A cat story

This is really Stevo’s story but I don’t know if he’ll ever post it, and it was really something remarkable. I was reminded of it when we were telling the story to Dean and Kathy, who recently visited to get treatments from Stevo. It was great to meet a couple of fellow chatters in person, by the way, because the ironic thing about being an etheric warrior is that some of our closest friends are people we have never met! :)

Anyway, this is a story about one of our cats, Boots, … Continue reading

A ghost story

I just thought of this story today because of a very vivid dream I had last night in which I had a conversation with a ghost….

Several years ago Stevo and I were visiting Don and Carol at their house in Moscow, Idaho. We were sleeping on the futon in the living room and I woke up one morning to hear the front door open and close. Nothing unusual in that since some other folks were visiting and were staying outside in the camper. I heard one of them come in the door and walk past where we were sleeping … Continue reading

Just Say No

I had an interesting experience in the middle of the night last night. I woke up and immediately thought of Georg and crew in South Africa, who are currently in jail for tossing orgonite, and I started boosting them, as I do whenever I think of them. Several minutes later, I felt a searing pain in my head on the right side. It didn’t go away and actually got worse, and my  whole head started to hurt. I rarely get headaches, so I started to wonder if it was an energy attack. I immediately thought “I do not allow you … Continue reading

Montana weatherball gifting

I posted all this weatherball info on Etheric Warriors, but it was all lost in the last two server crashes. :(

About five years ago we noticed a weatherball in the mountains above Missoula. For those of you who don’t know, a weatherball is a huge round ball, usually white, that is placed on mountaintops supposedly to monitor the weather (they’re officially called “radar stations”). What they are really used for is to control the weather through HAARP technology. Well, the one above Missoula is huge and black and very nasty-looking. It’s … Continue reading

Long-term weather effects

I realized recently that the weather pattern in our valley has changed quite a bit since 2004, when we started making orgonite. We used to get a lot of very strong winds and a lot of summer thunderstorms. Our weather used to be much more violent, including a couple of nasty hailstorms. What we get now is long, soaking rains and hardly any thunder and lightening storms. The lightening storms were particularly scary because they could set off a hundred small forest fires in one night if there was no rain accompanying the lightening storm. We used to get boiling, … Continue reading

April chat happenings…

I missed the Easter weekend chats because I was traveling, but in the last two weeks we’ve been boosting Georg in South Africa, and his traveling companions, who are on a gifting run in Mozambique and have been arrested for tossing orgonite into a reservior. You can read more about this on EW. In any case, we’ve been boosting furiously and none of the pyschics feel that the gifters are in real peril. In fact, it may turn out that this could be great publicity for orgonite, as even the president of Mozambique has been alerted to the situation. We … Continue reading

Recent happenings….

Haven’t been blogging since I took an Easter trip to visit family in Southern California. I drove down there, and I tried to do some time travel to make the trip go quicker. It ended up backfiring on me and time seem to draw out endlessly as I left Las Vegas and headed towards Barstow. I keep seeing sign after sign telling me I was approaching Barstow and it seemed to take forever to get there. :)

As a follow-up to my last post, our little forest fire seems to have been … Continue reading

Visit from a fire elemental?

I had a rather strange experience this past Sunday night. I was lying in bed falling asleep and looking out the window into the forest that is the back of our property. I thought I saw, in the trees, a plume of red-colored smoke rise up and curl, just like the smoke above a big bonfire. Now, earlier that day, Stevo was burning some dead wood and the dead grass near the burn pile caught fire and the fire spread very quickly across the forest. We ended up calling the fire department to come put it out. It wasn’t a … Continue reading

The life of a chatter

Stevo and I frequently remind ourselves that doing the chat sessions is our service work. I can’t actually imagine not doing them because the work is so vital, but it’s true that sometimes we get burned out on it. Each Saturday and Sunday we devote 2-3 hours to “saving the world” as we call it. :-) It might actually be true! We never know exactly how far-reaching the effects are of our chat sessions. 2-3 hours may not sound like a lot, but when you are in the psychic hot-seat and folks … Continue reading