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I get requests to connect people in different areas of the world for gifting and support, and requests to let people join my chat, so I thought I’d start a page to connect people. This could also be accomplished on the Etheric Warriors Facebook page. I’m not on Facebook so this is the next best thing. If you’d like to put your name here as someone who can be contacted for support or for chatting, please email me and I’ll add your email address and location here. Please indicate in your email where you live and if you’d be interested in forming a chat group. Your email address will be published on this page. Note: I am not responsible for any consequences due to your info being published on this page.


United States

Cheri Bohman
Newport, TN
Availble for Gifting & Chatting

Kim Stewart
Lubbock, TX
Availble for Gifting & Chatting

Henry Dandolo
Hawaii, San Francisco area
Availble for Gifting & Chatting

4 Responses to Find a Friend

  1. Rene' Duran says:

    Hello love and light!!
    I’m interested in chatting and gifting.I am from the last frontier
    Fairbanks Alaska.

  2. colnat amrta says:

    france 77880
    near Paris
    share orgonite gifting
    and spiritual vegan subjects
    to make a better world
    in concrete way

  3. Henry Dandolo says:

    Hi Dooney – I am interested, I live in Hawaii and come to the mainland often, usually the Pacific Northwest and SF Bay area.

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