Healing with crystals

I recently had an email conversation with someone who inquired about a bracelet to help their mother with some healing. This person was asking me about how successful crystals are in healing, and it made me realize that people may think you can just wear a stone or put one in your pocket and have a miracle healing. I’m not saying that can’t happen, but in my experience the crystals are more facilitating than miracle healing.

As with orgonite and gifting, I believe there is a physical component to healing as well as an etheric component. The etheric component can … Continue reading

Catching up…

Health problems have prevented me from having any energy to chat or blog, but I think I’m finally on the mend. The chatters have done a lot of work on me (thanks you guys!) and were seeing that I was being attacked in a voodoo-like manner, and they were trying to kill me to keep me from coaching people. Well, that didn’t happen, and according to my cards (Read by Carol, thanks good friend!) I am out of danger and on my way back.

Carol uses the Cards of Destiny, which are very interesting and astoundingly accurate. I’m in my … Continue reading

More on the swine flu

Stevo found this article on Mercola.com about how CBS has exposed a government hoax on swine flu reporting. They’re saying that 83-97% of all samples gathered from “sick” people and sent to the CDC are  negative for the swine flu. Check it out at http://articles.mercola.com/sites/a…restimated.aspx

And according to BBC News, Obama has just declared a national emergency because of the swine flu. We’re being lied to folks….

~ Dooney

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Swine flu hullaballoo

I guess I need to address this again since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it. We’ve worked on the swine flu issue several times in the chats, mostly trying to negate the media fear-mongering about the flu itself and the supposed forced vaccination scheme. I hope you all realize that there is no way they can enforce that vaccination plan. They don’t have the manpower to force 300 million Americans to be vaccinated, in my opinion. I was recently accused of being a faker and disinfo artist because I’m not terrified about the forced vaccinations. Oh well….

The … Continue reading

Bad blogger

It’s true, I’m a bad blogger. I realized that I haven’t blogged since July! My only excuse is that on July 12th a forest fire ignited (supposedly by lightening, but I have my doubts) near our home and we spent the rest of the summer stressed out about it. We had to pack up twice for possible evacuation, and nothing puts your priorities in order quite like that. The fire is mostly out now, so I’m trying to get back on track with my etheric duties while also dealing with some health issues. If anyone is still checking this blog….thanks … Continue reading

The labyrinth is completed!

I managed to haul the last two cartloads of rock out to the labyrinth today to complete it…finally! The interesting thing I noticed while building it was that many of the rocks embedded in the ground here happened to fall exactly in line with the rock border of the labyrinth. It must have happened a dozen times. Also, when I was finishing today, I happened to choose exactly the right number of stones that I needed to finish the last path. I didn’t have to shove stones together or move them apart just to avoid going and picking up more … Continue reading

Charlie grows up

Charlie has been a changed dog ever since Black Jack died, and I believe he’s in his own mourning period. In a chat after Jack died, Carol communicated with Jack, who said he was worried about who was going to protect us and that Charlie was “willy-nilly” in his protection duties. I think Charlie must have picked up on that because he sticks close to home now and has started following me around sometimes, as Black Jack used to do. When I’m outside working in the garden or on the labyrinth, he just stands around watching me and watching all … Continue reading

Why a labyrinth?

My friend Kathy asked in a comment on my last post what a labyrinth is actually for, which I think is a good question. Here are some quotes from my labyrinth book (“Labyrinths,  Ancient Myths and Modern Uses” by Sig Lonegren):

“…these magical single-path mazes can enhance the possibility of bringing together our analytical or rational mode of consciousness with our intuitive or spiritual levels of consciousness.”

I think this is really true. Stevo and I have been walking our labyrinth, even though it’s only 3/4 completed, and every time he walks it Stevo says he feels like the left … Continue reading