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What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a mix of metal, crystals and resin that combines to convert negative energy into positive energy. It is used around the world by forward-thinking folks to convert the negative energy of cell phone towers, HAARP antennas and nuclear facilities to positive energy that re-balances the natural energy of the earth to make positive changes in weather patterns, dissolve chemtrails and reduce harmful EMF’s. For more information on orgonite, how to make it, and why it works, visit the following websites: – read about people worldwide making and distributing (gifting) orgonite; also has tutorials on how to make orgonite – fantastic personal orgonite products; gemstones; zappers – good background on the science of orgonite; you can also buy orgonite here – vidoes of orgonite being distributed (gifted); you can also buy orgonite here

To research orgonite, use the following search terms: orgonite, chemtrails, HAARP, cloudbuster, towerbuster, HHG. Welcome to the etheric fight!


Orgonite Vendors Around The World

Please support these folks who are making a living by trying to change the world. – Don Croft Zappers & Carol Croft Products – Carol Croft Products & Gemstones – U.S. (Los Angeles) – Orgonite-making supplies in the U.S. – Spain – South Africa (free worldwide shipping) – U.S. (Alabama) – Canada – Italy – Japan – Southeast Asia – Portugal – France – France – Germany – Mexico – Greece – Delphi, Greece – Poland – Brazil

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