Building a labyrinth

I decided to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for years, so I’m building a labyrinth in our front pasture. A labyrinth is a Celtic design, dating back for probably thousands of years. It’s essentially a walking path that sets up a particular energy for the person who walks it.

We have about 3 open acres in our front pasture, some of which we have used for garden beds. I decided to use part of it for this project. I’m building a seven-circuit labyrinth using small rocks from our property. The first thing I did was ask Stevo … Continue reading

Life After Black Jack

We’re still kind of reeling from the loss of Black Jack, but things are slowly getting better. I still see him everywhere, he was such a part of our daily lives. He sent me another dream in which he was pressing up against me as I cried. I woke up crying. The Saturday chat group boosted me this past weekend and that seemed to help. I’ve been literally frozen with grief, unable to boost or feel my heart chakra. I can’t even really love on Charlie, and he’s lonely without Jack I think.

Thank you to everyone who has sent … Continue reading

Remembering Black Jack

 We had to make the sad decision to put Black Jack down last week. His health problem was more immediate and severe than we had hoped. He had some kind of mass on his spleen, most likely a tumor, and it began to cause other problems. On May 27th, he woke up in the middle of the night panting and shaking. I sat with him for two hours until he went back to sleep. On Thursday morning he rallied, but by the afternoon he couldn’t walk, wouldn’t eat or … Continue reading

Just one of those days

You energy sensitives out there will understand this…

I had to go to Missoula today to do my weekly organic food shopping and it was really hard to be around other people today. That’s why Stevo and I are kind of hermit-like. Sometimes it’s just really hard to brush up against other people’s energy. Most of the time I can protect myself enough that it doesn’t bother me, and sometimes I really enjoy being around other people. Today wasn’t one of those days. :-)

I hate feeling like that because I know … Continue reading


We had a major windstorm last week, the kind we haven’t had in years. Kind of funny that we had this storm after I posted about how much calmer our weather has been lately. Anyway, we lost several mature pine trees, just uprooted and fell over. Dead trees were snapping off and one hit a glancing blow off our barn (no damage) and we were both afraid of getting hit by a flying piece of tree. Stevo pointed our 3 CB’s into the wind and after about ten minutes it calmed down to a regular windy day. We’ve calmed the … Continue reading

Never underestimate your etheric buddies

This is really just an excuse to post a picture of our dogs…ha ha….

Seriously, though, our dogs are great etheric warriors, especially Black Jack. Many times I’ve been out there in the ether boosting some nasty entity or other and have noticed Black Jack tagging along. He’s very protective of me. He actually takes a lot of the etheric hits when we are undergoing energy attacks. They are very aware of his physical vulnerabilities, much as they are aware of mine and Stevo’s, and they exploit that when attacking. He just came in the room as I’m writing this….always … Continue reading

Dooney’s forum happenings

Well, as you might have noticed, not much posting happens on my forum.  :)  It’s really more of an informational forum, although other etheric warriors do have accounts and can post. A lot of the action happens on, which is more of a tactical forum for gifting and disseminating information about targets, research and activities around the world. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see a lot of new posts on my forum. If you have something you’d like to contribute, feel free to email me and if I feel … Continue reading

Earth connections

I’ve been kind of neglecting my emails lately due to so much gardening work that needs to be done (sorry if you’ve emailed me and not received a reply). The thing I really like about the gardening, although it’s hard physical work, is the increased connection to the earth. I know I talked about it in another post, but I wanted to post about it again because I felt it so strongly today. I actually took today off and didn’t do any gardening, but Stevo and I went outside to walk the dogs in the woods, and while I was … Continue reading

May Chat Happenings

We’ve been boosting Georg, Carlos, Tino and Prophet in every chat since they were arrested, and it’s been frustrating to know that they are still in prison and apparently being held despite the tests that prove they were not “sabatoging” the dam with orgonite. The psychics have been seeing lots of nasty etheric activity around them and we’ve been able to turn it around, but they remain in jail. When stuff like this happens, it’s usually because the Operators have a plan in mind. In this case, it’s possible that the media exposure they are getting is the reason. Some … Continue reading

Why you should get a Don Croft zapper

Well, it should be obvious why you should get a Don Croft zapper, but in case it’s not, here’s some info for you. I have my zapper available 24/7. I never leave the house without it. Someday I hope to save someone who’s gone into anaphylactic shock!  :) Here are some of the things I have used the zapper for:

Pesticide exposure: held it up to my throat when I was coughing uncontrollably due to pesticide exposure. Coughing stopped in about 30 seconds.

Pain control: anytime I get a wound of any … Continue reading