May chat stuff

I was able to be in a few chats in May, and one thing that we worked on a couple of times was the awful oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We spent a lot of time boosting the elementals in the area, air, water and earth, to help find a solution to the problem. The elementals were really angry, anguished, and in despair, but they responded positively to our boosting. The one thing that I thought of is that stuff like this happens and grabs the worlds attention when the NWO wants to distract us from something big … Continue reading

A June prediction

One of the really cool things that has happened in the past few months is that Stevo and I had a chance to meet a healer who lives here in Montana and get a few sessions with him. He’s a hands-on energy healer and a genuinely humble and fascinating guy who has had an amazing life. The interesting thing he told us is that his mentor, who has now passed on, predicted the past 50 years of our history with amazing accuracy.

The prediction for this month is that things will fall apart to the point that martial law will … Continue reading

On life, health and etheric warfare

I’m not sure I have much to say about etheric warfare, although it continues without me. I’ve been pretty out of it the past few months due to being on painkillers after three major dental surgeries. No wonder Big Pharma wants everyone on pills….the drugs make it very hard to connect to your etheric life. The good news for me is that my surgeon is so excellent that the time I have to spend on painkillers is relatively short. The other good news is that after my final major surgery last week my health is already improving, including a significant … Continue reading

Oops…starting it up again!

bedbuddiesYikes, it’s been four months since I last blogged! Sammy is now almost 8 months old, and he’s doing wonderfully. He’s a bit of a naughty puppy, which is to be expected of labs, apparently. His favorite tricks are: getting into garbage cans and laundry hampers and dragging the contents all over the house; dragging household items outside to chew on; putting his front paws up on the counter and grabbing food; chasing the cats; tearing up the blankets in his crate; you get the point…  :-) Continue reading

Our new baby…

sammyMeet Sammy Smith, a yellow lab puppy we just adopted. I went to the Humane Society to look at a dog I had seen in the paper and that dog had been adopted. Sammy (they call him Smitty) had been turned in a few days ago. I was charmed and Stevo and I went up with Charlie this morning to meet with him. We weren’t sure we were ready, but we decided to take him. He’s very sweet! We still miss Black Jack like crazy but I feel like I’m ready … Continue reading

Another word on swine flu

Guess what, forced vaccinations never happened. After all the hype and fear and people going crazy, the whole thing just deflated. Stevo posted a link on EW to an interesting article on BBC news about the alleged pandemic:


Some choice tidbits from the article:    “0.026% death rate”,  “The first influenza pandemic of the 21st century is considerably less lethal than was feared in advance.”    “But only 2.3 million of the 9 million people eligible for vaccination in England have come forward so far.”


It’s always interesting to watch the path of these fear-mongering media tactics!

~ … Continue reading

Healing with crystals

I recently had an email conversation with someone who inquired about a bracelet to help their mother with some healing. This person was asking me about how successful crystals are in healing, and it made me realize that people may think you can just wear a stone or put one in your pocket and have a miracle healing. I’m not saying that can’t happen, but in my experience the crystals are more facilitating than miracle healing.

As with orgonite and gifting, I believe there is a physical component to healing as well as an etheric component. The etheric component can … Continue reading

Catching up…

Health problems have prevented me from having any energy to chat or blog, but I think I’m finally on the mend. The chatters have done a lot of work on me (thanks you guys!) and were seeing that I was being attacked in a voodoo-like manner, and they were trying to kill me to keep me from coaching people. Well, that didn’t happen, and according to my cards (Read by Carol, thanks good friend!) I am out of danger and on my way back.

Carol uses the Cards of Destiny, which are very interesting and astoundingly accurate. I’m in my … Continue reading

More on the swine flu

Stevo found this article on about how CBS has exposed a government hoax on swine flu reporting. They’re saying that 83-97% of all samples gathered from “sick” people and sent to the CDC are  negative for the swine flu. Check it out at…restimated.aspx

And according to BBC News, Obama has just declared a national emergency because of the swine flu. We’re being lied to folks….

~ Dooney

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