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A Note From Dooney

Hello to all my loyal customers and followers, and to those of you who are new to my website. I’m going to be on a sabbatical for the next three months, starting December 2016, so I won’t be making any bracelets for a while. You can still browse the bracelets and use the information to combine stones for yourself.My husband and I are taking a much-needed break so that we can re-charge and continue to do our service work to benefit the planet. I’ll still be blogging, so make sure to check the home page.

Ancient Knowledge - $44

• Amber, Red Jasper, Sunstone, Red Garnet & Gold
• 1st, 3rd, 7th chakras
• A beautiful mix of red/gold stones that bring in knowledge from the ancient civilizations.
• Amber brings ancient knowledge into your aura for accessibility
• Red Jasper can help access past memories
• Sunstone brings in the energy of the Sun Gods
• Red Garnet is a stone from ancient times, used to keep people connected to the earth

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Aura Balancing - $44

• Hemimorphite, Pink Tourmaline, Blue Chalcedony, Phenacite, Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz & Gold
• All chakras
• Hemimorphite balances the auric field, dissolves areas of negativity
• Pink Tourmaline & Blue Chalcedony repair holes in the aura
• Phenacite, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz cleanse the aura
• Citrine brings light into the auric field

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Dolphin Connection - $53

• Larimar, Blue Kyanite, Prehnite, Dumortierite, Peridot & Silver
• 4th, 5th & 6th chakras
• Larimar is the "dolphin stone"
• Dumortierite enhances psychic ability
• Prehnite aids communication with etheric beings (dolphins often work in the etheric realms)
• Peridot strenghtens the animal connection
• Blue Kyanite is a psychic stone

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Higher Consciousness - $62

Out of stock

• Larimar, Clear Azeztulite, Gold Azeztulite, Pietersite, Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Green Apatite, Sunstone & Gold
• All chakras, including 8th-14th
• An awesome mix of eight high energy stones for accessing higher dimensions and higher consciousness

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Inner Peace & Joy - $44

• Ruby Zoisite, Lepidolite, Moss Agate, Pink Tourmaline, Petrified Wood, Angel Phantom Quartz, Phrenite, Morganite, Hemimorphite, Ocean Jasper & Silver
• All chakras
• Ruby Zoisite allows you to joyful engage in life; also brings about needed spiritual change
• Lepidolite is also a stone of joy and peace as well as relaxation
• Moss Agate is a stone of peace and stability
• Petrified Wood & Angel Phantom Quartz promote inner peace
• Hemimorphite is a stone of joy
• Morganite promotes peace and serenity
• Ocean Jasper promotes enjoyment of life
• Phrenite and Pink Tourmaline are "feel good" stones

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Kundalini Awakening - $44

• Dragon's Blood Jasper, Muscovite, Garnet, Red Jasper, Moonstone, Ruby, Seraphinite, Serpentine & Copper
• All chakras
• Dragon's Blood Jasper strengthens the chi and awakens the Kundalini energy slowly so you aren't overwhelmed
• Muscovite helps regulate the awakening as well
• Ruby, Seraphinite and serpentine stimulate kundalini energy
• Moonstone activates kundalini energy for women
• Garnet stimulates and stabilizes kundalini energy

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Stress Release - $44

• Ocean Jasper, Mookite, Morganite, Rose Quartz, Muscovite, Green Apatite, Lepidolite, Pink Tourmaline & Silver
• All chakras
• Ocean Jasper allows you to relax, release stress and enjoy life
• Mookite Jasper helps release stressful emotional and physical patterns
• Morganite is a calming and relaxing stone that can help insomnia
• Green Apatite helps with relaxation, especially around heart and money issues
• Lepidolite is a peace and relaxation stone

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Super Psychic - $53

• Blue Kyanite, Green Kyanite, Lapis, Ruby, Blue Apatite & Silver
• All chakras
• Blue Kyanite is for psychic ability and telepathy
• Green Kyanite combined with Blue Kyanite keeps psychic abilities focused through the heart to avoid ego trips; also connects you with nature and the heart's truth
• Blue Apatite is for psychic knowledge and activation
• Lapis is a truth stone and psychic vision stone
• Ruby is a heart stone, grounding stone and psychic stone that keeps you centered in the heart

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