Etheric Exercises

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These exercises are meant to be guides for you to keep your energy space clear and develop your psychic abilities. It’s important for you to tailor the exercises to meet your own needs if you feel you need to do that. There is no one way to do this kind of stuff, so I encourage you to play and explore. The only absolutes are to send energy from the heart/soul essence, and to always fill your space with your own energy. Have fun!

The Importance of Grounding

I realized some time ago that there is almost nothing more important and basic that we can do as multi-dimensional beings than grounding. Every coaching session I do and every chat I attend, I find myself telling people to ground. As the energy on the planet raises in frequency, it’s becoming vital.

I believe grounding is our fundamental connection to the Earth. It is our natural state to be connected to the Earth and Sun physically and etherically. It keeps us energized, it keeps our spirit and body integrated, it allows us to realize our full potential as human beings. It’s as basic as brushing your teeth every day, taking a shower, and eating!

It’s easy, it doesn’t take long, it will help you be discerning, it will help keep you from being attacked, it will keep you focused, alert, neutral, whole. I guess I can’t say enough good things about it. If you’re having trouble grounding, try putting your bare feet on the earth.

Make grounding a habit. Make it second nature. Do it automatically. Do it when you wake up, before bed, around other people, when you are tired, angry, sad, happy. Teach someone else to do it. Pay attention to animals…their connection to the earth is natural and unpolluted, generally.

Grounding is self-love. It’s taking care of yourself. It’s claiming your birthright as a human being on a planet with which your body automatically resonates. Pretty cool, huh?

Grounding & Clearing

 This is not the only way to ground, it’s just the method I like so it’s a good place for you to start. Some people have other methods they like, and you should feel free to tailor this to your own energy. The most important thing is to make a connection with the Earth, send her the energy that isn’t yours and let her transmute it to Unity and send it back to you to use.

HeartSoulcenterI’ve been doing my grounding and clearing in a different way for many months so I thought it was time to share it with you. This exercise is  George Kavassilas’ Earth/Heart Connection exercise. I changed some of the wording a bit but it’s a great exercise that he teaches. 

What I’m doing now to clear my space and ground myself is to focus on my multi-dimensional heart/soul center (see picture at right for location) and connect with the feminine being who is the Earth, and is the female aspect of the Prime Creator of the universe. This heart/soul center is inside the body. My hands are there simply to show the location, but you need to feel it inside your body.

This heart/soul center is between your sternum and your throat in the mid-line of the body. George also calls it the Unity Point, which is a great term for that location. This is where your infinite soul projects your spirit into the physical body. It’s the point where the midline of the body crosses the line made when you hold your arms up and out to your sides.  I hold my hands up in front of me, like I am holding a ball, to help me focus on the heart/soul area, and breathe in to a count of 4, and out to a count of 8. Imagine the heart center area radiating with Love as you breathe in and out. See if you can feel it between your hands, like you are holding a ball. 

Imagine it glowing gold, and pulsing. Imagine the ball radiating out from this point in your body.

Once I get that radiating feeling going, I imagine connecting it to the heart center of the Earth. I don’t attach the Earth’s heart center to any specific geographic location; it’s deep inside the Earth. I think of the rocks being bones, the water being blood, the land being skin, and I radiate out to the center of the Earth until I feel like I’ve connected with her heart and created a “unified field of Love”, as George says, at that Unity Point. 

I’m doing this instead of bringing energy in from any other source. I’m learning that we don’t need to rely on getting energy from anywhere else, we have all we need in us already, and all we have to do is connect our heart energy with Mother Earth’s heart energy.

Next, bend down and imagine reaching into Earth’s multi-dimensional heart and scooping that field of Love up from deep in the Earth, and pulling it up all around you in a sphere or a vesica pisces shape, whichever is feels best to you. I’ve used the sphere shape in the past but I really like the vesica pisces shape because it is a shape that describes creation. Lift your hands till they meet over your head, then bring your hands down again, reinforcing that shape and making it a 3-dimensional shape. You can spin your body around as you bring your hands down to reinforce the 3-D shape. Bring your hands down to your sides and imagine them bringing the energy to a point under your feet to finish enclosing you in a cocoon of energy. Once you have this energy around you and enclosing you, you are in a unified field of love and protection from Mother Earth with all the power of a mother’s love.

Clearing:  While still doing the 4-8 breathing, imagine reaching back down into the unified field of Love you created with Mother Earth and scooping it up. Lift your hands above your head again and spread them apart, imagining you are stretching out a band of energy above your head. Slowly bring your hands and the band of energy between them down as if you are moving it through your body. Go slowly and notice where you may feel blockages, implants, entities or any energy that isn’t yours. If you feel something that doesn’t feel right, keep the band of energy in that spot until you feel it clear. Say out loud or silently to yourself  “I lovingly release all that is no longer necessary, all that is no longer serving me, all the unwanted and all that is causing suffering”.  Release with Love and Gratitude.

Next, move the band of energy all the way down to your feet and wrap all the icky energy from implants, entities and energy cords in the band of energy you held between your hands so that you now have a sphere of ick energy wrapped with that band of your unified field of love energy. Bring it up to your heart/soul center and give it a boost of that energy, then push it down to your feet and release it down into the Earth. Mother Earth will transmute and alchemize that energy into your unified field of Love. Imagine that new, clean energy coming back up to your heart/soul center and bursting out into every cell of your body. You can then use that alchemized energy to create your reality. It’s a great way to transmute negativity and bring it into Unity!

Once you connect with the Earth, connect your heart/soul essence to the Sun, the male aspect of the universal Creator. Once I’ve connected with the Earth and Sun, I connect with the Galactic Central Sun at the center of the galaxy, the Universal Creator and my Greater Self that exists beyond the natural Universe. You just keep expanding your heart center energy out farther and farther.

By this time your hands and body may be tingling, pulsing, and warm. You can now radiate that Love out to anyone, anywhere. Envelop everyone and everything, whether it is negative or positive energy, and just bathe it with this high frequency Love energy. Don’t expect a particular outcome. Just be neutral and radiate Love. Remember to keep breathing!

This exercise is a really good way to quickly surround yourself with your own clean energy, especially if you are plagued by attacks while sleeping. It’s also fun to do this before you go out in public and watch how people react to you. You will usually get a lot of smiles. Once you have done it several times you won’t have to think about all the steps and it will become second nature.

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The Rose Technique


Stevo taught me the following technique, which he learned at the Berkeley Psychic Institute:

Visualize a rose, any color you like, and imagine it swirling around your body in a spiral from the feet up. Imagine the rose is like a vacuum, and it’s removing all foreign energy (energy that is not yours) from your space. As the rose moves up your body, see it getting darker and darker as it pulls the foreign energy from your space. When you get to the top of your head, the rose will be completely dark.

Now, move the rose about 20 feet away from you so it’s out of your space and imagine it exploding, sending all that energy back to the universe. Make sure to fill up your space with your own highest creative energy via the grounding/clearing exercise above.

You can use this rose technique in many different ways. For example, if you are worried about something, put an image of it inside a rose, move it out of your space and explode the rose. You are basically taking the energy of the thing you are worrying about and getting rid of it. If you are scared, angry, depressed, etc. you can use the same technique.

Always remember to fill your space with your own energy. This is vitally important to keep your space clear. Stevo said you can also use the rose technique on someone else, for example, if you are doing an energy healing. Use the same technique, just imagine the rose around their body instead of yours.

There are a lot of other things you can do with roses in your space. You can put a Sentry rose in your space, at the outer layer of your energy bubble. This rose should be full size, any color, complete with stem, leaves and thorns. Thorns are a roses natural protection and you can use it too. This rose will be the first thing anyone trying to get in your space will encounter. Stevo puts a rose on all four sides if he wants extra protection. Try a blanket of roses covering your bubble.

One of my coaching clients who was using the rose technique on a particularly entrenched area of energy in her space used a bouquet of roses to make the vacuuming of the negative energy even more effective. You can get very creative with the use of roses!

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A Simple Exercise for Sensing Energy


This is a good basic exercise to practice if you feel you are not energy-sensitive and you want to develop the ability.

Sit or stand comfortably and place your hands in front of you, palms facing each other as if you are holding an invisible ball in your hands. To begin with, imagine you are holding a basketball. Then slowly move your hands towards each other until you feel resistance. That resistance is the energy of your hands, and they will slightly repel each other like magnets do.

You can move your hands away from each other and back towards each other to feel the difference in energy. Usually your hands will want to stop at a certain point and you may end up feeling like you’re holding something smaller, like a softball. Apparently the hands have opposite polarities, so that’s why it’s easy to feel energy this way.

If you don’t feel anything at all, try focusing your attention on the palms of your hands and seeing them light up. Then imagine you are holding a ball of light and try the exercise again. This is a really easy way to demonstrate to yourself that the energy system does exist in the body and that you are capable of sensing energy. Even people who insist they are not energy-sensitive can perform this basic exercise.

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Connecting With Your Higher Self


People have asked me, “what’s my Higher Self”, “how do I contact my Higher Self?”, so I thought I’d write a little bit about it.

Your Higher Self is you. Just like your Inner Child is you. (I know, Inner Child is a newage word, but it’s appropriate here). You, your Inner Child and your Higher Self comprise the triumvirate of human experience. So many things in our world are based on the number three. In this case, it’s the three aspects of your existence:

Inner Child = Past
You = Present
Higher Self = Future

Your Higher Self is kind of like a scout, someone who sees around the corner ahead to what is coming in your future. I’ve heard it described as a high-flying bird, able to see the big picture from above, looking about a quarter mile ahead of you. So one way to connect to your Higher Self is to imagine a good friend, one who wants only the best for you, one you can trust implicitly. This friend will always have your best interests at heart, even if it’s something that you cannot perceive at the moment.

So talk to this friend like you would any other friend whom you are asking for advice. You don’t have to talk out loud, you can just imagine having a conversation with your friend. It helps to be well-grounded when communicating with your Higher Self so the message will be clear. It takes some practice in doing this as you have to trust yourself that you are receiving a clear message. That’s one reason I continually stress the importance of grounding. Invite your Higher Self into your heart center.

You can connect to your Inner Child in the same way, by the way. The Inner Child is the purest part of you, keeper of your past and the steady-burning flame that is your soul. This flame needs nurturing to keep burning brightly. I sometimes call a meeting with my Inner Child and Higher Self, and just picture all three of us holding hands and radiating love. It’s pretty basic and it feels great.

You may have different experiences in connecting with your Inner Child and Higher Self, but really the most important thing is to try. They are waiting to hear from you!

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Removing Energy Cords


I find that energy cords are located on the chakras, so really only come into play if you are still using the chakra system, which I no longer use. although they can be attached anywhere on the body. If you are not sure you have an energy cord, ask your higher self. This may take a while if you are not practiced in communicating with your higher self. I perceive energy cords on myself by feeling them, but you may have a different experience.

First, do the Grounding/Clearing exercise. If you still feel you have an energy cord after doing that, imagine you are cutting through it with a knife, sword, scissors, etc. Use whatever cutting tool feels right for you. Once the cord is cut, light a match and touch it to the loose end of the cord, lighting it like a fuse. Imagine that fuse burning back to the source of the cord and exploding. I got that technique from Carol Croft and it works wonderfully.

If you want to, before you cut the cord, send energy through it to see who it goes to. You can boost through the cord for a while, and then cut the cord. This will make them leery of cording you again.

Once you have cut the cord, send energy to the place on your body where the cord was attached. Also, send energy to your the energy bubble around your body at the place the cord was attached since there will be a hole in your bubble where the cord was located.

Another thing you can do to help cut a cord is to picture a rose at the point where the cord enters your space, and vacuum the energy from the cord into the rose, then move the rose out of your space and blow it up. Stevo advised me to do this once when I was being severely attacked and it worked great. Even though I was in a lot of pain I was able to get rid of a lot of the energy coming at me from the cord. I was also being boosted by the EW chat group, which really helped as well. Read the Rose Technique above for more info on how to use this technique.

Another useful technique is to use amethyst that contains citrine, known as ametrine. Carol taught me that this combo of crystals is very good for cutting cords. We have a three-foot amethyst cathedral that has citrine in it, and when I am corded I imagine myself inside the cathedral and the cords fall away immediately. You can do the same thing with a hand-held crystal; just imagine yourself inside the crystal.

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Breaking Agreements


Many times a person will have repeated problems getting rid of a certain energy or life situation. They keep coming back to the same issues again and again without being able to resolve them. This can sometimes mean that their spirit or soul has agreed to be involved in the issue for spiritual growth purposes, and they won’t be able to move beyond the issue until they withdraw their agreement. For most people these agreements are subconscious, sometimes hypnosis-induced, and they are not aware of them.

Stevo gave me these easy instructions for breaking etheric agreements, also called contracts, that may be hampering your ability to move forward.

1. Ask your higher self to reveal any agreements, so you can end them.

2. Visualize any contracts or agreements in front of you, literally on paper, and with your imagination/intention, fill them up with your own heart energy to bring them into present time. Most of our contracts are in the past, so by bringing them into present time you can use the spiritual awareness you have acquired in your life to break past agreements that no longer serve you.

3. Next, announce that you are ending the contracts as of right now, for all time, in all dimensions. Move the contracts out of your space and destroy the image of them with flame/dynamite. The rose technique works well for this. You can use whatever image you like to destroy the contracts. Some people freeze them, or imagine them crumbling to dust.

This can be an intimidating process, so if you get overwhelmed just review these simple steps. All you are really doing is becoming aware of agreements you may have made, bringing the agreement into present time and destroying your etheric link to that agreement. Some people who are heavily used by the NWO find that they have literally hundreds of agreements to break, so this may not necessarily be a one time exercise. Stay in contact with your higher self to access all agreements and break them as you find them.

The thing to remember about clearing your space is that becoming aware of the problem takes much of the energy off the situation. If you have any questions about this process please email me.

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Accessing Higher Dimensions


Carol, Stevo and I discovered a way to access higher dimensional energy while fighting off 4D entities that we call the Fallen Egos. As usual, self-defense brought about a powerful new tool.

I have really been having fun teaching people about this new energy. I wanted to mention that we are not the first to discover this energy. I’m sure many people have used this energy knowingly and unknowingly for a long time. It would be arrogant to assume otherwise. What I offer here is our perspective of what this energy feels like and how to use it. This is ONE way to do it, not THE way. I’m always turned off when someone says they have the ONLY way to do something etherically. Our experiences with using the dodec have demonstrated that there are as many ways to build a dodec as there are people to build them. So I’m going to offer my method of accessing and using the higher dimensional energies, and I suspect you will add your own flavors as you become more familiar with the energy.

First of all, Carol’s pyramid meditation (also called the triangle exercise) is a good way to start accessing the energy. It’s not the only way, but it’s a darn good meditation. Maybe you already have a meditation that does that for you. Generally, you want a method that clears and energizes your chakras. The added benefit of using the dolphins to clear your DNA channels is an important part of Carol’s method. Regular practice of this exercise can help you develop your psychic abilities.

The next step I take to access higher dimensions is to imagine that my energy goes out my 7th chakra in a spiral pattern, clockwise. I imagine a spiral staircase, in fact, and every time my energy turns 90 degrees, there is a landing on the staircase and a doorway to a higher dimension. I simply open the door and walk in. In my experience, the 90-degree turn is the way to access another dimension. This is information I learned a long time ago and have heard reiterated from many sources. Apparently UFO’s disappear by turning at right angles and changing dimensions. I have been in the hot tub and turned my consciousness 90 degrees to interact with the water, with surprising results. I seem to be able to communicate with the water when I do this. Give it a try next time you are submerged in water…it’s a trip.

So, walk up the spiral staircase and open the door to each dimension. The 4th dimension seems to be where the nasty entities mostly hang out. I usually zoom right past the 4th and go to the 5th, which is a very comfortable dimension. It’s kind of like “home” for me, and boosting becomes very effective from this dimension. I haven’t stopped much in the 6th dimension but that seems to be as high as the hate-based beings can go. The 7th dimension also feels very natural for me and boosting is incredibly effective from here. It’s more quiet than the 5th dimension, almost like the energy becomes more pure and refined the higher you go. I stopped briefly in the 8th dimension during a coaching session and got the impression that it is a teaching/learning dimension, but I didn’t spend any time there. The 9th dimension is mostly unexplored, simply because I used to fall asleep when I tried to work from the 9th. That told me that I wasn’t quite ready for that energy yet. I did do a few 9D dodecs and found that they appeared instantly, full-grown…very cool. 9D is also one of the hangouts of the cetaceans.

So, the 5,7,9 dimensions are most attractive to me, which tells me there is some correlation with music. There’s a lot to explore about this, and I’m sure someone has already written a book about it. But I’m having fun discovering for myself and teaching it to people. Experience is the best teacher for me and maybe for you too.

So in a typical chat session, I will do the pyramid meditation as everyone is entering the chat and greeting each other, just to get my energy ready. Then I walk up the staircase to 5D, see how that feels, and eventually move to 7D which is where I spend most of my time while chatting. I’m still completely aware of my 3D body. It’s not some mystical, floaty experience. It’s reality layered upon reality, a true multi-dimensional experience. It doesn’t seem as weird to me now as it did when I first started doing this, which confirms for me that this is a natural human ability. Besides, it’s fun and it feels good. And I’m able to help people. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The other thing that Stevo and I do is spend time in 7D while out in public. It makes it easier to be around lower energy folks, and it’s a way to entrain PJ people to the higher energy. Radiating that 7D love will have an effect on people whether you notice a change or not. If I run into a grumpy cashier, for instance, I just boost them with 7D energy. When you do this in public, you may notice people glancing at you more often or smiling at you as you walk past, or they may look at you with a puzzled expression. It’s hard to wake people up with words, no matter how eloquent they are, but energy effects everyone, no matter their level of consciousness. I’m not talking about invading someone’s space or influencing them in any way except by example. All I do you can do too, and more.

Update: The info above was from my first few months of accessing higher dimensions. Stevo, Carol and I regularly access the 13th dimension now while boosting. The 13th dimension seems to be the upper limit of what we are able to access right now, and indeed, Carol got the message from the cetaceans that we aren’t supposed to go any higher.

Boosting from 13D is easy and very effective. I find that when I go to 13D and “look back” so to speak, I see the big picture of any given situation and it’s easy to see energy connections and how to break or strengthen them. We have found that it’s very easy to disrupt black magic rituals from here, as well as other etheric constructs used by the darksiders. I no longer get sleepy when in the higher dimensions, and it’s become almost second nature to access that energy. The other thing I started doing is breathing from my feet, all the way up through my chakras and up through all the dimensions on the staircase until I get to 13D. Then I breathe out and down back to my feet. This really keeps you connected to the earth while you are in the higher dimensions, and I feel it keeps you safe.

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How To Sense an Earth Vortex


I believe Don is right when he says that the 2-18-07 chat was groundbreaking. In many ways, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. We started out as usual, just trying to get everyone in sync for the chat. After about 45 minutes we started boosting the vortex under Baghdad, which we have worked on before and which the DonebyDooney chat group had worked on the day before. It has always been confusing for me to look at vortices since I know a natural vortex spins clockwise and I have always viewed these earth vortices from above, seeing them as a counter-clockwise spiral. So yesterday I changed my perspective and looked at the vortex from the side, so I could perceive the clockwise spin.

Incredibly, this small change in perspective opened up a new world for me. Not only could I feel and see the clockwise spin, I could see the “tail” of the vortex connecting deep into the center of the earth, and I could see the color of the vortex. Stevo and I saw that a vortex that has been hijacked by negative energy doesn’t connect to the center of the earth like this….we saw them as trailing off into the shallower layers of the earth. But as soon as we focused on the vortex and sent it energy, the tail would start flowing right into the center of the earth and the vortex would brighten and spin clockwise.

Stevo being the “big picture” type man that he is immediately slipped into a 5D space and saw all of the vortices all over the earth connecting into the center of the planet. He saw all these vortices as pores on the skin of the planet – some large, some small. At the same time I was getting an image of the vortex pumping energy, as if the tip of the tail was being pulled down, then let go so the vortex would lengthen and shorten. Stevo observed that this is the way the vortex pumps energy from the center of the earth to the surface, actually “breathing” the energy out from the center.

Whoa! This is big stuff…I get jazzed just remembering all the energy that we were running. After Stevo offered the analogy of pores on skin, I started to see all humans as vortices too. Each with a unique size and color….and animals, and plants…and wait a minute! This is too much!

Well, needless to say the energy in the chat was really flowing. Carol and Stevo and I started looking at all the vortices around the earth. Carol saw five in Egypt and two in Saudi Arabia that needed healing. I saw four under Iran and took care of those. I looked at some other vortices that we had already healed. The one under Verdun, France is now light blue. I saw tons of pink vortices across China, a peachy-yellow one under the Diana murder site in Paris, purple ones in the Pacific Ocean, indigo ones under Washington, D.C., peachy-yellow ones across the US, and many colors of vortices across Africa…all the colors of the chakras, and all small as compared to the big ones under Baghdad and Verdun.

At this point I was pretty overwhelmed and couldn’t even type what I was seeing in the chat window. We eventually got cooked and said goodbye, but the energy just kept going. I drove into Missoula shortly afterward, and everyone I saw had a vortex: green, red, blue, green, green, purple, yellow…they just keep coming at me while I was driving and while shopping. I just kept breathing and kept my own personal purple vortex pumped up and spinning. I realized that I was now unable to be angry, judgemental and fearful. i just didn’t get mad at folks like I usually do when out in public. I can’t even get mad at the NWO anymore. This energy has helped me achieve a level of neutrality that I have looking for but have been unable to achieve so far.

I forgot to mention that soon after perceiving the vortices in this new way I perceived a Lemurian sitting next to me with his or her arm around my shoulder. This is not something I saw, rather I felt it energetically. The Lemurians had been hanging around our property for months and communicating with Stevo and I in various ways. I had been asking when they are going to show themselves to me physically and they said I am not ready yet. Stevo has been seeing them as waves of color and he also gets etheric messages from them. Carol said she is pretty sure they will be revealing themselves to us physically very soon.

Now I feel connected to the earth in a way that I wasn’t before. I can feel the vortex around my body very clearly and it’s easy to see and feel the earth vortices and other people’s vortices. Before yesteday I never would have thought to look at vortices around people, but it feels right to me. Each chakra is a mini-vortex and I think they tie into this big vortex, which may be just another aspect of our aura. Stevo also postulated that we would find these vortices in each cell of our bodies, so I went inward and saw them there – vortices all over the outside of a cell, connecting to the center of the cell, a small version of what the earth looks like with vortices all over the planet connecting to the center. Microcosm/Macrocosm – if I look outward into the universe I see the same thing.

This may not be a profound experience for anyone else but I wanted to offer it for your consideration. Carol said she saw this happening many years ago and has been waiting ever since. I feel like slapping my forehead and saying, “Duh! Why didn’t I see vortices this way before?!” I guess I wasn’t ready for it yet and now I am. The same thing happened when the dodec technique was shown to me…it was the right time.

I was working on a forum member who wanted to open his third eye, so I asked him to imagine the vortex around his body and once he could feel that spinning, I asked him to visualize it as an indigo color, the same as his 6th chakra. I thought maybe this would be another way to work on chakras – resonate it with the vortex I believe is around each of our bodies. Each chakra is actually a mini-vortex that spins clockwise (from the perspective of looking out from inside your body), so it feels right to me that there is a larger vortex around us connecting in somehow with each chakra.

I feel this vortex is just another way of seeing our body’s energy. It’s another way to look at grounding. The grounding cord from the tailbone ties in with the vortex shape easily. I am perceiving these vortices around everyone now that I am aware of it.

We have continued to work on earth vortices in nearly every chat and have healed thousands of them in the past several months. It’s become part of our regular maintenance program to look for and heal vortices whenever we get together. I believe every vortex we heal takes power away from the NWO. They use pirated vortices as energy sources. Many people are sensitive to earth vortices, even though they may not know what a vortex is. We also regularly use the “vordec“, which is a dodec that has a vortex on each face of the dodec. This has been a very good tool for neutralizing a predator and doing healings on folks. Click here to read about our discovery of the Creator Vortex, an advanced boosting technique.

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