I’ve learned a lot about crystals from friends who are rockhounds and crystal collectors, especially Carol Croft, who has almost encyclopedic knowledge of crystals. She has launched a website called Crystal Insights, where she has info about crystals and how to use them. Her website is, so check it out when you get a chance.

There are several books that I’ve used to learn about crystals so if you’re new to the field they might be a good place to start. Anytime you are learning about crystals you are going to have to filter out the newage stuff to get to the practical applications of crystals. I see crystals as living entities that are here to work with us. Like the cetaceans, however, you can’t just give up your problems to them and expect them to be solved. You have to actively participate with an equal energy exchange. For instance, you can’t just buy a prosperity stone and expect the money to come rolling in. You need to work on your manifesting skills and ask the crystal to help you.

I really starting being able to communicate with crystals when I started making orgonite. I found that the orgonite pieces would literally communicate with me. The last two CB’s that Stevo and I made told me their names as we finished pouring the resin and they started to harden up. One was very obviously male and he wanted to be called Ted. The other was female and wanted to be called Ruby. I feel it was the interaction with the crystals in the CB’s that facilitated the communication.

So here are some books you can start with:

1. “The Book of Stones” – Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian
2. “Love is in the Earth” – Melody
3. “The Essential Crystal Handbook” – Simon & Sue Lilly
4. “Crystal Power, Crystal Healing” – Michael Gienger

I have also started putting together a searchable PDF of crystals with their properties and uses listed. You can open it in Acrobat Reader 8 and do a search on all the stones used for protection, for example. Or you can search on all the stones used for the 4th chakra, etc. I’ve found lists of crystals on the internet, but nothing that was searchable so that you can find a stone for your particular problem. I started the database for myself so that I could look up stones while I am coaching people and give them advice, but I thought it might be helpful for other folks as well. Much of what is in the PDF comes directly from the books mentioned above. I’ve also included a picture of each stone so you can indentify them when you’re out shopping.

Get the PDF here!

Suggested Uses of Crystals

These are crystals that I use on a regular basis. Much of the time that I am boosting or working on someone, I am holding a crystal, or several crystals. When you are working on your chakras, you can hold a crystal of corresponding color…for instance, use Amethyst on your 7th chakra, Lapis or Sodalite on your 6th, turquoise on your 5th, etc. Just a reminder…you need to energetically connect with the crystals you are working with. I just imagine I am having a conversation with them, as I would with a good friend. It doesn’t have to be mystical and complicated, it just has to be loving. Once you have connected with a crystal you don’t necessarily have to have it in your hand to use it. I frequently connect with my crystals remotely.

The other cool thing is that you don’t have to buy expensive beauty pieces, although that can be a lot of fun. I have a lot of small, rough or tumbled pieces that I bought simply to work with the energetics of that particular stone. If you want to have a blast, go to Quartzsite, Arizona or Tucson in January for the annual rock shows. Amazing!

Amethyst – I use anytime I want to be in a high spiritual space. Also for protection. We have a three-foot-high amethyst cathedral that has so much personality it’s like having another person in the house. We call him Grandfather. I use this cathedral a lot for healing. I connect with him and immediately a sort of “room” is created in which I can work with maximum healing and protection. Amethyst combined with citrine (called ametrine) is great for cutting cords. Our cathedral has citrine in it, so if I’m being corded, I just stick my head in there until I feel better.

Apache Tears – Protection. Put at all windows and doors to set up a protective barrier against negative energies.

Hematite – Grounding and protection. A very good stone to carry in your pocket. I also frequently wear a stretchy hematite bracelet since I tend to need a lot of grounding.

Herkimer Diamond – Great for clearing your space of negative energy. Use with any other stone to enhance it’s properties. For instance, when I hold Lapis Lazuli to enhance my vision, I also hold the Herkimer, and I generally see more clearly and quickly.

Bloodstone – I use for healing, especially for kidneys and liver (blood filters in the body). Also good for clearing the aura.

Lapis Lazuli – I use this for clearer vision as it is a truth stone. I use it a lot while boosting and looking for targets.

Apophylite – I use this for strengthening vision while boosting and coaching people. I also have a piece at my beside for astral travel. I think it helps me have more lucid dreams.

Rose quartz & Peridot – I use these when I want to enhance my heart energy for boosting or when I’m working on someone who needs heart healing.

Black Tourmaline – Protection. Great for carrying in pocket or putting in pillowcase at night.

Obisidian – Also great protection. I have a raw chunk in each corner of my house. Also a truth stone.

Danburite, Stibnite, Celestite, Selenite – Protection. Put these stones in a pile so the stones are touching and put a pile in each corner of your home. It makes it very hard for any negative entities to get in your space.

Lemurian seed crystal – Protection, healing. This is one of my most-used crystals. i use it mostly when I’m boosting nasty targets in the chats, but also when I encounter a difficult healing situation. Any time you feel you just aren’t getting anywhere, pick up a Lemurian seed crystal and try again.

Carnelian – I keep a piece of this at my bedside and focus on it as I fall asleep. It gives me energy and creativity.

Larimar (dolphin stone) – I use this while chatting when I want to connect with the cetaceans.

Seraphinite – Connection with angels. You can also combine it with amethyst to detect implants.

Sugilite – Protection. I carry one in my pocket and also have one in my pillowcase.

Aragonite – Calms all chakras and emotional body. As a very empathetic person, I sometimes need this to keep a handle on my emotions.

Ametrine – Amethyst & Citrine togther….good for cutting cords.

Amethyst & Seraphinite – supposed to be good for finding implants.

Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and Flourite – Good for clearing your energy field and helps fend off psychic attacks. I have a bracelet for sale made of these stones.

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