people. :-)

Carol and Don get asked, and I do sometimes, “Are you a real person?” … Continue reading